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Here we bring you a selection of custom knives.
from both KMD and other fine custom knife purveyors.
If you're looking for bowie knives, hunting knives, damascus knives, and other fixed-blade and hand forged knives, you'll want to look through our selection of custom knives.
If its folding knives, pocket knives, and art knives you want, we do occaisionally carry these.
However, you'll definitely want to visit our "KnifeMakers Database" as many of the propietors we lead you to will be
well stocked on many of these items.
We also occaisionally carry high-end production knives including protech switchblades and
Robbie Dalton Automatics
If you're new to buying custom knives, we reccomend that you take a moment to read our article:
Investing in Knives on the Internet
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Custom Tactical Knives by Frank Dilluvio
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Mammoth Fighter Bowie Knife
Blue Bowie Knife
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Andersen San-Mai Takedown Bowie Knife
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