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Types of Knives
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                                                                         No Makers at the Moment

Ralph Boos                           "I personally am intrigued by detail and accuracy in miniature. Some of my       - Miniature Japanese Weapons
       pieces have taken me a year or more to create, I even created a 1/19th scale- Miniature Medieval Weapons
       WW II German Mauser K98 rifle which took me two years to make."  - Miniature WWII Weapons
Randy Doucette                       Doucette is self-taught knife maker with a background in machining and Tool    - Custom Tactical Knives
       Die. The knives he maks are crafted one at a time. His specialties are designing  - Custom Folding Knives
       functional, original knives, file work blade tangs and grinding blade bevels.       - Damascus Knives
Raymond Coon                     Raymond Coon has been making knives using his own Damascus since 1984.    - Damascus Tactical Knives
       Styles include fancy folding knives, daggers and other fixed blade knives as        - Custom Folding Knives
        well as axes.  Very nice work.                                                                                                 - Damascus Daggers
Reggie Barker                   Reggie Barker is a journeyman smith in the American Bladesmith Society and   - Fixed Blade Custom Knives           ABS
       is also a member of the Arkansas Knife Makers Association. He is winner of        - Hand Forged Fighting Knives
       the 2004 & 2005 ABS World Championship Cutting Competition.                  - Knives Available for Sale
Rick Barrett                            One of his specialties involves crafting authentic period style knives for    - Available Blades & Knives        
       Cowboy Action Shooters, Old West collectors and 1800 reenactment groups.     - Japanese Swords / Katanas
       He makes knives from the materials that were available during those eras.         - Custom Hand Forged Knives
Rick Dunkerley                          Rick attained the American Bladesmith Society Mastersmith rating in 1997,        - Damascus Fixed & Folders             ABS
      and in 2002 was selected to the Board of Directors of that organization. He has   - Custom Damascus Patterns
      been a full-time knifemaker since 1996  - Knives Available for Sale
Rob Brown                             Rob Brown works from his shop in South Africa building knives to order, one    - Utility & Hunting Knives            
       at a time. His aim is to produce a wide variety of investor class, quality fixed      - Boot  & Fighting Knives
       blade knives for the collector and discerning user.         - Historical Knives
Rob Charlton                         We supply more custom DAMASCUS than anyone, anywhere! More of our          - Custom Knife Gallery       
       handmade DAMASCUS knives are in use world wide than any other makers.    - Specialty Knives
       Become aware of the beauty, quality and functionality of custom Damascus.      - Contact Information
Rob Davidson                            Every handmade knife is made as they were 20+ years ago. Each piece is sawn    - Handmade Fixed Knives          
       by hand, ground by hand, fitted by hand, and finished by hand. Handle scales   - Handmade Folders
       are sawn from logs, boards and tusks instead of purchasing pre-sawn scales.     - Knives Available for Sale
Robert A. Duncan                    Robert A. Duncan Custom Made Knives & Swords. Duncan specializes in   - Custom Historical Knives            
       creating historical knives and swords. Materials range from copper to high        - Custom Swords
       carbon steel.  Quality custom knives and swords.                                                           - Blademaking Lore
Robert E. Barber                        Custom Knives made by Robert E. Barber of Charlottesville, Virginia.         - Custom Knives             
       Specializing in custom crafted fixed blade knives ranging from large fighting      - Elegante
       knives to the 4" Ambassador  blade.                - Warlock
Robert Capdepon               
   Site not currently available.  We will check back.
Roger Bergh                          Roger Bergh has developed his own style and way of making knives. Some of     - Custom Knife Gallery           
      his inspiration comes from the materials he uses, some fossil materials can be    - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
      up to 50000 years old. Bergh's shop is in Bygdeå, Sweden.    - Folding Knives , Daggers & Swords
Robert Keith Bagley          Bagley worked with silver and other metals designing and making jewelry.        - Custom Fixed Blade Knives           ABS
       During that time he became quite intrigued with Damascus and the forge            - Custom Bowie Knives
       welding of metals. A member of the American Bladesmith Society.      - Custom Damascus Knives
R.M. "Butch" Hanby    The on-line home of the Cherokee hand crafted knives of R.M. Butch Hanby of    - Bowie Knives & Fighting Knives
       Buffalo "Waller" Knife Works.  Knives used by professional hunters, guides,        - Hunting Knives & Skinners
       pilots and military personnel across the globe as life-saving, working tools.        - Survival Knives
Rade Hawkins           Rade Hawkins has been a featured knife designer for many years in popular      - Fixed Blades  &  Folders
       print publications, such as Blade Magazine, Knives Illustrated, Field & Stream   - Personal Protection Knives
       and has been featured on knifemaking shows seen on PBS   - All Knives Available Now
Ralph Freer                             Ralph made folders in all materials but we especially like his use of Damascus   - Custom Folding Knives
       steel, ivories and pearl. I know you will agree when holding one of his knives
       in your hand, that it is a knife of unsurpassed quality.  Trained Phil Ernest.
Ray Ennis                                      The Entrek USA line of high quality knives consists of 28 different models   - Custom Knives
      ranging from the Lynx at 6 1/2" to the Master at 29". Hunting, utility, tactical      - Tactical / Combat Knives
      we make knives to fit many uses with more in design and prototype phases.      
Rick Eaton                                       I prefer one-of-a-kind art pieces. My specialties are art folders and art daggers.  - Custom Fixed & Folders           
      With folders, he offers several models with a step-down on the handle front,       - Knifemaker's Awards
      which gives the illusion of being a fixed blade. Awesome custom art knives.         - Knives Available for Sale
Rick Frigault                       Rick Frigault is forty four year old knifemaker from Niagara Falls, Ontario. All  - Custom Tactical Knives                 CKG
       his knives can be made in ATS-34, 440C, D-2 or Damascus steels while handles  - Custom Hunting Knives
       consist of G-10, Micarta, Antler, Ivory, Ironwood and other stabilized woods.    - Contact Information
Robert Fisher                               Robert Fisher is an Apprentice with the American Bladesmith Society, he            - Custom Hand Forged Knives         ABS
      studied under ABS Mastersmith P. J. Tomes. Much of Robert's work is using        - Knifemaking Supplies
      the steel that he has for sale.                              
Robert Hensarling             Over the last few years he has refined his abilities and interests in blade-    - Custom Hand Forged Knives       ABS
      smithing, and has been making fixed blade knives and folding or "pocket"   - Custom Sheaths
      knives. For the fixed blade knives, he makes his own Damascus steel.   - Custom Folding Knives
Roger Gamble                      Roger Gamble collected custom knives for years, before he decided to make          - Custom Art Knives         
      folders for his family at Christmas of 1992.  He gained a whole lot more respect  - Custom Folding Knives
      for knife makers. I became a member of the Knifemakers' Guild in 1996.       
Roger M. Green                        
         This Site is not currently available.  We will check back.
Roy Hinds                         Roy Hinds is a full time knife craftsman and a member of the Texas Knife   - Custom Fixed Blade Knives            
      Makers and Collectors Association. Hinds offers his customers the choice   - Custom Folding Knives
      between hand forged blades or stock removable blades.        - Knives Available for Sale
Randy Hass                           Randy Hass is a full time knifemaker and owner of HHH Custom Knives.            - Fixed Blade Custom Knives
       "HHH" stands for, "Hand made, Heavy duty, Hunting knives." These knives        - Damascus Billets for Sale
       are made tough, designed to last a lifetime and to feel perfect in the hand!            - Custom Knives Available for Sale
R.R. Ledbetter                      R.R. Ledbetter is a member of the American Bladesmith Society.       ABS
This site is not currently available. We will check back.
Ray Kirk                                       Kirk is a full time knife maker and has passed the American Bladesmith     - Hand Forged Knives                ABS-MS
       Society's requirements for Master Smith.  He won the first cutting contest at       - Knifemaker Awards
       Mesquite with knives made from his custom Damascus Mix.        - Available Custom Knives
Ricardo & Roberto Lala      
           Site not working.  We will check back.
Ron Leuschen                          All Ron Leuschen's knives are forged and designed with the outdoorsman in      - Custom Damascus Knives           
       mind, he specializes in practical knives that are guaranteed to hold an edge,       - Custom Leather Work
       and be easy to sharpen. Each knife is tested before it leaves his shop.  - Knives Available for Sale
Ronald Johnson               At this site you can find premium and specialty knifemaking supplies and          - Stainless Steel & Gold Screws
       guides for beginers. Currently there are no knives available at this site, but         - Pivot Pins & Titanium
       if your ready to give it a try yourself, you may find this useful!                                 - Drill Bits & Gems & Knife Anatomy
Ryan Johnson                            Ryan Johnson primarily makes tactical tomahawks for military personnel and - Custom Tomahawks           
      historical pieces. He teaches prototyping skills at the University of Tennessee     - Tactical Tomahawks
     teaches tomahawk & damascus forging at  blacksmith conferences.   
Randall King                                 We maintain the highest quality standards in the knife industry, by utilizing   - Custom Fixed & Folding Knives
       the most elevated technology available. Our knives are built for competitive      
      advantage in the marketplace, and we guarantee them to last in the field.  
Ryan Keller            Ryan Keller started making knives at the age of 17 and shows the potential         - Hand Forged Knives
       move up quickly in the community. He makes tactical fixed blade knives              - Tactical Knives
       using primarily 1080 Carbon steels and aims to start using tool steel as well.
Ronald Larson                      Ronald Larson first took a knifemaking course from Elliot Wakefield in 2007.       - Fixed Blade Custom Knives
       Soon after, he put his own shop together and started RJL Knives.  Larson             - Custom Art Knives
       strives to make knives that are both art and fully functional.       - Custom Knives Available for Sale
R.D. & Steve Nolen                  Nolen Knives was  started in '68 by R.D. and Jim Nolen.  Jim had been a past       - Custom Hunting Knives    KMG
     Regarded by many as the           president of the KMG.  After Jim's death in 1980, George Nolen joined R.D.             - All kinds of Fixed Blade Knives
   "Father of Modern Hunters"         Nolen Knives, at present, is run by R.D., George and R.D.'s son, Steve Nolen.         - Special Custom Presentation Knives
R.J. Martin                                     R.J. Martin is an engineer turned knifemaker who now uses his skills and           - MCM Tactical Pens
                 design concept to make knives instead of helicopters! He makes folding knives   - Flipper Folding Knives
       and fixed blades using CNC technology.  Modern, high-tech knife designs.           - Fixed Blade Knives & Survival Knives
Ram Maramba                             Ram Maramba is  a part-part-time knifemaker in Allen, TX.  He has been   - Fixed Blades & Folders
       making knives for about three years; the first two in Larry Davidson's shop       - Collection Gallery
       and one in his own, creating knives mainly in the tactical realm.
Ricardo Mainolfi                Ricardo Mainolfi's Handmade Knives is in Positano, Italy. He prefers hand          - Custom Knife Gallery
       satin finish rather than mirror finish; his idea is that of a knife must be used       - Fixed Blade Knives
       and becomes ever more beautiful the more it acquires the signs of time and use - Folding Knives
Rich McDonald                       Rich McDonald is inspired by designs from America's early history.  Here,           - Knife & Tomahawk Gallery         ABS
       you will find the finest in forged cutlery and hand-crafted leather items.               - Knifemaker's Awards
       Rich McDonald is a member of the American Bladesmith Society                              - Knives Available for sale
Richard Mize                    All Mize knives are completely hand made with traditional craftsmanship          - Fixed Blade Knives    
       and materials.  Prefer a knife that has a traditional, old time feeling, so he             - Daggers
       uses primarily carbon steel, hardwoods, brass, bone, and stag.    - Dirks
Rik Palm                                 Rick Palm prefers using high carbon steels because it allows me to forge, heat     - Custom Knive Gallery                    ABS
      treat, and fit-n-finish a complete knife from start to finish. All of my knives are   - Knifemaker's Information
      "One of a kind creations". Some are single edition designs.     - Knives Available for Sale
Rob Patton                               He builds quality custom handmade knives by stock removal and by forging.      - Custom Hand Forged Knives
      He also forge our own Damascus steel. Every detail of knife construction and       - Bowie Knives, Fighting Knives
      finishing is performed  by hand and in our shop. This includes  heat-treating.      - Damascus Knives    
Ron Newton                                    Ron Newton has been a fulltime knifemaker since July 1996. He is a Master         - Custom Hand Forged Knives        ABS
       Smith of the American Bladesmith Society, and a member of the Arkansas          - Custom Folding Knives, Gun Knives
       Knifemakers Association.  All his knives are 100% made by him. Performance!  - Knive Available for Sale
Ron Post                           Ron Post has been making custom knives for over 20 years. From Ontario,          - Custom Knives                                  CKG
       Canada, Post is a founding director of the Canadian Knifemakers Guild. He         - Bowie , Outdoor & Folding Knives
       uses steel and demascus with natural material Handles.      - Custom Knives for Sale
Rusty Preston                              Rusty Preston specializes in slip-joint Folders. He works with ATS 34 and is        - Custom Folding Knives
      starting to work with Crucible Steels new CPM 154. He cuts his blades and          - Custom Fixed Blades
      springs from flat stock,hollow grind his blades, and does his own heat treating   - Hunting Knives & Skinners
Ragnar - Ragweed Forge    Here you'll find information about knives, both historical and modern,      - Traditional Knives
       blacksmithing, Vikings, Buckskinners, living history, and the SCA      - Norwegian Swedish & Finnish Knives
    - Viking and Celtic Jewelry
Ralph Turnbull                Ralph Turnbull strives to deliver a high quality product that captures both        - Folding Knives
       artistic merit and practical utility. Turnbull is well known for his trademark    - Fixed Blade Knives
       butterfly knives as well as his fancy folding knives.    - Neck Knives / Hunters
Randall Knife Co.                      "It was a terrible thing at close range. (Your knife) would cut a man's head          - Knife Model Catalog
       nearly off with a quick swing.. I used that knife to open cans, cut wood and it     - Non-Catalog Custom Knives
       stayed sharp. I was offered all kinds of trades, but I wouldn't part with it."          - Randall Sheathes
Rapid River Knifeworks    Rapid River Knifeworks hand-makes beautiful, custom knives for the out- - Custom Knives
      doorsman. Their trustworthy staff is very talented and dedicated to creating     - Production Knives
      the best hunting knife on the market.     - Shop Rapid River Knifeworks
Ray Rogers                               Ray Rogers is a full time knifemaker who specializes in liner lock folders and      - Custom Fixed Blade & Folding Knives
      professional chef's knives but also makes a few sporting knives. His knives are  - Custom Kitchen Knives
      made one at a time to the customer's order. - E-Tour His Shop
Raymond Richard                  Raymond Richard of "Off-Beat Forge" specializes in custom Tomahawks as         - Custom Knives
       well as hand forged custom knives, mainly fixed blades, of various styles.           - Hand Crafted Tomahawks
       True tools for the avid outdoorsman.
Raymond Smith               Raymond Smith makes knives that are functional and that relate to the older   . - Custom Knife Gallery                     ABS
       patterns. Traditional, Roger's Rangers and Pipe Hawks as well as Fort Megs       - About Ray Smith
       Hatchets. Slip joint folders, in Barlow style, are another favorite.        - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Rene Roy                              Rene Roy grew up in the jewlery business, as a Gold and Gem Smith. He made    - Damascus Knives                      
       his first knife in 1987. He uses steel with  natural handle materials, such as          - Custom Knives
       exotic woods, ivory and stag. Presently he is not taking orders.                                 -Custom Jewlery
Richard A. Ramsey        R.A. Ramsey studied oil painting, woodcarving and jewelry making before        - Custom Hunting Knives             
       entering into knifemaking.  He also worked as a welder for 23 years prior to       - Knife Gallery
       knife-making career. He attended the American Bladesmith School in 1991- Knives Available for Sale
Richard Self                     Self has been a wood worker most of his life. "I decided in 1991 to try to     - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
       make knives, and made my first one out of a band saw blade. From there  - Custom Folding Knives
       it just grew to what you see now."                                       - Knife Gallery
Richard Spitzl                            Richard Spitzl's Fine Handcrafted Knives is a beautiful web site, only problem   - Custom Fixed Knife Gallery
       is that it is all in German. Spitzl has a shop, Knives Spitzl [Messer Spitzl]     - Hand Crafted Broadsword
       located outside of Munchen, in Southern Germany.     
Richard Sunderland           Richard Sunderland has been making knives since 1982 and is a free-hand         - Hand Crafted Fixed-Blades           CKG
       grinder. His blades are heat-treated in a propane forge, hand polished with        - Fishing, Hunting, Daggers
       finishing stones and than buffed to a mirror finish       - Knives Available for Sale
Rick "Bear Bone" Smith     One of his specialties involves crafting authentic period style knives for    - Custom Fixed Blade Knives       
       Cowboy Action Shooters, Old West collectors and 1800 reenactment groups      - Leather Sheaths
       He makes knives from the materials that were available during those eras.
Rob Simonich                  After 9/11, the demand for the Raven Combat Knife, a cornorstone of Simonich   - Mid-Tech Combat Knives
       knives, was in more demand then could be handled.  And so was formed a          - Simonich Custom Knives
       Mid-Tech Semi-manufactured version, Simonich Knives, LLC.   - Hand Gun Grips
Robert Rossdeutscher       Rossdeutscher is a Journeyman Smith with the American Bladesmith Society.   - Custom Hand Forged Knives        ABS
       He makes historically-inspired knives from plain and hard working to fancier   - Knives Available for Sale
       show pieces...Every knife he forges is made from high carbon steel.     
Robert Thalman                  Two Hawks (the late Robert Thalmann) lived and worked less than a mile            - Custom Fixed Blade Knives                    
       upstream of an 1846 American Fur Company trading post on the upper    - Custom Tomahawks
       Missouri River. Precision machined and ground, and honed to a razor edge.         
Ron Russ                               
         Site is not currently available. We will check back soon.
Ross Tyser                        Ross Tyser started making knives in 1995. work primarily in the “stock    - Custom Hand Forged Knives        ABS
       removal” method. Utilizing 440-C stainless barstock. Tyser is a member of the  - Fine Damascus Knives                    AKA
      Arkansas Knifemaker's Association and the American Bladesmith Society. - Knives Available for Sale
Ruana Knife Co.                      Each Ruana blade is made from high carbon steel that is hammer forged,   - Military Survival / Combat Knives
      hollow ground, individually oil quenched, and heat treated using a zone temp-  - Catalog Bowie Knife Models
      ering method, makes the spine of the blade slightly softer than the cutting edge  - Hatchet & Hunter / Fighter Models
Russ Sutton                          Russ Sutton uses the stock removal method to make small & medium hunters,   - Custom Fixed & Folding Knives
       locking liners,  lockbacks, and interframe folders. He uses ATS-34 stainless          - Damascus Folders
        steel, stainless damascus, and Paul Bos Heat Treating.          - Folding Knives Avialbale for Sale
Ralph Richards                          Ralph Richards is a Master Smith with the American Bladesmith Society.           - High- Performance Blades     ABS-MS
       His focus is on fixed blade knives, and every one of them is a treasure. Knives     - Fixed Blade Damascus Knives
       made by someone at this level of skill are superbly rare. Dynamic art knives.     - Collector Grade Knives
R.W. Wilson                              The first knife RW Wilson ever made was for himself. Since that first effort in     - Hunting Knives, Daggers, Bowies
       1968, he has made over five hundred knives which have been sold to          - Tomahawks
       outdoorsmen and collectors.
Rainy Vallotton                       Rainy Vallotton Custom Knives has been in business since 1991. He is the - Automatic Knives
       inventor of the first Double Action scale release. These knives are the finest in    - Switchblades & Scale Release Knives
       custom automatic technology.      - Dual Action Automatics
Reese Weiland                 Reese Weiland is a custom knifemaker who makes Fixed, Folding Knives and      - Art Knives & Folding Knives     KMG
       swords. He has been a member of the Knifemaker's Guild since 1988.  There        - Fighting & Hunting Knives
       are several designs to choose from.  He will also work with custom orders.          - Folding Art Knives
Ricardo Vilar                                  "I’ve been making knives since 1993 when I sold my first knife. In November       - R. Vilar Knives (English)      ABS, SBC       2001 the ABS Mastersmith Jerry Fisk, was at my shop giving a course to 14          - Fixed Blade Knives
       Brazilian knifemakers.Since then I only make hand forged knives."                           - Tomahawks
Ricardo Vilarde                 R. Vilarde studied knifemaking under Steve Johnson. " Obviously, my style is    - Hand-Crafted Knives
       a combination greatly influenced by Johnson and Kressler.  My hope is to   - Prices for Custom Knives
       incorporate the best of both their styles to produce knives of excellent quality"   - Knives Available for Sale
Richard Van Dijk                R. Van Dijk is a full time knifemaker working in Dunedin, New Zealand. He         - Fine Damascus Bowies & Dirks
       has 30 years experience of jewelry manufacturing and repair. He forges his         - Executive Knives & Art Blades
       own Demascus and differentially heat treats each blade.      - Knives Available for Sale
Richard Wright                    Richard Wright made his first Automatic Folding Knife in 1991 and has been a   - Damascus Auto Folders           
       fulltime knifemaker ever since. The folders he makes are all one of a kind and      - Custom Switchblades
       range in design from large folding fighters to small gents pocket knives.
Robert Washburn                All of Robert Washburg's knives begin in the fire... They are all hand forged         - Custom Damascus Knives             ABS
       with a hammer on the anvil. They are guaranteed to cut and be a treasure and   - Journeyman Smith Blades
       joy to use for a lifetime. Making styles of knives including folders and swords.
Rudy Zirlin                           Rudy Zirlin recieved blacksmithing training in Zlatoust, the most famous arms - Custom Steel & Damascus Knives
      & armor making center in Russia). Rudy is an influencial artist at the Tikotin      - Custom Swords & Axes
       Museum of Japanese art (2002) andthe Israeli National Maritime Museum. - Tsubas for Samurai Swords
Ryan Wilson                                   Wilson Tactical is known worldwide for its high quality tactical knives and       - Custom Tactical Knives                
       gear. Wilson Tactical knives are requested by the most demanding profess-        - Tactical Folding Knives
       ionals of our armed forces around the world.       
Rob & Marilyn Ridley        Here you will find custom, handcrafted knives from quality exotic materials       - Custom Knife Gallery          
      that have served as gifts, presentation items, hunting tools, kitchen tools,   - Contact Information
      general utility tools or commercial cutlery applications.
Redtroll Forge                    Custom Knives, Historical Blades and Knife Smithing Classes are all available   - Custom Historical Swords
       at Redtroll Forge.  From iron utencils to Migration Period full swords as well     - Knife Smithing Classes
       as reproductions of ancient iron work and anything made of iron or steel.           - Knives Available for Sale
Sfreddo Rodrigo                Brazilian Bladesmith Sfreddo Rodrigo began making knives in 1995.  He is          - Hand Forged Bowie Knives           ABS
        a full-time bladesmith who hand forges amazing fixed blade knives and              - Hunting Knives / Utility Knives
        swords. He is a Journeyman Smith with the ABS, soon to be Mastersmith.          - Knives for Sale
Sava Damlovak                             Sava Damlovak is a Master Smith of the ABS and belongs to the Profesional        - Hand Forged Custom Knives       ABS
       Knifemakers Assoc. and the National Knife Collectors Assoc. He makes awe-      - Damascus Daggers & Bowies       PKA
       some forged daggers, Bowies & Fighters and forges his own Damascus! A+          - Hand Forged Fighting Knives  NKCA
Scott Davidson                  Scott Davidson is the knifemaker behind Solid Rock Knives and is a member      - Hunting Knives & Skinners     GKMG
       of the Georgia Knifemakers Guild.  These are nice custom made hunting knives - Guthooks & Utility Knives
       skinners and guthooks for the hunter, fisher and outdoor enyhusiast.                    - Hoof Knives / Horse Shoeing Tools
Seth Cosmo Burton           Seth Cosmo Burton is a member of the Canadian Knifemakers Guild and spec-    - Custom Chefs Knives                 CKMG
       ializes in hand made chefs knives.  He also makes awesome swords, folders,        - Swords, Daggers & Outdoor Knives
       daggers - just about anything really! Quality customs by a talented maker!        - Buttonlock Damascus Folding Knives
Steve Culver                          Steve Culver is a Master Bladesmith of the American Bladesmith Society as          - Hand Forged Carbon Knives        ABS
       well as a Master Gunsmith and a member of the American Gunsmithing Soc-    - High Performance Knives             AKA
       iety.  Absolutely superb high performance Bowies and stunning art daggers!     - Hand Forged Knives for Sale        KGA
Steve Dunn                                     Steve Dunn began making custom knives in 1988 and in 1990, enrolled in the     - Hand Forged Custom Knives        ABS
       ABS school in Arkansas.  He became a Master Smith in 1994 and in 2003, he        - Damascus Patterns
       was elected to the ABS Board of Directors.  Awesome Damascus & Engraving!    - Hand Forged Knives for Sale
Steven Busch                   Steven Busch has been making knives since 1999 and has traine at his craft         - Custom Automatic Knives
       with the well known automatic knifemaker, Rainy Vallotton and his family,      - Custom Folding Knives & Art Knives
       Butch and Thomas.  He makes but folders and automatics by hand. No CNC!     - Automatic Knives for Sale
Stefan Aberg                             Stefan Aberg is a Swedish knifemaker who makes survival knives for the Sur-    - Bowie Knives & Hunting Knives
      vival Center of the Swedish Army.  Mr. Aberg has made knives since the 80's      - Custom Hand Axes & Utility Knives
      and as an avid hunter of small game, he knows what makes a great knife!             - Custom Knives for Sale
Sean Culhane                     Sean Culhane is a South African Knifemaker who makes all kinds of knives         - Fixed Blade Custom Knives
       Hunting knives, folders, tacticals, straight razors, even belt buckle knives.          - Folding Knives, Belt Buckle Knives
       A true custom knifemaker. Uses primarily Sandvik 12C27 & Bohler N690.           - Accepts Custom Orders
Stefan Gobec                                 Stefan Gobec is a member of the Knifemakers Guild and is a knifemaker from     - Custom Folding Knives                 KMG
       Germany.  The site is in German, but you don't need to understand another        - Loveless Style DP Hunters
       language to enjoy the pictures of his work! Very good folders from Germany,     - Outstanding Scrimshaw & Etching!
Steve E. Hill                           Steve Hill made his first knife in 1978 and has been a full-time maker since           - Custom High Art Knives
       1989.  Every knife is a one-of-a-kind creation.  Hill's knives are high art folders   - Custom Art Folding Knives
                 starting at $1,400, and automatics from $2,500.  Breathtaking knives by hand!   - Knives For Sale!
Shawn Hermit                      Shawn Hermit of Hermit River Knives has been making knives part time since  - Nordic Knives -2Fixed Blade Knives
       his teen years and started making them full-time since 1998. He makes superb  - Switchblades - 2, Folding Knives
       Nordic Knives and Switchblades, and any other edged tool. Custom orders!       - Knives for Sale, Custom Orders
Steven Kelly                                 Steven Kelly began making knives in 2000.  Quickly, he turned to the forge.          - Hand Forged Knives                       ABS
                                                                   He learned to make knives forging his own steel and Mosiac Damascus. He           - Damascus Knives, Folding Knives
                                                                   makes great tactical knives as well as amazing Mosiac Damascus blades.             
Steven Licata                         Steven Licata is a master sculpter and steel is his medium.  Absolutely incred-  - Custom Fantasy Knives & Weaponry
       ible hand made fantasy knives, medieval weaponry and guitars! Guitars? YES  - Swords, Flails, Folders, Axes, Guitars
       GUITARS! You must see it to believe it. Compelling artistry and weaponry!       - Custom Art Kniives for Sale
Steven R. Johnson              Steven R. johnson is a name that every learned custom knife collector knows    - Custom Drop Point Hunters         KMG
       as soon as they here it.  He has been making knives since 1966 and has worked  - Subhilt Fighting Knives & Folders
                 with the greats: Warenski, Loveless, and others.  The cleanest grinds around!    - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Sean O'hare                              Sean O'Hare is a member of the Knifemakers Guild and is dedicated to making    - Damascus Knives & Neckers      KMG
       knives that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.  These are       - Tactical Knives & Hunting Knives
       great stock removal straight knives made CPM-S30V, ATS-34, O1.  Superb!         - Custom Knives for Sale
Silvana Mouzinho               Silvana Mouzinho is a Brazillian knifemaker, and is one of the very few female  - Hand Forged Custom Knives         SBC
      makers in the industry. What she does, she does exceptionally well and with a  - Bowie Knives, Fighters & Hunters
      visible passion. Stunning hand forged art knives. Simply superb work!                 - Hand Forged Damascus Knives
Stan McKiernam                        Stan McKieran has been making knives since 1984.  In 1993, he opened his bus- - Polished Damascus Knives & Axes
       iness, River's Bend Knives.  Stan makes stock removal knives, most of which      - Daggers & Fantasy Knives / Swords
       are hollow ground. Designs with a Japanese, Persian and Indian influence.  A+   - Cane Swords, Tantos & Push Knives
Stephen C. Olszewski        Stephen Olszewski is a name well-known in the art knife field.  His first love      - Fantstic Folding Art Knives        KMG
       is figure carving, something that lends to his artistic style of knifemaking. He     - High-Art Knives
       is so good at it that he's been commisioned by Disney, Warner Bros. and more!  - Custom / Commisioned Art Knives
Stephen Mackrill                Stephen Mackrill is a South African knifemaker who has served in the British    - Hunting & Working Knives          KMG
      Royal Navy and in the Special Forces.  He later became a game ranger in Kenya - Linerlocks & Lockback Folding Knives
      His experience lends to the performance of his knives,  made 100% by hand.        - Custom Specialties & Kitchen Knives
Stephen Pryor                 Stephen Pryor started making knives after retiring from the trucking industry   - Custom Bowie Knives & Daggers
      in 1991. He makes knives by hand using the stock removal method and ATS-34  - Utility Knives, Filet Knives, Skinners
      to Carbon Spring Steels. Large performance knives and gorgeous sheaths!            - High Quality Fringe Leather Work
Syd Mckay                              Syd Mckay of Opasquia Custom Knives has been making knives for over 14       - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
       years.  He makes primarrily fixed blade knives, including skinners, hunters,       - Custom Knife Designs
                 kitchen knife sets, daggers and damascus knives. Quality working knives!           - Kitchen Knives, Hunters & Skinners
Steve Torok                                Laramie Knifeworks is named for its location, Latamie, Wyoming, and is              - Hunting Knives & Skinners
                 owned by knifemaker, Steve Torok. An avid outdoorsman, Mr. Torok makes       - Folding Knives, Filet / Fishing Knives
       knives based on his experience with gaming and hunting via stock removal.       - Custom Knives For Sale
S. Richardson                               S. Richardson & A. Yamamoto are from Canada and own Cariboo Blades,            - Bush Knives & Utility Knives
       Since 1997, Cariboo Blades has provided hand forged tools and knives for            - Custom Kitchen Knives
       cooks, sculptors, builders and to those who just love the great outdoors.              - Woodworking & Carving Tools
Sandro Rossi                                 This is an MSN group page featuring rhe work of knifemaker Sandro Rossi.         - Hunting Knives & Daggers
       Lord of Winds Knives features hand crafted knives including hunting knives     - Rail Road Spike Knives
       daggers, utility knives and forged rail road spike twist knives.
Scott Sawby                           Sawby Custom Knives presents quality, handmade cutlery since 1970.  Scott      - Custom Folding Art Knives        KMG
      Sawby specializes in custom folding knives with special and unique locking       - Self-Lock & Button Lock Mechanisms
      mechanisms.  Marian Sawby is an excellent engraver and details his knives.       - Folding Knives & Art Knives for Sale
Scott Slobodian                    Scott Slobodian is a swordsmith specializing in Japanese style weapons and      -Katanas, Wakazashi & Tantos    KMG
      arms.  He learned grinding, forging and clay tempering from the late, great Mr.  - Swords, Bowies, Minis & Arrows
      Engnath.  Scott is a member of the German, Italian and U.S. KMG.  Awesome!!    - Swords and Knives for Sale
Shane Taylor                         Shane Taylor made his first knife at the age of 12.  After reading a knife maga-    - Hand Forged Damascus Knives   ABS
       zine, Shane decided he would learn and master the forging of damascus and       - High Art Folding Knives
       mosiac damascus.  He currently holds 23 awards since 1997. Need I say more?   - "Series" Knives
Stamascus Knife Works   Stamascus Knifeworks was formed in 1997 and is a company that offers a wide - Stainless Damascus Knives
      selection of stamascus (Stainless Damascus) fixed and folding knives. Award       - Knives by Ed VanHoy
      winning knifemaker, Ed VanHoy is behind much of the knifemaking here!             - Engraving by Tanya VanHoy
Steve & Jamie Rollert          Steve and Jamie Rollert of "Keen Edge Knives" specialize in alluminum training  - Alluminum Training Knives
      knives which they provide for military and law enforcement personell as well   - Knives for military & police training
      martial arts enthusiasts. One of the few places to get a knife you can train with. - Ideal for martial artists
Steve Schiffer                      Steve Schiffer is the owner and operator of Choctaw Plantation Forge, and          - Hand Forged Custom Knives         ABS
       makes both hand forged and stock removal knives. Steve is a member of the       - Bowies, Fighters & Combat Knives
       ABS and makes awesome fighters, bagwell style bowies and other fine knives!  - Hand Forged Knives for Sale
Steve Schwarzer               Steve Schwarzer has been a Master Bladesmith of the ABS since 1983 and a          - Hand Forged Damascus Knives   ABS
       voting member of the KMG since '82.  He was a VP of the Guild and of the Art     - Art FoldersFixed Blades & Katanas
       Knife Collectors Assoc.  From folders to katanas, these knives are amazing! A+    - Hand Forged Knives for Sale       KMG
Steve Seib                          Steve Seib has 25+ years experience as a machinist and mold maker and began   - Hand Forged Bowie Knives           ABS
       making knives via stock removal 20 years ago.  In 2001, he attended the Bill         - Damascus Knives & Hunting Knives
       Moran School of Bladesmithing and now makes hand forged knives as well.        - Skinners & Utility Knives
Steve Sells                         Steve Sells is the Bladesmith behind Fenris Forge.  Steve prefers to make knives  - Hand Forged Damascus Knives
       using pattern welded steel or damascus and believed that nothing beats a            - Hand Forged Fixed Blade Knives
       hand forged blade.  Steve offers a wonderful variety of Damascus patterns!          - Hand Forged Knives for Sale
Szaboinc                                 Laci Szabo & Fred Perin are the designer and maker consecutively of Szaboinc.  - Tactical Knives and Swords
       Here you will find working grade tactical knives and swords, as well as some   - Custom Tactical Designs
       other unique inventions attributed to climbing, aviation and self-defense.           - Edged Weapons of all Kinds!
Shoshone Yokut                  Shoshone Yokut is a Native American Warrior Artist. The artist, Black Eagle,     - War Axes, lances, Knives & Arrows
                 is Shohon from his mothers side and Yokut from his fthers side.  His ideas are    - War Shirts, Shields & Breast Plate 
       drawn from research, experience and the spirits of his ancestors. Awards A+     - Jewelery, Wood Works & Pipes
Stan Wilson                                    Stan Wilson, A member of the Florida Knifemakers Association, makes out-        - Art Daggers & Straight Knives    FKA
      standing art knives - both fixed and folding - from high quality materials such   - Art Folding Knives & Art Swords
      mammoth tooth, gold and diamonds, in a wide array of styles.  Beautiful work! - Art Knives Available for Sale - 2
Steve Vanderkolff                 Steve Vanderkolff was once an accountant now turned knifemaker. Knives          - Damascus Art Daggers & Bowies
      made by Vanderkolff are knives made through passion. Beautiful knives made   - Fancy pocket knives & Bird n Trout
      made with 440C or Alabama Damascus from high art to user quality pieces.        - Integral Knives
Tim Butler                                        For years Tim Butler has been shaping, grinding, heat treating and finishing      - Fixed Blade Knives
       raw stainless and tool steels with beautiful, exotic and ultra durable material    - Folding Knives
       Awesome cross between "old-school" and "hi-tech"      - Sharpening Services!
T.A. Davison                                    T.A. (Todd) Davison is a knifemaker from Kansas and sold his first knife in          - Custom Pocket Knives & Damascus
       1981.  From grinding to heat treating to polishing and assembly, he makes          - Folding Knives & Art Knives
       every knife 100% by hand. "One of a kind, one at a time," is his makers motto!    - Custom Pocket Knives for Sale - 2
Tim Britton                            Tim Britton has been making knives since 1971 and has been a member of the    - Custom Tactical Knives                 KMG
       KnifeMakers Guild since 1973.  Tim specializes in tactical knives and in utiliy    - Custom Utility Knives
       knives but also makes multiblade folders and art collaborations.                             - Britton Art Collaborations
Tim Coxon                             
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Tom Anderson                     Tom Anderson is a member of the Knifemakers Guild.  He has many models,       - Hi-Tech Knife Designs                    KMG
       each available in an array of hi-tech materias such as G-10, Titanium, and          - Fantasy Knives & Art Knives
       Carbon Fiber.  All work done in-house except heat treating done by Paul Bos.    - Custom Folding Knives
Tom Bullard                           Tom Bullard has been making knives since 1964, sold his first in 1966 and            - Custom Bowie Knives & Fixed Blades
       in 1992, became a full-time knifemaker.  Bullard builds bowies, lockbacks,           - Custom Lockback Folding Knives
       single and dual blade trappers, all built in tried and true methods one by one.   - Single and Dual Blade Trappers
Tracy Dotson                    Tracy Dotson is a member of the Knifemakers Guild.
   This site is currently unavailable.  We will check back soon.
Troy Brown                       Troy Brown started making knives in 1994.  In 1998, he attended the Bill              - Hand Forged Bowie Knives
       Moran School of Bladesmithing.   In 1999, he received his Journeyman Smith       - Camp Knives, Integrals & Hunters
       rating.  He has placed 2nd and 3rd in cutting competitions using 52100.                - Custom Tomahawks
Tommy Clarke                       Tommy Clarke has been around the world in situations that require you             - Fighting Knives / Survival Knives
       know how to survive - or you don't. He now passes his experience on to you,     - Tactical Knives
       TC knives are produced and hand finished by knifemaker Duane Dwyer.              - Tom Clarke Knives for Sale!
Tai Goo                                    Tai Goo began his knifemaking carreer in 1978, prior to which he studdied          - Bush knives (Working Grade)     NTM
       jewelry making and blacksmithing.  Tai is a founder of the Neo-Tribal Metal      - Presentation Grade Knives           ABS
       Smiths and an Associate member of the ABS. Outstanding metalworking skill!  - Forged Knives Available for Sale
Ted Frizzell                            Ted Frizzell is the master craftsman behind Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works   - Working Grade Knives
      and has over 25 years experience producing awesome working grade blades.      - High Performance Swords
       He has produced almost 10,000 pieces in all and is known for his big blades!       - Hatchets & Axes
Tedd Harris                            Knifemaker Tedd Harris offers a range of fixed blade knives including hunting  - Fixed Blade Custom Knives
       knives, Bowie Knives, skinners, utility knives and kitchen knives as well as        - Bowie Knives, Hunters & Skinners
       fighting knives and miniatures.             - Fighting Knives & Miniatures
Terry Hearn                               Terry Hearn has been making custom knives since 1978 and is a charter mem-   - Stock Removal Micarta Knives
       ber of the Texas Knifemakers & Collectors Association.  He uses micarta as a      - Cooper Knives Restoration
       handle material due to its tough properties. Restoration of Cooper Knives.          - No Orders Due to Health Problems
Thomas Haslinger                Thomas Haslinger has been making knives part-time since 1994, and full-time    - Custom Art Knives & Folders  CKMG
       since 2000.  He has been a member of the Canadian Knifemakers Guild since       - Fixed Blade Knives & Chef's Knives
       1997.  From working knives to chefs knives to one-of-a-kind art knives. A+!         - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Tim Herman                          Tim Herman has been making custom art knives for over 28 years and is a          - Custom High Art Knives                 AKI
       member of the KMG.  He is also a member of the Art Knife Invitational Group,   - Art Folding Knives                          KMG
       a  prestigious group limited to the world's top 25 Art Knifemakers. Awesome!   - Art Knives Available for Sale
Tommy Edge                                  Tommy Edge makes hunting knives using mostly stainless steels and the
       stock removal mehod.  This site is pretty much under construction, so we'll
       come check on it in a while.
Tony Huffman                     Tony Huffman started selling his knives in 2000 as a part-time knifemaker. He    - Custom Slipjoint Folding Knives
       makes knives using the stock removal method and uses 440C, ATS-34 and           - Multi-blade Folding Knives
                Damascus. He prefers to make slipjoints, trappers and multi-bladed folders.        - Custom Slipjoint Knives for Sale
Tori Howe                                     Tori Howe carves the handles of custom knives.  the knives themselves, or           - Carved Damascus Knives
       most of them, are made by R.F. Roy of Bayview, Idaho.  Mr. Howe also does        - Carved Fixed Blade Knives
       scrimshaw, antler carvings, jewelry, skull carvings and egg carvings!                   - Scrimshaw
Torsten Haller                    Torsten Haller is a Swedish knifemaker who makes Scandenavian Style and       - Custom Scandenavian Knives
       Nordic knives.  He is a member of the Swedish Knifemakers Association and      - Nordic Style Custom Knives
       has been treasurer of the group since 2004. Beautiful Nordic style knives.             - Swedish Fixed Blade Knives
Travis Fry                         Travis Fry is a skilled craftsman - a true "Jack of all trades," who loves knife        - Fixed Blade Custom Knives
       making because it is one of the few crafts that demands all of the skills he's          - Hunting Knives, Skinners
       acquired. He works via stock removal, creating clean, practical knives.        - Knives Available for Sale
Tom Krein                                    Tom Krein owner of Krein Knives makes knives by the motto, "Form follows        - Custom Tactical Knives
       function." While these knives look fantastic and would fit into many a custom   - Custom Combat Knives
       collection, they're meant for the field and designed to stand up to the toughest.  - Hatchets, Axes & Kerambits
Terry Knipschield                Terry Knipschield started making knives in 1985.  He is a member of the KMG   - Custom Folding Knives                 KMG
       and makes fixed blade and folding stock removal knives using ATS-34, 440C,      - Custom Bowie Knives
       O1 Tool Steel and 15N20. He also does all his own heat treating in house.              - Knives For Sale
Tim Lively                         Tim Lively of Lively Knives made and sold his first knives in 1974 and became  - Hand Forged hunting knives
       a full-time knifemaker in 1992. Knives forged using natural charcoal lump. He   - Fixed Blade Fighting Knives, Bowies
       creates knives with the look of a relic that function like modern tacticals.             - Bowie Knives & Hunting Knives
Tom Johanning                  Tom Johanning became interested in making knives in 1990.  By 1997, he was     - Super Strong Tactical Knives
       a voting member of the KMG.  Swamped by orders, he turned to his company   - Tac-10, Tact-11 & Outrage Models
       to produce blanks. Knives are then milled by CNC and vacuum heat treated.     - Able to Pierce A Diamond Steel Plate!
Tom Lewis                                       
      This site is not currently available. We'll check back soon.
Tony Karlsson                              Tony Karlsson is a Swedish knifemaker who makes knives in the traditional      - Scandenavian Style Folding Knives
       Scandenavian style.  His knives range from user-grade knives to art knives         - Damascus Swedish Knives
       using exotic materials and Damascus by the best Swedish bladesmiths.                - Scandenavian Knives for Sale
T.R. Lewis                               T.R. Lewis sold his first knife in 1980.  In 2001, he became a Journeyman Smith  - Hand Forged Damascus Knives    ABS
       of the American Bladesmith Society. He makes pattern welded, wire, motor-      - Hand Forged Carbon Steel Knives
       cycle chain and chainsaw damascus and forged blades with 5168 and O1. A+!   - ATS-34 Stock Removal Knives
Tim & Erica Lambkin         Tim Lambkin is the knifemaker behind "Chops Knives," producing 100% hand   - Fixed Blade CustomKnives          PKA
       made knives - no CNC, no out-house heat treat - 100%. Seriously unique art/      - Custom Folding Knives
       performance hybrids using combos of traditional and modern materials.            -  Art Knives, tactical Knives
Tommy McNabb                Tommy McNabb has studied knifemaking and blacksmithing at the John C.       - Damascus Knives ABANA
       Campbell Folk School and at Penland School in North Carolina. He makes all      - Folding Knives                                  ABS
       kinds of knives, all of which eminate his unique style. Amazing work indeed.      - Bowie Knives, Tomahawks        KMG
T.C. Roberts                                   T.C. Roberts is the knifemaker behind Sabertooth Knives. Member of the PKA.          PKA
This site is currently unavailable. We'll check back soon!
Terry Torence                   Terry Torence made his first "real" knife in 1987.  By 1995, he completed build-  - Fixed Blade Knives & Hunting Knives
       ing a forge, and now makes both stock removal knives as well as hand forged    - Boot Knives & Bird 'n Trout knives
       goods such as BBQ Tools, Fire Pokers and Damascus Letter Openers.                      - Hand Forged BBQ Tools & Fire Pokers
Timothy S. Ridge              Timothy S. Ridge specializes in hand forged knives and accouterments of             - Hand Forged Early American Knives
       early America.  He is a Longhunter and Civil War Re-enactor who learned his   - Early American Leather Work
       craft over 40 years ago in his father's workshop. Historicle Accuracy a must!     - Custom Knives for Sale
Trace Rinaldi                       Trace Rinaldi started making knives in the mid-90's.  He makes fixed blade          - Custom Tactical Knives
       tactical knives and fighting knives with a style that is all his own.  He has a        - Combat Knives & Fighting Knives
       great eye for outstanding material combinations, such as on the Damas TTKK.   - Damascus Fixed Blade Knives
Terry Urdal                                      Terry Urdal is an artisan, photographer, engineer and well known author.          - Custom Hunting Knives & Skinners
       This knowledge and experience with fishing, hunting and climbing allows him - Guthooks & Utility Knives
       to design knives that exhibit the qualities you'd expect and more in a custom.
Tim Wiggins                      Tim Wiggins is the knifemaker behind Broken Arrow Custom Knives.  He has     - Hand Forged Bowie Knives          ABS
       been making knives since 1992 and has been a full-time knifemaker since 1997.  - Hand Forged Hunters & Skinners
       All knives are made by hand from start to finish.  Nice Bowies and Hunters.       - Hand Forged Custom Knives
Tim Zowada                       Tim Zowada makes knives of distinction - knives that are meant to be used.        - High Performance Forged Blades
       This by all means does not mean they aren't collectible. These are gorgeous         - Hand Forged Straight Edge Razors
       hand forged knives of O2, L6, W2 and Damascus. Superb Performance Blades.    - Custom Forged Knives for Sale
Tom Watson                       Tom Watson is a self-taught knifemaker whos been making knives since 1978    - Custom Foldoing Knives
       His work has been featured in many publications and books over the years.       - Flipper Folders, Liner-Locks
       Modern looking folders that focus on structure and performance.                            - Damascus Folding Knives
T.R. Overeynder              Overeynder is a name in the art knives field, recognized world-wide for out-      - Custom High Art Knives               KMG
      standing quality and craftsmanship.  T.R. Overeynder began knifemaking in       - Multiblade Folding Knives
      1977 and is a voting member of the KMG since 1987. Amazing one-of-a-kinds!    - Custom Art Knives for Sale
Thomas McGuane                    This is a new up and comming site for art knife maker, Thomas McGuane. So      - Custom Art Knives                        KMG
       far the site only offers contact info and one example (a pretty nice one) of his       - Custom Folding Knives
       work.  Thomas is a member of the Knifemakers Guild.