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Mann "Three Finger" Knife Series
Craig Mann
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Mann Made O-1 "Three-Finger" Tactical Neck Knives
by: Mann Made Knives
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Well, this is it - our final Mann Made Knives from the second batch.  Here we have a series of what have been dubbed "three finger knives."  Not THREE finger knives - although there are three.  Yes, three, three finger knives.  Confusion aside, their name is exactly as implies.  The handle allows enough room for the first three fingers (or all of them except the little finger - however you want to see it) to grip the knife. 

These are small, light knives that have big benefits in certain areas due to there size - especially when you need a very strong, tough and sharp knife of a smaller size.  You know - the right tool for the right job!  You don't take a 1/2" wrench to a 1/4" nut.  You shouldn't use a 12" Bowie Knife to cut bait for fishing or a Wakizashi to open a UPS parcel - unless you know you're not going to like what's inside.

We don't want to call them "miniatures" because they are not miniatures.  Minis are popular with some people but while made with every detail in mind, including a real, sharpened edge, they are seldom functional but rather collectible in nature.  These knives still have approximately 3" blades!  Most of the length has been knocked off by shortening the handle.  These knives are both functional and collectible and are absolutely perfect for handling light-duty, everyday tasks such as cutting string / twine, opening boxes and envelopes, hobby and craft work, whittling, etc. etc...  And they pack quite a punch as well.

These little guys are tough!  Each O-1 blade has been hardened and differentially heat treated for a tough, more flexible spine and a hard edge that will take and hold a razor sharp edge.  All three are at 60 HRC.  The visible temper lines add a great deal to the aesthetic look of the blades as well.  You can see this in the photos above.  The profile of each blade is slightly different ranging from a long, gradual clip for a very pointy tip, to a short, abrupt angle clip for a scimitar type tip.

Each three fingered knife has been wrapped over Stingray skin in the traditional style as discussed previously.  Each knife shown has been done in a different style of Tsuka-Maki (handle wrapping) over either black or white dorsal Sting ray skin using resin impregnated nylon cord. 

Each three finger knife has been given all the detail to attention consistent with that of their larger counterparts.  Superior heat treating, traditional handle wraps done to perfection over premium quality ray skin, hand rubbed finishes, razor sharp edges...  You get everything you would expect from a Mann Made Knife - even a custom fit Kydex sheath.  These are definitely the way to go if you don't need a full size knife and want to make an economically sound decision.  Of course, they make absolutely perfect collectible knives as well as great gifts for a knife user or collector you know!

The pricing of each Mann Three Finger Knife is slightly different due to either the use of costlier dorsal Stingray material or more complicated Tsuka-Maki.  For a limited time (the first two weeks only) I will be offering all three for a special lower price!  See below for details.  As mentioned, all of these are O-1, have been differentially heat treated and have been stamped with the Mann mark of quality.
Individual Pricing

Looking at the last picture above on the right side starting with the top knife, prices are as follows:

Knife 1, MMK09-02 - Black Ray Skin, Scimitar Style Clip Point - 135.00

Knife 2, MMK09-003 - White Dorsal Ray Skin, Fancy Wrap, Long Clip - 155.00

Knife 3, MMK09-04 - White Dorsal Ray Skin, Normal Wrap, Med. Clip - 135.00

All three Mann Three Finger Knives:  300.00!!
(Save 75.00!)

You can't beat that!  Remember, the offer stands for 2 weeks from June 10th and as long as someone doesn't come along and buy one individually!  Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

*Note to Visitors, Clients and Customers: Craig Mann is no longer with us.  We wish we could tell you where he went, but the truth is he just up and disappeared... This tends to happen with knife makers - its almost a phenomenon... We had many orders ready for him and sold ALL his knives. In other words, he was getting popular very quickly. If you know where he might be, call me... Joe: 917-526-4938
  • Blade Length  -  ~ 3"
  • O.A.L.  -  5  3/4"   
  • Steel -  O-1 Tool Steel
  • Differentialy Heat Treated for Toughness
  • Traditional Resin Impregnated Handle Wrap
  • Genuine Sting Ray Skin (Black or Wt. Dorsal)
  • Visible Temper Lines, Hand Rubbed Finish
  • Custom Fit Kydex Sheath
  • Models Vary - See Pictures and Pricing Above!
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Mann Made

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Item# MMK09-2/3/4
Status: SOLD

Orders ship immidiately.  Three finger knives ship for 7.95 except for the "buy all three" deal which ships for free (see above).