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Types of Knives
Name / Link

Mark Banfield                               Mark Banfield of Banfield Blades has been making knives for over 9 years. He    - Custom Hand Forged Knives        ABS
       specializes in daggers, Bowie Knives and fighters. All blades are hand forged      -  Bowie Knives, Fighters & Hunters
                           and heat treated from start to finish by the maker. Awesome forged blades.        - Hand Forged Daggers
Mark Condron                              Mark Condron has taken his love of art, rocks, gems, flint knapping and prim-  - Custom Flint Knap Knives
       itive man and has turned it into a unique art form.  He makes flint knap knives  - Flint Blades & Obsidian Blades
       using various stones such as agate & obsidian and true fossilized materials.        - Flint Knives Available for Sale
Matt Cook                                     Matt Cook of Pinoy Knife steps away from the norm and through his line of       - Balisongs & Buterfly knives
       custom knives, makes an excellent addition to the range of "knife type" in the     - Custom Damascus knives
       world of knife collecting.  Awesome weapons fit for the masters of the arts.         - Knives & Weapons For Sale
Michael Andersson             Michael Andersson - the rider, the hunter, the maker lives in the North of   - Bowie Knives & Hunting Knives
       Sweden, in Moose Country.  He claims he makes typical Scandevavian Knives.  - Daggers, Swords & Fighting Knives
                We say there's nothing "typical" about them.  Stunning Damascus Work!   - Folding Knives & Watches
Michael Burch                             Michael Burch makes both hand forged and stock removal knives, using 1095,  - Tactical Knives & Fighting Knives
      1080, W1 & W2.  The design of his knives are of Japanese influence and include   - Hand Forged Knives & Damascus
                 Bowie Knives, fighters and tactical blades.  Hand made, from sheath to blade.    - Knives Available for Sale
Mike Beathe                                   Mike Beathe is a machinist turned blacksmith and bladesmith.  He has been        - Period Pieces & Reproductions
       making knives since the '70's, forging since 1990, and specializes accurate re-      - Forged Bowie Knives & Fighters
       productions of knives from the 1700's - 1840.  Also takes custom orders.      - French Trade Knives & Skinners
Mike "Whiskers" Allan      Mike "Whiskers" Allan has been making high quality folding knives since '84.    - Sole Authorship Folding Knives  PKA
       He had been a master welder after the war and turned to a career in what he     - Scale Release Automatic Knives KMG
       loved - making knives.  He is currently the VP of the PKA.  Fantastic Folders!      - Folding Knives For Sale
Mike Dilluvio                       Mike Dilluvio has been making custom knives since 1990.  He started out with  - Folding Knives & Pocket Knives  KMG
       fixed blade knives, but has been making folders since 1997.  He is making             - Liner Lock Folding Knives
       knives on a part-time basis, but plans to go full-time after retirement.                   - Folding Knives For Sale
Murray St. Amour            Murray of St. Amour Knives began knifemaking in 1992.  In 1994, he became       - Custom Fixed Blade Knives      CKMG
       a founding member of the Canadian Knifemaker's Guild.  Knives are made          - Hunting Knives & Skinners
       using the stock removal method and are flat or hollow ground.                                - Custom Knives For Sale
Mark Garvock                               Mark Garvock has been making custom knives for over 10 years and has been   - Hand Forged Custom Knives   CKMG
       a member of the Canadian Knifemakers Guild since 1998.  He makes primarily  - Forged Damascus Art Daggers
       hand forged knives of several different styles including bowies and daggers.      - Hunting Knives & Utility Knives
Mathias Eldnor                     Mathias Eldnor is a Swedish knifemaker who makes primarily Nordic Style       - Custom Nordic Knives
       knives.  The knives range from user grad utility knives up to fancy collectors      - Damascus Nordic Knives & Folders
                 knives.  Mr. Eldnor also makes small folders and custom damascus knives.          - Custom Knife Available for Sale
Mathias Grusz                     Matthias Grusz is a member of the Guilde des Couteliers d'Art du Quebec,           - Custom Hunting Knives & Skinners
       which roughly translates to the Art Knifemakers Guild of Quebec.  This is a        - Fixed Blade Art Knives
       profile page of Mathias on the Guild site showing examples of his great work,    - Swords
Mel Fassio                                        Founding member of the Montana Knifemakers Association, Mel Fassio
        has been making fine custom knives for over 40 years. All his knives are
                                                                    made using 440C stainless, which he heat treats and engraves himself.
Michael H. Franklin         Michael Franklin, the man and the knifemaker behind HAWG! Knives, has          - The Awesome Millenium Series KMG
      been making knives for almost 40 years and has been a member of the KMG        - Tactical Folders & Fixed Blade Knives
     for 22 years.  No lasers, no CNCs.  Just knives backed by a LOT of experience.      - Art Knives
Mike Fenwick                     Mike Fenwick started making knives at an early age having produced his            - Custom Hunting knives             CKMG
       first handmade knife in 1999.  All knives are stock removal, hand ground and    - Custom Skinners & Damascus Knives
       one-of-a-kind.  This is a profile on the Canadian Knifemakers Guild Site.               - Custom Fixed Blade Art Knives
Mitch Edwards                             Mitch Edwards is a pert-time knifemaker with a background in tool and die      - Bowies, Camp Knives & Hunters
                 making.  He is a Journeyman Smith of the ABS, and prefers to make knives in     - Rifleman's Knives & Neck Knives
       traditional designs from the 1700's to the mid 1800's.  Awesome blades..              - Hand Forged Knives for Sale
Mark LaGrone                              Mark LaGrone of "Saint Mark Knives" has been making knives since 2003.  He   - Slipjoint Folding Knives
       makes mostly slipjoint folding knives of various styles.  He also makes fixed       - Fixed Blade Knives
       blade knives and reproductions of antique folding knives.  Good prices!                - Knives Available for Sale
Matt James                            Matt James is the owner of "Damascus NZ" and has spent years perfecting the   - Custom Hunting Knives
       art of creating quality pattern welded steel.  You can buy bars of damascus        - Axes, Tomahawks & Carving Sets
       made by him as well as bolsters and his custom knives. Damascus info also.       - Damascus Bars & Bolster Material
Matt Lamey                           Matt Lamey served in the United States Coast Guard from 1987 - 1994, after       - Hand Forged Cord Wrapped Knives
       which he decided to dedicate his time to a long time passion - Knifemaking.        - Fighting Knives & Bowie Knives
       Hand-forged, high-performance, function-first, no-nonsense knives. Awesome! - High Performance Knives for Sale
Mel Long                                           Mel Long took up knife making in 1994.  Recently, he has begun to learn how     - Fixed Blade Custom Knives       CKMG
       to create his own damascus.  Various styles of fixed blades, bowie knives,           - Available Knives / Knife Designs
       fighting knives, hunting knives and daggers. Scrim & engraving by E. Dolbare.  - Knife Handle Materials for Sale
Michael Lovett                      Michael Lovett Makes awesome, Bob Loveless Style sub-hilts, chute knives...
       This is not a personal site but is a page that gives an example of his work.
Mikael Karlsson                          Mikael Karlsson of Tarandus Knives is a Swedish knifemaker and has been        - Swedish Style Straight Knives
       making knives part-time since 1980.  Tarandus is Latin for "reindeer," a name    - Hunting Knives & Skinners
       chosen by Mikael because he uses mainly reindeer antler in his handles.               - Antler Sheaths
Mark Knapp                          Mark Knapp is a knifemaker with 25 years of experience as a tool and die             - Fixed Blade Custom Knives
       maker. He has been featured in Blade Magazine numerous times, and its easy    - Investment Grade Knives
       to see why after ne look at some of his work. Stunning handle designs.        - Available Knives for Sale
Mark Laramie Mark Laramie of "MAL Knives," creates some of the finest, investment grade       - Collector Grade Art Knives
       art knives available anywhere, using only the very finest materials. These          - Custom Art Folding Knives
       knives are each and every one a work of functional art. Outstanding. - Available Art Knives (Good Luck...)
Mel Pardue                                      This is a father and son knifemaker team Internet collaboration site.  From          - Knives by Mel Pardue                   KMG
       here you can access pages of Mel Pardue's Knives as well as Joe's knives. Mel      - Art Knives, Folding Knives
                 has been making knives for over 30 years and is Vice President of the KMG.
Max                                  Max is an Italian custom knifemaker who makes many, many styles of custom  - Custom Folding Knives & Art Knives
       knives.  His range of creativity is only exceeded by his talent for design and        - Straight Knives & Damascus Knives
       the quality of his craftsmanship.  Awesome interframe art foling knives!              - Interframes & Combat Knives
Michael Mara                   Michael Mara of Radharc knives is 100% dedicated to the craft of knifemaking.   - Hunters, Utility & Sgian Dubhs
       He makes knives of all styles, hand forged and stock removal.  He is also Irish     - Folding Knives & Unique Knives
       and Scotish and proudly practices his heritage, I'm glad to say!                                - Knives Available for Sale
Mike Mann                           Mike Mann (padre) of Idaho Knifeworks made his first knife in 1965. All of his    - Hand Forged Bowie Knives (Cowboy)
       knives are hand forged from 5160 high carbon or 15N20 and are diferentially    - Mountain Man Era Knives & Folders
       heat treated for a high performance, durable blade. Period pieces a specialty.     - Cliff Knife, Camp Knives & Daggers
Mike McRae                     Mike McRae is an ABS Journeyman Smith who makes dirks and Sgian Dubhs     - Scotish Dirks & Sgian Dubhs         ABS
       in the traditional Scotish style.  He also makes many other styles.  All of his        - Bowie Knives & High Art Daggers
       work is hand forged and diferentially heat treated.  Amazing Art Daggers!
Mike Mooney                   Mike Mooney of "Moon Blades" has been making knives since 1991 and sold his  - Custom Fixed Blade Knives      AKCA  
       first knife in 1997.  He is currently president of the Arizona Knife Collectors        - Bowie Knives / Fighting Knives   PKA
       Assoc. Knives are by stock removal.  He is currnently learning to forge steel.       - Cusrom Knives for Sale
Milan Pokorny                      Milan Pokorny started knifemaking under the instruction of Buddy Weston.       - Liner lock Folding Knives
                                                                   He now makes many different styles of liner lock folding knives using ats-34       - Fixed Blade Knives
       damasteel and crucible steels.  He also makes some fixed blade knives.
Mookmaan                                       Scandenavian style hunting knives made by hand.  The sheaths are especially   - Scandenavian Hunting Knives
       artistic and well done using fur, leatherand wood.  The handles of many of        
       these knives are intricatly carved.
Michael O'Machearley       Michael O'Machearley has been making custom knives since 1999.  Since then    - Hand Forged Custom Knives
       his work has been featured in numerous magazines and on just as many TV      - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
       shows. Top-notch hand forged custom knives.
Mark Sentz                           Mark C. Sentz is a member of the American Bladesmith Society and recieved      - Hand Forged Custom Knives       ABS
        Master Smith rating back in 1994. All of his work is handforged and he                - Hand Forged Lockback Folders
        also makes folding knives - lock-backs - with hand forged blades!       - Hand Forged Knives for Sale
Marvin Solomon                   Marvin Solomon is a voting member of the KnifeMakers Guild, a Master Smith - Damascus Cutom Knives
       of the ABS and the former president of the AKA.  Excellent, time tested designs  - Fancy Daggers, Push Daggers
       using Devin Thomas Damascus and Van Hoy Engraving.  A+ quality work.         - Skinners, Folders, Fighters & More!
Mattias Styrefors                  Swedish knifemaker Mattias Styrefors started making knives in 1992. In '97,      - Mosiac Damascus Nordic Knives
    Incredible Mosiac Damascus       he learned to forge steel.  He is now a master smith who specializes in creating  - Custom Damascus Knives
                                                         Mosiac Damascus.  His knives are 100% sole authorship - Incredible technique.  - Damascus Knives for Sale
Michael J. Smith                 Michael J. Smith is a custom knife collector turned knifemaker.  He has been        - Custom Art Folding Knives        KMG
       making knives sinc 1987 and went full-time in 1995.  His knives are mostly all   - Automatic Knives
       Damascus w/ blued bolsters - a trend that he claims was started by himself.      - Knives Available - No custom orders
Michael Rader                  Michael Rader has been making custom knives since 1990.  These are 100%         - Hand Forged Knives                       ABS
       sole-authorship, high performance hand forged weapons.  Mr. Rader is a JS        - Samurai Style Swords
       with the ABS (2006) and also forges his own damascus. Stunning work.               - Damascus Swords & Straight Swords
Michael Sheppard            Michael Sheppard of Thunderbolt Blades is a knifemaker, woodworker and        - Custom Hunting Knives
       scrimshander.  He makes custom knives using scrimshaw and filew work as     - Hobby Knives & Folding Knives
                 well as hobby knives, folding knives and miniatures.  Site is now closed.....          - Miniature Knives / Weapons
Mike Starling                   Mike Alexander and Mike Starling are two knifemakers who while sharing         - Knives by Mike Starling - 1, 2
                                 some tooling and facilities, each have their own unique styles of knifemaking
       using carbon, stainless and pattern welded steels. 
Mike Ruth                        Mike Ruth is a Journeyman Smith of the ABS.  After meeting Jerry Fisk and         - Hand Forged Bowie Knives        ABS
       collecting knives for years, he decided to pursue his passion.  He was awarded  - Fighting Knives & Hunting Knives
       JS status in '03 and in '05, was awarded "Best new Maker" at the Blade Show.     - Hand Forged Knives for Sale
Mike Snody                           Mike Snody became a knifemaker in 1999. Mentored by Edmund Davidson, his  - Snody Japanese Style Knives
       knives became popular with blazing speed. Known for there Japanese flare         - Tantos, Kozuka, Bushido, Kubikiri
                 Snody's knives can be picked out among a million. Heat treated by Paul Bos.       - Modern Tactical Folding Knives
Murray Sterling               Murray Sterling has been making knives for users and collectors since 1991,        - Custom Folding Knives        NCKMG
       and is a member of the North Carolina Knifemaker's Guild.  He makes folding    - Dual Blade Folders & Interframes
       knives in various styles using Mike Norris and Devin Thomas Damascus.            - Custom Knives For Sale
Maciej Szczerbiak           Maciej Szczerbiak has been a custom knifemaker since 1996. With a long              - Custom tactical Knives
       history in the field as a sniper instructor, wilderness instructor and much          - Custom Combat Knives
       more, he stands behind Crusader Forge - making cutting edge tactical knives.    - Tactical Knives for Sale
Michael Wilson                   Michael Wilson is a member of the North Carolina Knifemakers Guild and          - Hand Forged Knives   ABS
       the American Bladesmith Society. He is currently an apprentice under                 - Hand Forged Tomahawks
       bladesmith Tommy McNabb, ABS, KMG.
Michael Vagnino              Michael Vagnino is a Master Smith of the American Bladesmith Society.  His       - Hand Forged Folding Knives       ABS
       custom knifemaking career started with a forging class by Karl Shroen in '95   . - Hand Forged Fixed Blade Knives
       Michael achieved his JS stamp in 2001 and his MS sta,mp in 2003. Awesome!      - Classes & MV Knives T-Shirts (cool!)
Michael "Mikey" Wise        Michael Wise started knifemaking in 1992.  His work is all hand forged from       - Bowie Knives & Boot Knives
       high carbin steels.  He prefers to make period pieces, knives similar in style         - Fighting Knives & Neck Knives
       those made between 1700 - 1840.  Awesom high performance blades.                      - Chute Knives, Filet & Trout Knives
Mike Williams                            Mike Williams is a Master Smith of the ABS.  He began making knives in 1984,     - High Performance Blades           ABS
       forging in 1989.  He received his MS ranking in 2000.  He is also an instructor      - Hand Forged Damascus Knives
       at the Bill Moran School of Bladesmithing.   Forges his own damascus as well.    - Hand Forged Hunting Knives
Mike Zima                              Mike Zima has been making knives since 1982 and went full-time in 1990.  He    - Fixed Blade Knives & Folding Knives
      makes fixed blade knives, folding knives and automatics.  Embelishments can     - Multiblade Folders & Automatics
       include filework and engraving. Autos are scale, bolster or button release.
Mike Alexander                Mike Alexander and Mike Starling are two knifemakers who while sharing         - Knives by Mike Alexander  1, 2, 3, 4
                                  some tooling and facilities, each have their own unique styles of knifemaking
       using carbon, stainless and pattern welded steels. 
Otakar Pok                       Otakar Pok is a knifemaker from the Czech Republic, who comes from a long      - Hand Made Hunting Knives
       line of knifemakers withing his family.  He makes many different styles of           - Skinners, Bird & Trout Knives
       huntiing knives and other fixed blade knives using ATS-34, RWL-34 & 440C.      - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
Owen Wood                      Owen wood began making knives in 1972. He is a founding member of the - Investment Grade Art Knives     ABS
       KMGSA, and a member of the ABS.  He has been featured in many books on        - High Art Folding Knives        KMGSA
       knife collecting. His knives are of the extraordinary - one of a kind art knives.     - Collector Grade Knives
Blackwood, Neil               Neil Blackwood is a fellow native New Yorker whose knives really have that    - Fighting Knives & Hunting Knives
                "New York" style and feel to them.  Those of you from around here know what  - Folding Knives Series - "The Curr"
                                                                   I mean.  Classy, sophisticated, elegant work with clean deco lines. Superb!           - No Custom Orders As of Now
Norman Bardsley                      Norm Bardsley of Bardsley Distinctive Weaponry, is a voting member of the     - Custom Bowie Knives                   KMG
       Knifemakers Guild, and makes fixed-blade knives including fantasy knives,        - Fantasy Knives & Native Knives
       Bowie Knives, push daggers, hand grinding damascus, steel and even files.          - Dirks / Daggers & Tactical Knives
Neil Charity                                    A maker of folding knives from Australia.  We regret to say that Mr. Charity
       has passed on after long illness.  Neil's presence will be truly missed by both
       collectors and colleagues alike.  KMD Thanks you for your contribution, Neil.
Newt Livesay                    Need I really go into a description?  Well, if you don't know, Newt Livesay is      - Combat Knives & Fighting Knives
       the man behind Livesay Combat Knives.  While he does make custom hunters, - Survival Knives & Machetes
                                                                   his combat knives are the point of intrest here.  Made for pure performance.        - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Nick Smolen                          With Nearly 20 years of experience as tool maker, Nick Smolen began forging    - High Carbon Damascus Billets
       damascus in '89 and now runs a forge, full-time.  He specializes in high carbon  - Mosiac Damascus & Stainless Damas
       damascus and forges stainless & mosiac damascus, mokume & wrought iron.    - Mokume Bolster Stock
Nikolai Spassov                According to the site, Nikolai Spassov carries on a tradition passed down for     - Custom Hunting Knives (Stainless)
       over 400 years as he creates custom hunting knives in the Bulgarian style,          - Hunting Knife Sets
                using sterling silver, animal horns and stainless steel blades.                                     - Knives Available for Sale
Nick Wheeler                    Nick Wheeler, 26,  is a full-time bladesmith from Washington.  He is truly an     - Hand Forged Fixed Blades
       "early bloomer," having made his first knife at the age of 14.  He began using       - Bowie Knives & Fighting Knives
       stock removal, but turned to forging after an encounter with Tom Ferry, J.S.       - Hunters, Push Daggers, Camp Knives
Pat & Wes Crawford         Pat Crawford and Wes Crawford are both members of the Knifemakers Guild,   - Crawford Custom Knives            KMG
       and make custom knives under the business, "Crawford Knives, LLC." Over       - Survival Staff
       30 years of knifemaking excellence.  Awesome folders and Tactical Knives!           - Custom Knives For Sale
Philip Booth                     Philip Booth is a fine artist who has won awards for his work and is now a        - Double Bladed Automatic Knives
                 full-time knifemaker and a voting member of the Knifemakers Guild. He sold     - DA Automatic Switchblades
       his first knife in 1991, and now makes double-blade autos and switchblades.     - Lock Back Folding Knives
Philip L. Hagen                         Doc Philip L. Hagen has been making quality custom knives since 1973 and         - Custom Folding Knives                KMG
                                                                    has been a voting member of the KMG since 1976.  He has been forging steel       - Scale Release Folding Knives
                                                                   and Damascus blades since 1982.  Gorgeous Scale / Bolster Release Folders.          - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Paul Granger                   Paul Granger of Granger knives offers several different models of user-grade       - Fixed Blade Knives
       fixed blade knives on his site.  These are excellent knives for both hunters and    - Military and Police Knives
       law enforcement personel.  Carbon steels, tool steels and damascus available.
Peter Hammer                  Peter Hammer is a member of the Brazilian Bladesmiths Society.    SBC
This site is not working. We will check back.
Pete Gagstatter                          Pete Gagstatter is a swedish knifemaker and makes all kinds of edged          - Damascus Swords
       weaponry including hand forged damascus swords, axes, hatchets and of           - Custom Knives
       course, hand made custom knives.                  - Axes and Hatchets
P.O. Eklund                      Par Olof Eklund is a Swedish knifemaker and a member of the Swedish Knife     - Antler Knives
       makers Guild.  These are knives in the traditional Nordic style and are made     - Full Horn Knives
                 with engraved antlers.  The blades are made by other bladesmiths.    - Available Knives for Sale
Peter Jagoda                       Peter David Jagoda received his Masters in Fine Arts in '72.  Since then, he has   - Utility Knives, Chef's Knives
       been a full time studio artist specializing in metalsmithing. Knives are made    
                                                                   with 440C & D2 using the stock removal method.  Blades tempered elsewhere. 
P.J. Kozy                           P.J. Kozy makes fixed blade custom knives for immidiate delivery, or will             - Fixed Blade Custom Knives
       make a knife customized to your specifications.  Fixed blade knives made using  - Hunting Knives & Skinners
       D-2 and ATS-34 for both the user and collector. Nice, functional designs.                - Custom Knives for Sale
Paul Johnston                  Paul Johnston is a member of the Canadian Knifemakers Guild.  He makes - Stainless Damascus Folders      CKMG
       folding knives with all wood handles, ATS-34 or Stainless Damascus blades.      - Custom Folding Knives
       Nice "user-friendly" folding knives.
Pat Patterson                                 Pat Patterson has been making custom knives since 1991 and is a member of     - Custom Folding Knives               TKCA
       the Texas Knifemakers & Collectors Association.  Inspired and instructed by      - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
       knifemaker Johnny Stout, Pat makes both straight knives and foldig knives.        - Knives for Sale
Patrik Nilsson                   Patrik Nilsson started making knives in 1999.  He makes scandenavian style      - Scandenavian Style Knives
       knives using horn, silver and stabilized woods.  His blades are made by other   - Knives for Sale
       Swedish bladesmiths.  Patrik makes the handles and sheaths for these blades.
Paul Panak                         Paul Panak of Burn Knives... perhaps the most awesome custom stilettos and      - Custom Automatic Knives & OTF's
       custom OTF knives  around.  Here you'll find a stunning array of automatic        - Custom Stilettos & D/A Autos
       knife models, each with a slew of design options.  Superb quality and detail!       - Automatic Knives Available for Sale
Per Ohrn                                            Per Ohrn live in southern Sweden and makes Scandenavian style knives   - Scandenavian Style Knives
       using blades made by other well-known swedish bladesmiths. He also makes   - Scandenavian Knives for Sale
       some stock removal blades using RWL34, Damasteel or Sandvick 12C27.
Peter Marker                    Peter Marker is a knifemaker from Australia and has a passion for his craft.        - Custom Folding Knives
       He makers mainly folding knives of various styles using the stock removal         - Damasteel Folding Knives
       method.  Heat treating is done off-site by a professional company.       - Damascus Fixed Blade Knives
Peter Martin                     Peter Martin makes everything from simple yet rugged hunting knives to           - Mosiac Damascus Straight Knives
      ultra fancy folders, the likes of which many have never seen! His "bug knives"    - Folding Knives & Assisted Openers
      are a unique specialty. Sole authorship knives backed by 19 years of experience  - Bug Knives!
Phil Pianfetti                   
         Site is not Currently Working.  We will check back.
Phillip Moen                     Bear Paw Knives by Phil Moen are made with the intent of creating quality        - Hunting Knives & Skinners
       user knives using only the finest materials and assembly methods.  Knives         - Kitchen Knives & Utility Knives
       are primarily D-2 tool steel.  Blanks are made using CAD programs.                       - Many Blade Designs
Phillip Patton                           Phillip Patton began making knives in 1999. In 2004, he started forging, the         - Hand Forged Knives
        means by which he makes most of his blades now. He is currently an                    - Hand Forged Swords, Daggers
        apprentice with the ABS and hopes to take his Journeyman Smith test soon!      - Knives Available for Sale
Peter Pruyn                      Peter Pruyn lived in New York for most of his life where he began making            - Hand Forged Knives                       ABS
       knives as a hobby. After moving to Oregon, he learned stock-removal from          - Fixed Blade  Damascus Knives    PKA
       Gene Martin. He is now an apprentice in the ABS, forging his own Damascus       - Knives Available for Sale
P.J. Tomes                        P.J. Tomes began making knives over 50 years ago.  In 1976, he became a full       - Folding Knives & Double Locks  KMG
       time knifemaker and in 1978 he joined the Knifemakers Guild.  Known for his    - Bowie Knives & Kitchen Knives   ABS
       thin blades and flat grindes, PJ Tomes forges his own steel as well. Nice canes!   - Scagel Repros & Sword Canes
Paul Sarganis                   Paul Sarganis has been making knives since 1987.  In 1999, he attended the          - Hand Forged Custom Knives  BAKCA
       first West Coast American Bladesmith Society Seminar and has been hooked     - Bowie Knives & Fighting Knives
       on forging his own blades since.  Great, hand forged, high performance knives.  - Hand Forged Knives for Sale
Paul Savage                      Paul Savage of the Canadian Knifemakers Guild has been a certified machinist  - Hunting & Fishing Knives         CKMG
       for 25 years and has been employed at an industrial knife manufacturing shop - Bowie Knives & Utility Knives
       for 20.  He began knifemaking 12 years ago, by improving production designs.  - Hand Forged Knives
Peter Spiess                                    Peter Spiess is a Canadian knifemaker and is a member of the Western                 - Fixed Blade Custom Knives
       Canadian Knifemakers Association.  Knifemaking for him was a hobby that       - Specialty Pieces, Axes
       he has turned into a profession. Fixed blade knives and specialty pieces.               - Custom Leather Sheaths
Phil Tham                         Phil Tham specializes in folding knives and also makes pens. The best way         - Custom Folding Knives
       I can describe his folders is to say that they are "minimalist versions of high       - Fixed Blade Knives
       art knives which combine modern and original techniques and aesthetics."          -Handmade Pens
Peter Wile                        Peter Wile has been a member of the Canadian Knifemakers Guild since 1995,     - High Art Folding Knives          CKMG
       and has been making knives since 1983.  He makes one-of-a-kind folder with a   - Hunting Knives & Fighting Knives
       one year wait, as well as hunters and fighting knives.  Very nice art knives         - Art Knives
Phil Ernest                      Phil Ernest has been making fixed blade art knives since 2002.  He had studied   - Fixed Blade Art Knives
       knifemaking under Ralph Freer.  His knives are primarily colored damasteel      - Colored Damascus Steel Knives
       and exotic woods and materials. Damascus is from various outside sources.       - Integral Knives