Ingemar Nordell                Ingemar Nordell is a Swedish knifemaker and a member of the Knifemakers      - Knife Blades                                     KMG
       Guild.  He makes practically every type of knife imaginable including folding     - Scandenavian Knives & Integrals
       knives, integrals, scandenavian knives, damascus knives amd more.                      - Custom Knives Available for Sale

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Types of Knives
Name / Link
Ira Lipson                                         Being lefthanded, Ira Lipson was frustrated with the availability of knives for   - Custom Left Hand Knives
       left-handed people.  He started by converting production knives for left hand     - Tactical Folding Knives
       use.  Now, Southpaw Knives makes custom left-hand knives, as well as right.    - Echo Tech Series & DAC Series
Ike Powell                                      Ike Powell is the owner and operator of NC (North Carolina) Knife.  This is one  - Custom Utility Knives
       of the few sites that offers knife sharpening and repairs as well as great user      - Knife Sharpening & Knife Repair
       knives.  All sharpening is done 100% by hand.  No electronic machines.
Independence Custom      In 1993, JD Philips began his quest to make the ultimate battle blade.  In '99 he    - Combat Knives
               Cutlery          teamed up with Hardy Arnold to form Independence Custom Cutlery (ICC) -    - Tactical Knives
                                                                   Custom Combat Knives and Tactical knives for when failure is not an option!     - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
J. Dewitt                                   J. Dewitt, member of the Knifemakers Guild, has been making knives since           - Custom Fixed Blade Knives       KMG
          "Super-Clean Work!"               1980, and has been making them full-time since 1997.  Knives are 100% made      - Custom Folding Knives & Damascus
                                                                   by him.  Sheaths are hand made by his daughter, Jennifer. Custom orders OK.    - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Jack Davenport                       Jack Davenport has been making one-of-a-kind custom folding knives for over   - Multibladed Slipjoint Folders    KMG
                 20 years.  In 2006, he won "Best Custom Folder" at both the KMG show and        - Automatic Knives & Linerlocks
                 the Blade Show! Specializes in multibladed slipjoints. Autos & linerlocks too.    - Fixed Blade Knives
James Cook                           James Cook is a member of the American Bladesmith Society and has been a      - Hand Forged Custom Knives        ABS
                                                                   Mastersmith since 1991.  He is also an instructor as a blade smithing school.       - Bowie Knives & Fighters               AKA
                His knives are hand forged, top quality and come at great prices.                              - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Jamie Boley                           Bladesmith Jamie Boley of Polar Bear Forge began knifemaking using stock re-  - Hand Forged Fixed Blade Knives
      moval.  After he managed to set up a shop, he began  hand forging blades. He.     - Bowie Knives & Hunting Knives
                                                                   makes great damascus & hand forged fixed blade knives.      - Hand Forged Damascus Knives
Jens Anso                   Jens Anso is a knifemaker from Denmark who has been making knives since       - Linerlocks & Frame Lock Folders
       1988, full-time since 2001. He has a masters in Industrial Design and his work   - Balisongs / Butterfly Knives
                is clean and efficient exhibiting sleek lines and modern designs.                                 - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Jerome Anders                     Jerome Anders started making knives under the instruction of his father in '99  - Hand Forged Fixed Blade Knives ABS
       In 2004, he earned his Master Smith rating making him and his father, David     - Knives by David Anders
       Anders the first father / son mastersmith team in the history of the ABS.              - Knives by Jerome Anders
Jerry Corbit                            Jerry Corbit started making knives in 1991.  For the first 6 years or so he made   - Liner Lock Folding Knives           KMG
       fixed-blade hunting knives, but now focuses entirely on folding knives, liner      - Folding Art Knives
       locks being his primary specialty. Seven awards listed from '91 - '99. - Presentation Grade Folders
Jim Barth                                   J.D. Barth is a member of the Montana Knifemakers Assoc. and the Oregon           - Custom Hunting Knives              MKA
       Knife Collectors Assoc.  He makes fixed blade knives, mostly hunters & utility   - Custom Utility Knives
                                                                   knives for which he has taken 5 awards at the MKA show2000 - 2006.                    - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Jim Burke                                    Jim Burke, owner of Burke Knives, makes tactical knives, both folding and            - Tactical Folding Knives 
                          fixed-blade.  Previously a SWAT officer, Jim knows what a tactical knife needs   - Tactical Fixed-Blade Knives
                                                        to be.  His Motto: "Burke Knives - When edged tools are mission essential!"           - Law Enforcement Grade Knives
Jim Corrado                               Jim Corrado has been a member of the Knifemakers Guild since 1976.  Since         - Knives Made Using CNC/EDM   KMG
       2001, he's been experimenting with and utilizing CNC (Computer Numerical    - Pocket Knives & Folding Knives
       Control) and EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) robots to build knives.              - Miniatures & Scissors / Shears
Jim Downie                           Jim Downie has been makin knives for over 30 years and is the founding Vice    - Custom Hunting Knives           CKMG
      President of the Canadian Knifemakers Guild.  He makes fixed-blade knives         - Custom Utility Knives
       using the stock removal method.  Knives featured are available through order.  - Bowie Knives & Damascus Knives
Jimmie Buckner                  Jimmie Buckner is a member of the Knifemakers Guild.    KMG
     This site is not currently open.  We will check back often.
Joe Caswell                           Joe Caswell has been pattern welding steel since 1995 and specializes in his-       - Pattern Welded Steel knives
       torical configurations such as multi-bar, seperate edge composite blade struc-  - Pattern Welded Steel Swords
       ture.  Caswell Studios now produces a line of "in-line pocket clip knives."             - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Joe Cordova                              Joe Cordova is a member of the American Bladesmith Society. He Forges     - Hand Forged Fixed Blades           ABS
        knives by hand that excell as both field ready and aesthetically captivating.
Joel Becker                                 French knifemaker Joel Becker specializes in hand forged blades - specifically       - Hand Forged One-Piece Knives
                 one piece knives where the handle and blade are one piece of forged steel.  He     - Cord Wrapped Knives & Kerambits
                                                                   does also make knives with wood handles and great cord wrapped knives.          - Fighting Knives & Hunting Knives
Joel Chamblin                   Joel Chamblin, member of the Knifemakers Guild, specializes mainly in hand     - Multiblade Folding Knives         KMG
  Handmade Knife Carry Cases      made, multiblade folding knives and slipjoint folding knives.  He also makes        - Slipjoints, lockbacks, trappers
by Wayne Robbins                   lockbacks and art knives.  Gold pins, filework, ivory - all the fixin's...   - Custom Knives Available for Sale
John Bailey                           John Bailey, two-time world champion of the throwing knife quick draw, is        - Throwing Knives & Axes
      the designer of a number of throwing knives now made by several production   - Throwing Knife Video Instruction
      companies.  This site is all about knife throwing and has some great material!    - Demonstrations & Lessons
John Benoit                          Canadian Knifemaker John Benoit is truly versatile in his craft.  From 6 inch       - Katanas and Tantos                    CKMG
       hunting knives, to 29" katanas, Benoit's work is stunning.  All of his knives         - Fantasy Knives & Art Knives
       & swords come with either sheathes, stands or wooden display cases.        - Hunting Knives & Utility Knives
John D. Dennehy               John Dennehy, owner of the Wild Irish Rose, makes great fixed blade knives        - Custom Fixed Blade Knives         PKA
     KMD "Best Leather work"           but his specialty is actually AMAZING leather work.  From sheathes and             - Leatherwork & Knife Repair
      Recognition                           gunbelts to book covers -even mirrors, he does everything & anything leather.  - Knives Available for Sale
John Dorrell                         John Dorrell has been a member of the Canadian Knifemakers Guild since 1994.
      He makes hunting knives, camp knives, neck knives, desk & ladies knives. This
       is a profile at the CKG site with contact information only.
Jon P. Christensen             Jon Christensen started making knives full-time in 1999. In 2003, he aquired      - Hand Forged Damascus Knives    ABS
                                    the title of Journeyman Smith. He is now a Mastersmith of the ABS.  Jon is            - Fixed Blade Knives & Folding Knives
                 going places very quickly, and so are his knives! Investment grade knives.          - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Jose De Braga                      Jose De Braga, simply put, is an extraordinary maker of extremely collectible      - Fixed Blade Fantasy / Art Knives
Creator of the Sword in the film    art knives and fantasy knives, both fixed and folding.  Many of his knives are      - Exquisite Folding Knives & Swords
                Highlander III                       based on a high-tech interstellar theme.  Beautiful pens as well. Awesome A++   - Collaboration Knives & Miniatures
Jose Marcio Camacho       Brazillian Knifemaker Jose Camacho started making knives full-time in 2001.     - Bowie Knives & Hunting Knives
       He makes many styles of fixed-blade knives, sorted by four main catagories       - Fighting Knives & Boot Knives
                on his site.  He uses carbon steels, high chromium steels and damascus.                 - Push Daggers, Tantos & Damascus
Joseph D. Bailey                     Joseph Bailey has been making knives since 1988 and is at present a part-time   - Tactical Fixed Blade Knives
                knifemaker. He uses the stock removal method and hand forges damascus on      - Neck Knives & Miniatures
                occaision. He does his own heat treating and makes his own sheathes.                    - Custom Orders Welcome for Review
Josh Blount                           Josh Blount is a 22 year old college student who got off to an early start.  He       - Hand Forged Bowie Knives           ABS
                has taken blacksmithing courses and has trained with Larry Harley and Dan     - Boot Knives, Hunters & Daggers
       Wrinkler. He is an ABS member and does all his own forging & heat treating.     - Custom Knives Available for Sale
John Busfield                       John Busfield specializes in making folding art knives.  He started in 1979 and    - Custom Art Knives
       in 1982 he joined the Knifemakers Guild. Ever since he's been a defining artist    - Custom Folding Knives
       in the art knife field.  All work is done by John except the engraving.   - Multiblade Folding Knives
J. Etzler                                J. Etzler has been making knives since 1991.  His knives are made mostly from   - Fantasy Knives & Medieval weapons
      440C, ATS-34, D2, 1095 and his favorite, Damascus.  He has been in dozens of      - Hunting Knives & Folding Knives
      publications and his work making medieval / fantasy weapons is outstanding! - Custom Knives Available for Sale
J.A. Harkins                          Sleek flowing lines, insane designs, architecturally perfect... This is the work of  - Investment Grade Folding Knives
       J.A. Harkins.  Harkins concentrates souly on folders - autos, otf's and manuals.  - Automatic Knives, OTF's & Minis
       His concepts & designs are stunning.  SUPER Investment grade quality. A++       - Custom Knives Available for Sale
J.L. Hollett                              J.L. Hollett knows that it is dedication, persistence, talent and experience that    - Custom Fixed Blade Knives         KMG
       make a great knifemaker.  Having made knives since age 11, Mr. Hollett's work - Bowie knives, Fighters & Hunters
                          exhibits all of this, and more. Full-time since 1990, knifemaking for 50+ years.     - Custom Knives Available for Sale
J.P. Holmes                           J. P. Holmes makes knives using the stock removal method and uses a heat           - Custom Hunting Knives
       treating and cryogenically freezing hardening process on every knife and tool.  - Kitchen Cutlery / Chefs Knives
       Quality hunting knives as well as chefs knives, BBQ tools and Chop Sticks!         - Filet Knives & BBQ Equipment
Jack Fuller                                   Jack Fuller is a Mastersmith and member of the American Bladesmith Society.   - Custom Camp Knives                     ABS
       He enjoys all aspects of knifemaking - from forging steel to making sheathes.      - Throwing Knives
                                                                   Big camp knives are his favorite, but he makes throwing knives as well.               - Hand Forged Custom Knives
Jason Howell                       Jason Howell made his first knife in 1998. By '99 he was forging his own steel    - Hand Forged Fixed Blade Knives  ABS
      and damascus.  He bacame a Journeyman Smith of the ABS in 2002.  These are    - Damascus Folding Knives
                                                                   super high performance knives.  Jason makes both fixed blades and folders.         - Hand Forged Damascus Knives
Jay Fisher                             Jay Fisher made his first knife in 1979 and has been a professional knifemaker    - Custom Swords & Daggers         KMG     See our Featured Maker Review    since 1988.  Named "The best living knifemaker 2007" in "The Best of the West   - Tactical Knives & 319 Blade Patterns        on Jay Fisher for more info!           source book.  Need I say more? Absolutely stunning work in all forms & styles. - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Jean Rock Fortin            Jean Rock Fortin is a Canadian knifemaker and swordsmith, who has won         - Samurai Swords & Katanas
       several awards for his work.  His art knives, fixed blades and folders, are            - Art Folders & Fixed Blade Knives
       awesome - but his swords... His swords are fit for a samurai emporer. A+           - Short Swords, Daggers & Miniatures
Jeff Hall                                    Jeff Hall is the knifemaker behind Nemesis Knives - "The Point of No Return!"    - Tactical Folding Knives
       Nemesis knives are semi-custom knives, mass produced on a low level using     - Fixed Blade Knives
       laser and water-jet cutting, then finished by hand.  Very nice for the price!         -  Full Custom Knives
Jerry Fisk                               Jerry Fisk has been a Master Smith of the ABS, the 17th actually, since 1989.        - Presentation Grade Pieces             ABS
  More awards than I can count!    Ever since, hes been making history, one knife at a time.  If you want a piece         - Hand Forged Knives & Field Pieces
       you know is worth investing in, your stop is here. Also makes medieval pieces. - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Jerry Hossom                        Jerry Hossom has been making knives for about 20 years - full-time simce '97.   - Custom Tactical Knives, 2           KMG
       He has a keen understanding of what it is that makes a good knife - I'm sorry,    - Custom Combat Knives, 2, 3
                                                                   a GREAT knife.  Tacticals, combat knives and fighters I would trust my life to.    - Custom Hunting Knives
Jim Ferguson                     Jim Ferguson has been making knives since '87 and forging damascus since '89.  - Damascus Art Knives and Swords
       His 38 years experience in the sheet metal trade and his knowledge as a metal-  - Twisted Nickel Damascus
       ergist make Twisted Nickel Damascus Steel among the best in the world.   - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Jim Hammond                   Jim Hammond became a full-time knifemaker in '77 and became a member of    - Tactical Knives
       the KMG in '78.  His emphasis has been specialized edged weapon systems for   - Combat Knives & Fighting Knives
      special forces. He also offers collector editions of the military knife versions.         - Custom Military Knives
Jim Hamonko                       Jim Hamonko is a part time knifemaker.  He makes both folding knives and          - Custom Hunting Knives
                                                                   hunting knives. Knives and sheathes are handmade by Mr. Hamonko and are     - Custom Folding Knives
       available at a great price.  Also welcomes custom orders.    - Accepts Custom Orders
Jim Hrisoulas                       Jim Hrisoulas, owner and purveyor of the Salamander Armoury, has over 40    - Custom Swords and Rapiers
       years experience in hand forging fine edged weapons.  All swords, daggers         - Custom Knives, Dirks & Daggers
       and the like are 100% hand made by Jim.  Historically authentic work.                  - Swords for Sale
Jockl Greiss                           Messermacher - that's German for knifemaker - Jockl Greiss, creates beautiful,  - Rados Damascus Knives               KMG
       one-of-a-kind hunting knives and fighting knives by hand, from start to finish  - Custom Hunting Knives
      using Jerry Rados Damascus (see Jerry's site above) & other primo materials.      - Bowie Knives & Fighting Knives
John & Josh Graham        Jon Grahm started making knives in 94. Six years later, his brother Josh joined  - Custom Tactical Knives
       him in his efforts, and together began creating stock removal knives of their       - The Unique "Razel Line"
       designs. Heat treating done off-site by Paul Bos. Unique Tactical & EDC knives.  - Tactical Knives Available for Sale
John Enos                                  
  This site is not currently working. We will check back often.
John Gonzalez                          Dervish Knives began in 2000 as a collaborative effort between John Gonzalez   - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
       and Ted Frizzell, the master craftsman of Mineral Mountain Knives.  Knives       - Custom Swords
       here are either by Gonzalez or by Frizzell & Gonzalez.  Awesome stuff here!       - Custom Folding Knives
John Greco                           John Greco makes fixed blade knives in several styles.  There are Searles style    - Searles Style Bowie Knives
                           bowie knives & Scagel style knives.  Of his own design are a series of full tang    - Scagel Style Knives
       tactical knives and hatchets.  Very low prices. Must call to order.                            - Tactical Knives & Hatchets
John Horrigan                   ABS Mastersmith John Horrigan made his first knife in '82 and never stopped.  - Bowie Knives & Tomahawks        ABS
       He  specializes in pattern welded steel and mosiac damascus.  He makes both    - Fighting Knives, Linerlocks & Autos
       hand forged and stock removal bowies, fighters, tomahawks and folders.            - Custom Knives Available for Sale
John L. Hutcheson             John Hutcheson is a custom knifemaker who founded a company called     - Custom Stock Removal Knives
       Sursum Knife Works in 1984.  He makes custom stock removal knives and           - SurSum Production Knives
       also has a fine line of production knives available.  Edges are flat ground only.    - Customer Designs Acceptable
John R. Fraps                         John R. Fraps has been making knives since 1997. He went full time in '98 and     - Linerlock Folding Knives
       in 2002, became a member of the Knifemakers Guild.  He specializes in user to    - Multi-blade Slipjoint Folders
       collector grade linerlock folding knives & single / multi-blade slipjoint folders.   - Custom Knives Available for Sale
John Ryan Freeman          John Ryan Freeman was a respected knifemaker, teacher and mentor to many.   - Custom Fixed Blade Knives     CKMG
      He was a founding director and endless suporter of the Canadian Knifemakers   - Custom Kitchen Knives
      Guild.  We are greatful for your contributions. 8/14/1948 - 10/20/2004.                    - Knife Sharpening Devices
Johnny Hamlet                    Johnny Hamlet has been making great fixed blade knives from 440C, ATS-34,     - Fixed Blade Custom Knives        TKCA
                          and D2 Bar Stock since 1988 and went full-time in 2006. Sheathes are made by    - Hunters, Skinners, Fighters
       his wife. Great knives at great prices.  Texas Knife Collectos Assoc. Member.        - Filet Knives, LockBacks, Bowies
Junko Fong                           Junko Fong became interested in handmade knives after meeting knifemaker     - Custom Knives by Junko Fong
       Bill Cheatham.  In 1996, she began making her own knives.  While she makes     - Folding Knives, Straight Edges
       the knives, her husband practices panoramic photography.                                       - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Jonas Ibsen                           J.I. Knives is ownerd and operated by Danish Knifemaker, Jonas Ibsen. Jonas       - Scandenavian Style Knives
       makes custom scandenavian stylr knives as well as Sgian Dubhs.  He will also   - Sgian Dubhs
       accept custom designs.  Sadly, there are no pictures of his work on the site.          - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
J.M. Laroche                          Jean Marc laroche is a knifemaker and sculpture who makes extraordinary         - Art Fantasy Knives
       fantasy knives.  His sculptures - and knives - certainly bring us into the more
       "curious" part of the knife making realm.
Jaques Jobin                       Custom art and fantasy knifemaker Jacques Jobin started making knives in         - Fantasy Knives - Deep Space Series
      1985 as a hobby - and couldn't stop!  Living in Canada, Jacques makes about       - Custom Art Knives & Folding Knives
      30 knives a year of his own design.  His Deep Space knives are awe inspiring!      - Custom Hunting Knives & Swords
James Luman                       This site is called and features knives by David M. Smith and   - Custom Knives by David M. Smith
       James Luman, as well as some very uniques knife scale materials. Mr. Smith      - Custom Knives by James Luman
       makes fixed blade knives using 440C and Damascus made by Mr. Luman. - Other Fixed Blade Custom Knives
Jason Kilcup                       Jason Kilcup is a member of the Canadian Knifemakers Guild and has been         - Custom Hunting Knives             CKMG
       making custom hunting knives on a part-time basis for over 16 years.  He           - Hatchets & Tomahawks
       also makes excellent hatchets, tomahawks, pipe pieces and war clubs.                   - Native Americsn War Clubs
Jerry Lairson                        ABS Master Smith Jerry Lairson has been making custom knives for over 45        - Custom Hand Forged Knives       ABS
       years.  Above all, he believes in quality.  All of his knives are hand-forged,           - Bowie Knives, Fighters & Hunters
      thouroughly tested and100% soul authorship.  MEGA-Performance knives!         - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Jim Largent                           Jim Largent of the Profesional Knifemakers Association makes gorgeous hunt-   - Custom Hunting Knives                PKA
       ing knives - the kind that can be identified as his without looking twice. It's no  - Custom Damascus Knives
       wonder he's won award after award - 16 over 13 years to be exact - for them.    - Custom Knives for Sale
John Kubasek                   John Kubasek has been making custom knives since 1988 and has been a mem-  - Linerlock Folding Knives            KMG
       ber of the Knifemakers Guild since 1999.  John specializes in linerlock folders      - Folding Tactical Knives
       with 64L4V Titanium frames.  Awesome custom folding knives & linerlocks.      - Knives for Sale
John LeBlanc                          John LeBlanc makes several different types of knives as well as handmade            - Linerlock Folding Knives
       tools used in knifemaking and utility items used in cooking.  Examples of a          - Utility Knives & Paring Knives
       linerlock, a paring knife and miniatures are included on this makers page.           - Handmade Knifemaker's Tools
John Lewis Jensen             John Jensen is an artist - a truly visionary metalsmith - whose knives are, in      - Sculptural Art Knives                   KMG
       the only way I can think to describe them, mind numbing.  He makes 8 -12          - Hand Forged Art Knives      ABS
       pieces a year which end up in the hands of the luckiest few. Awe Inspiring...      
John Lundemo                    "And then there was steel.." This is John Lundemo's opening quip for his site,      - Custom Swords
       Looking for a Sword?                  Odin Blades.  John is a true bladesmith, forging each and every amazing blade   - Custom Knives & Forged Blades
       This is your last stop!                 by hand. Swords that any medival army would kill to possess. Awesome A+.     - Custom Knives / Swords For Sale
Jonathan A. Loose              Bladesmith Jonathan Loose has a deep interest in history and archaeology and - Damascus Dirks & Daggers            ABS
                                                                   claims this has brought him to "the medium of metal." His works are 100%          - Hand Forged Damascus Jewelry
                                                                   hand made works of art. Historical dirks & daggers of hand forged damascus.    - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Josh & Bob Jolley               Josh and Bob Jolley of R.J. Custom Knives are a father and son team who make   - Bowie Knives & Fighting Knives
       high performance fixed blade knives. Rob has been making knives for over 25     - Hunting Knives & Fishing Knives
      years and now makes knives with his son. Super bowies, fighters and hunters.  - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Jot Singh Khalsa                 Jot Singh Khalsa made his first knife in 1977. Since then he has been perfecting  - Hand Made Custom Swords       KMG
       his talents to make high quality art knives, both folding and fixed-blade. He       - Fixed Blade Art Knives & Folders
       also makes jewelry which can be found here. Indian Kirpans & Koftgaris.            - Kirpans & Koftgaris & Available
J. Neilson                                At Mountain Hollow Knives, J. Neilson, a full-time knifemaker since 2003 and    - Hand Forged Custom Knives      ABS
KMD "Best Investment" Lookout   ABS Journeyman Smith since 2006, makes the knives, forging his own steel.         - Bowie Knives, Neck Knives & Swords
      Tess Neilson does all the leather work and makes the sheathes. Damascus also.  - Daggers, Hunters, Skinners & Axes
J.T. Palikko                             J.T Palikko has been a professional bladesmith since 1990. Since the age of 14,     - Scandenavian Style Knives
                                                                   he trained at the art of blacksmithing.  His work, not only knives, but swords    - Friction Folders, Carved Pieces
                                                                   spears and historical pieces as well, is sought by collectors the world over.          - Historical Pieces, Swords & Spears
Jake Powning                     Custom knifemaker and bladesmith Jack Powning has been studying his craft   - Celtic and Norse Style Swords
       since '94 and has been a full-time maker since 2001.  He specializes on making   - Dirks & Daggers, Knives & Sticks
                           swords in the Celtic & Norse styles, using original and historical methods.
James McGowan                 As an avid outdoorsman and firefighter, the limited endurance of factory pro-   - Tactical Knives                              CKMG
       duced knives became apparent.  James McGowan began using custom knives    - Utility Knives & Working Knives
      and started making his own. For those who demand hard working knives...        - Fixed Blade Knives & Neck Knives
James P. Miller                    Knifemaker J.P. Miller has been hand forging damascus for over 23 years and    - Period Knives / Weapons              KMG
                making knives for over 35.  Carbon steel knives are made by stock removal. If    - Tomahawks & War Clubs
       you are looking for damascus, few are as experienced as J.P. Miller. KMG 1982.  - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Jean Pierre Potvin         Coutelier D'art, translated "Art Knife" from French, is the style of Canadian         - Custom Art Knives
       knifemaker, Jean-Pierre Potvin.  He creates unique, one-of-a-kind knives using   - Hand Forged Damascus Knives
       hand forged damascus and other fine materials.  Art Knives for collectors.           - Investment Grade Cutlery
Jerry McClure                      J. McClure has been making knives a long time - he started his first back in           - Hand Forged Knives                      KMG
       1965. He makes both fixed blade knives and liner-lock folders and hand                - Damascus Knives                             PKA
       forges his own damascus steel. He is a voting member or several associations.    - Liner Lock Folding Knives                       
John Martin                          Custom Knifemaker and Bladesmith John Martin began making knives in '86.   - Hand Forged Damascus Knives    ABS
       In 2006, he achieved his Mastersmith rating.  He makes both collectors grade     - Field Knives Daggers, Swords & Axes
       and field grade fixed blade and folding knives as well as swords and axes.           - Custom Knives Available for Sale
John Ownby                           John Ownby made his first knife in 1984 with a hacksaw, a blowtorch and a       - Persian Knives, Bowie Knives  TKCA
      piece of annealed tool steel. Having come a long way from where he started,        - Sub-Hilt Fighters, Neck Knives
      he now makes collector-grade knives in many styles and designs.
John Pawlowski                   Custom Knifemaker John Pawlowski is a voting member of the KMG and             - Fighting Knives & Tacticals       KMG
       makes high quality fighting and folding knives using 440c ATS-34, 154CM &      - Wakasashis, Daggers &  Skinners
       his military experience! Heat treated by Paul Bos / Bob Willis. Superb fighters.  - Folding Knives
John Poythress                    John Poythress, charter member and founding president of the Georgia Knife     - Bowies, Daggers & Hunters      GCKG
                                                                   makers Guild had made amazing knives for over 20 years. Most unfortunately  - Persians & Tantos , Folders      NCKG
       John is no longer with us. Our deepest condolences to his wife and family.
Johnny Walker Nilsson      Swedish knifemaker Jonny Walker Nilsson is a world-class champion in knife   - Full Horn Scandinavian Knives
                                                                   maker, woodworker & engraver. Making knives since '93, he has won over 40    - Half Horn Scandinavian Knives
       contests in Scandinavia. Damascus Steel forged by the best makers in Sweden.  - Damascus Knife Blades         
Jorgen Persson                    Jorgen Persson is a Swedish knifemaker who makes Scandinavian style knives   - Scandinavian Style Knives
               using blades forged by other well-known Swedish knifemakers. His knives are    - Scandinavian Utility Knives
                           mostly user style knives but he does make fancier collectors knives as well.         - Handmade Priests (Fish Killers)
Joseph & Mel Pardue          This is a father and son knifemaker team Internet collaboration site.  From          - Knives by Mel Pardue                    KMG
       here you can access pages of Mel Pardue's Knives as well as Joe's knives. Mel      - Art Knives, Folding Knives
                 has been making knives for over 30 years and is Vice President of the KMG.
Joseph Pardue                   This is another site for knifemaker Joe Pardue. Joe became interested in knives   - Custom folding Knives                 KMG
       since the age of 12 and learned much from his father, Mel Pardue.  Here you        - Damascus Folding Knives
                          will find various example of his work - great art folding knives.                                - More Great Art Folders - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7
Jay Maines                            Jay Maines prefers to use 440C and S90-V (Vandium) to make his knives.  His    - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
       selection is nearly endless as he makes practically every type of knife their is.    - Sheaths and Scabbards
                 Jay also does engraving, sheaths and repairs / upgrades on other knives.              - Knife Repairs & Engraving
Joe O'Neill                                    Joe O'Neill has been making knives since 1992. He makes both folders and            - Fixed Blade Custom Knives
       folding knives via the stock removal method. Really tight designs using both     - Custom Folding Knives
       modern and traditional materials.        - Custom Knives Available
J.D. Smith                             J.D. Smith, knifemaker and owner of Hammersmith Knives & Publications,         - Hand Forged Damascus Knives
       started his company in 1989.  He hand forges Damascus knives and offers in-    - Courses in Forging Damascus      ABS
       struction through videos & articles on his knowledge of this lucrative subject   - Videos On Making Damascus     KMG
J.W. Randall                            J.W. Randall is a Mastersmith from Louisiana.  A member of the ABS, Randall    - Custom Fixed-Blade Knives        ABS
         8 Awards in 6 Years!                makes his own mosiac damascus and forges his own blades. He loves the             - Bowie Knives & Hand Forged Knives
                                                                   challenge of forging damascus and enjoys seeking out new patterns.                       - Knives for Sale
James R. Shaver II             
      This site is currently unavailable. We will check back often.
Jean-Paul Tisseyre        Jean Paul Tisseyre is a French knifemaker who exhibits an extraordinary level  - Custom Fighting Knives & Integrals
       of skill in the areas of mechanisms, filework and other finely detailed, pain-        - Custom Folding Knives
       staking fabrications of custom cutlery.  Makes integrals, folders & fixed blades.  - Interframe Folders
Jerry Rados                           Jerry Rados has been making custom knives since 1980 and making Damascus   - Custom Art Knives                      KMG
                                                                   since 1984.  His Damascus is world famous among makers and collectors alike.   - Hand Forged Damascus Steel
      100% sole-authorship art knives.  If you have a chance, get one. Just trust me... 
Jim Treeman                         Jim Treeman is the knifemaker behind Treeman Knives, and has had a passion  - Custom Fighting Knives
       for his craft since boyhood.  Treeman Knives are hand crafted and each one is    - Hunting Knives
       unique - Knives that will suit their owners serve them well and last a lifetime.  - Cleavers
Johan Stenevad               Swedish knifemaker Johan Stenevad has been designing and making custom      - Hand Forged Damascus Knives
       knives by hand since 1998.  He is a deputy member of the Swedish Knife Org.     - Scandanavian Style Knives
       and has won 26 awards for his designs since 2001. One of the best in his class.   - Fixed Blade Art Knives & Scrimshaw
John E. Toner                         John Toner began making custom knives for friends and family in 1989. Soon     - Hunting Knives
                                                                   after, his knifemaking became a full time job.  He makes knives for collectors       - Skinners & Guthooks
                                                                   hunters and fishermen.  His personal design, the ultimate skinner is a favorite.  - Online Catalog (Comming Soon)
John L. Shore                       John Shore, a knifemaker from Alaska and member of the Knifemakers Guild   - Custom Hunting Knives             KMG
       and the Deutsche Messermachers Gilde has been making great custom knives    - Fixed Blade Knives    DMG
       since 1984. Beautiful fixed blade knives at extremely fair prices.  - Models & Pricing List
John W. Smith                             John Smith has been making knives full-time since 1993 and is a voting mem-   - Engraved Art Folding Knives     KMG
                                                                   ber of the Knifemakers Guild. He makes mostly embelished locking folders,          - Damascus Art Knives, Fixed-Blades
                                                                   art knives and does make an occaisional fixed blade knife.  Investment Grade.     - Working / User Knives
Johnny Stout                        Johnny Stout has been making superb collectors knives since '83 and became     - Every Type of Knife Imaginable  ABS
       a full-time bladesmith in '92. Founding member of the TKCA, Johnny's style.      - Folders, Fighters, Dual Autos      KMG
               versatility and quality is nothing short of dead on. Extreme investment knives    - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Joseph Szilaski                  An ABS Mastersmith and voting member of the KMG, Joseph Szilaski is a            - Art Knives & Folding Knives       ABS
                          world class knifemaker.  He makes art knives, folders, fighters, tomahawks          - Tomahawks, Fighters & Miniatures
       and even miniatures. You'd be lucky to find anything still available here!            - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Josh Smith                            Josh Smith is a prodigy - at age 15, he was the youngest journeyman smith         - Hand Forged Folders & Autos     ABS
       and at only 19, he became the youngest Mastersmith of the ABS ever. From         - Forged Damascus Knives & Swords
       folders to swords, his work is impeccable, artistically and performance wise.     - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Juan Andreas Sanchez     Juan Andres Sanchez is a knifemaker from Madrid who studies the methods      - Spanish Forged Leaf Bladed Knives
       for forging steel from XV and VXI century Spain.  He makes knives for utility     - Utility Knives
                           purposes and for collectors. There are many designs and styles to choose from  - Collectors Knives
Juergen Schanz                    German Knifemaker Juergen Schanz is one of only 70 members worldwide in    - Fighting Knives, Fantasy Knives
                 the German Knifemakers Guild. He makes everything from folders to swords,   - Folding Knives, Tantos, Hunters
                                                                   ranging from $150 - $12,500 and more. Utility and collectors knives.                       - Samurai Swords, Integrals
Jim Tabor                                Tabor Knives was started after when, 10 years ago, Charles Ochs III came to       - Custom Folding Knives                   ABS
       Tabor's CNC machine shop to have parts for his famous black ops auto made.   - Custom Bowie Knives
       After a few Blade shows and meeting some Guild members, he began to grind!  - Hhunting Knives
Johnny Roberts                         Johnny Roberts is a knifemaker from Katy, Texas who discovored his love           - Fixed Blade Custom Knives
       for knives while taking a "primitive living" course. After teaching himself the    - Custom Folding Knives
       ropes through mucg trial and error, he now makes outstanding knives!                - Knives Available for Sale
J. Rossi                                                J. Rossi is a knifemaker from Argentina who makes fixed blade knives using        - Carbon Steel Knives
       carbon steels. He makes hunting knives, bowie knives and tactical knives,            - Hunting Knives, Bowie Knives
       many of which have very unique blade designs.                                                               - Knife Models Catalog
J.R. Reeves                           JR Reeves made his first knife in 1980. He began using the stock removal              - Custom Fixed Blade Knives           ABS
       method and later moved on to forging blades. He is a member of the ABS and    - Damascus Knives         KMG
       KMG. His work focuses on fixed blade knives of all kinds.    - Knives Available for Sale
Julie Warenski                             Warenski - "the exertion of an energy of some determinate kind to create    - Custom Knife Engraving
       beautiful and significant things." Knives touched by Julie's engraving become   
       gold.  Like Buster, her name is legendary already among the comunity.
Joe Yeates                                     Joe Yeates, long time member of the Knifemakers Guild, makes great custom        - Custom Bowie Knives                KMG
"Bowie Specialist Extrordinaire"   fighting knives.  His specialty - Bowie Knives.  And when I say Bowie Knives,      - Historic Bowie Knife Replicas
        History of the Bowie                  I mean BIG Bowies Knives.  Authentic historic replicas and Joe's own designs.     - Authentic Period Pieces
Juha Vartiainen                      Juha Vartiainen is a Swedish knifemaker who makes very artistic knives in        - Scandinavian Style Custom Knives
       the traditional Scandinavian style. His site contains examples of his work in      - Scandinavian Art Knives
                chronological order as well as info on his knifemaking process.   - Damascus Steel Knives
J.C. Oldham               J. C. Oldham has been an award winning silversmith for over 32 years.  He         - Oldham Lamps & Jewelery
       is an instructor in this art and has only started offering his work to the public  - Skull Art by J.C. Oldham
       in 2006.  A rare chance to own a work of art from an accomplished artist.
Jano Knives                              Jano Knives is owned and operated by swedish knifemaker, Jan-Ove.  There        - Scandenavian Style Knives
       is a downloadable catalog on the website as well as a large section of blade         - Knife Blade Blanks
       blanks and available supplies.  An English version of the site is comming soon.  - Knifemaking Supplies
James Young                        Comrie Crafts was started in 1967 by knifemaker, James Young.  Since then,        - Sgian Dubhs
                 Still owned and operated by Mr. Young, who personally designs all itemes,        - Dirks
       Comrie Craftes is known the world over for its quality dirks & Sgian Dubhs.
Karl B. Andersen                Mr. Andersen has been making high performance knives since '96. He studied   - Currently Available Knives           ABS
       at the Bill Moran School of Blade Smithing, took courses from Ed Fowler and      - Take Down Fighting Knives
       forged Damascus with Jerry Rados. Awesome, hand forged take down knives!   - San Mai Steel Blades
Keith Coleman                     Keith Coleman is a spare-time knifemaker who resigned in 2005 after spending - Custom Folding Knives                 KMG
       19 years as a voting member of the Knifemaker's Guild and 24 years making      - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
                 knives in all.  He is not currently taking orders. Great hand-made art folders.     - New Custom Knife Designs
Kelly Carlson                           Kelly Carlson is a knifemaker from New Hampshire who makes wonderfully     - Folding Art Knife Series
       detailed fixed blade and folding knives.  Carlson uses D2, ATS-34, 440C and        - Fixed Blade Knife Series
       CPM-S30V steels and exotic or modern handle materials to form great knives!  - One-of-a-kind Presentation Pieces
Ken Beatty                                    Ken Beatty is a member of the Texas Knife Collectors Association.           TKCA
        Site is not currently up. We will check back soon.
Kenneth Durham           Kenneth Durham is a part-time knifemaker. He became a Journeyman Smith     - Hand Forged Bowie Knives            ABS
       with the ABS in 1999 and a Master Smith in 2004. All knives are hand forged     - Fighting Knives & Hunting Knives
       using 5160, 1095, L6. Awesome forged fixed blades! One of my favorite bowies  - Hand Forged Knives For Sale
Kaj Embretson                      Kaj Embretson is a well know knifemaker from Sweden who has been making  - Damascus Folding Art Knives    KMG
       knives full-time since 1983.  He forges his own damascus, used widely by            - Folding Daggers, Multiblade Folders
                 other Swedish knifemakers and makes folders, fighters, daggers and hunters.     - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Keith Fludder                          Keith Fludder started making knives in 1989. After years as a part-time maker, - Fixed Blade Forged Custom Knives
       he now makes knives full-time. His passion is currently forging damascus. He   - Chef's Knives / Kitchen Knives
       also teaches courses in stock removal and bladesmithing. A+ custom work!        - Jewelry & Miniatures
Kevin & Heather Harvey   Kevin and Heather Harvey are both ABS Mastersmiths since 2003, Heather         - Hand Forged Art Swords              ABS
      being the 2nd woman MS ever. There are 2 sites. Africut, where finished work    - Hand Forged Damascus
                is offered for sale and Heavinforge, info about the studio, courses & the makers   - Bladesmithing / Damascus Courses
Koji Hara                                Koji Hara is one of today's most well known Japanese Knifemaker's, due both     - Folding Art Knives                        KMG
       to his conept of design and his wide range of travel, attending shows in Japan,   - Fixed Blade Art Knives
       Europe and th United States. Mr. Hara has been making knives since 1988            - Integral Knives
Ken Largin                            Ken Largin & Paula Anzel are the team that make up Kelgin Knives.  Ken has      - Kelgin Custom Knives & Design
       been making knives for years and discovered Paulas natural talent at a grinder - Grinding Info & Meteorite Damascus
       in 1994.  You must read the history! Great custom knives at great prices!              - 3 Day Knifemaking Classes
Kirby Lambert                     Kirby Kambert is one of the most well known Canadian Knifemakers today.       - Tactical / Art Folding Knives   CKMG
                          Constantly striving to make a superior knife, he uses today's most innovative    - Fixed Blade Tactical Knives
       steels such as CPM s30v / 154cm and BG-42. Also makes high carbon blades.      - High Carbon Japanese Style Blades
Kramer Knives                          Mr. Kramer has been making high-performance custom kitchen knives and         - Custom Kitchen Knives
       cutlery for over 10 years.  Using 52100 as well as pattern welded steel, Mr.          - Damascus Kitchen Knives
       Kramer is one of the few that makes kitchen knives worthy of a fine collection. 
Kansei Matsuno                   Kansei Matsuno is a knifemaker from Japan and is a member of the KMG.  He     - Folding Daggers & Art Folders   KMG
       specializes in folders of all kinds including oversized dagger and fighter fold-     - Folding Fighting Knives
       ing knives. His designs are unique, modern and make for any great collection.    - Folding Boot Knives, Shute Folder
Ken Onion                             Ken Onion started making knives learning under knifemaker, Stan Fujisaka.       - Custom Folding Knives
  Click here for the Ken Onion         Since his first lesson, he was hooked and is now one of the most recognized          - Onion Knives Archive
    Forums and Archives Site            names in knifemaking today. His technical skills and design concept are A++       - Midtech & Ikaika Production Designs
Kathleen Tomey                   Kathleen Tomey is one of the few female knifemakers in the custom knife              - Sport, Utility & Camping Knife
       industry today.  She has honed her craft through the knowledge of MS Wally     - Hunters, Bowies, Tantos & Dokuga
       Hayes and believes in making knives both useful and aesthetically pleasing.       - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Ken Steigerwalt                Ken Steigerwalt is one of the most well known names when it comes to one-of   - Presentation Grade Folders         KMG
       a-kind custom art knives.  He has been a full-time maker since 1981 and has       - Art Knives, Multi-Blade Folders
       won several awards at the Blade Show.  Stunning high-art folding knives! A+   - Automatic Knives, Damascus Knives
Kirk Rexroat                          Kirk Rextroat started making knives in 1980 using stock removal and in 1991,   - Hand Forged Bowies & Fighters ABS
       started hand-forging, which has become his passion.  In 1999, he received his    - Hand Forged Folding Art Knives
       Mastersmith Stamp.  Super-clean lines, fit and finish and amazing versatility.   - Hand Forged Knives For Sale
Kelly Ward                                    Kelly Ward started making knives in 1989. He uses primarily 1095, 440C &          - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
       ATS-34 for his knives using the stock removal method. Recently, Mr. Ward         - Bowie Knives & Hunting Knives
                decided to start forging his own damascus. "Artistic knives meant to be used."   - Tactical Knives & Rustic Knives
Ken Wolfe                               Ken Wolfe is the owner of "Grey Wolf Knives," previously known as "Wolf          - Custom Hunting & Skinning Knives
       Mountain Knives."  Using art, engraving and sculpting in his work, Ken makes  - Japanese Style Samurai Swords
       great hunters and skinners, but his Japanese style swords are the real treat!       - Custom Carved Gun Stocks
Kevin Wilkins                        Kevin Wilkins had worked for many years as a graphic designer prior to his      - Hi-Tech Design Folding Knives
       entry into knifemaking in '95.  His vision and talent for high-tech design show   - Fixed Blade Tactical Knives
       through in his knives.  Super-sleek folders and tactical tech fighting knives.         - Custom Knives For Sale
Kirby Wise                               Kirby D. Wise is a bladesmith specializing in hand forged swords and other        - Rapiers & Daggers & Scottish Blades
       medieval weaponry.  He holds the Order of the Laurel, the SCA's highest             - Polearms & Axes, Swords - 2
       award and has pieces in several museums.  Authentically acurate weaponry    - Ancient Swords & Jewelery
Kyle Willyard                      Kyle Willyard is the blade smith behind the anvil at Old Dominion Forge.            - 18th Century Reproductions                    *Created Knives for the HBO          His work focuses entirely on the 18th century. If you crave blades from the         - Daggers, Swords and Sabers
   miniseries, "John Adams"!            times of the Revolutionary War (without the rust) - then this is for you!               - Axes, Hatchets
Kevin R. Cashen                  Kevin Cashen, owner of the Matherhorn Forge, made his first knife in 1985.        - Hand Forged Bowies & Hunters   ABS
       After only 4 years with the American Bladesmith Society, he became a Master  - Swords, Daggers
                 Smith in 1995.  Hand-forged knives, swords & daggers with a medieval touch.  - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Kris Cutlery                                 Kris Cutlery offers swords that are simple in design and functional.  Every           - Japanese Swords & Blade Blanks
       sword is made of hand forged 5160 carbon steel.  Blades are either diferentialy  - Chinese Martial Arts Weapons
       tempered or to one hardness depending on the size and style. Great weapons!   - Medieval Weapons & Phillippine
Larry Chew                           Larry Chew makes some really nice tactical style folding knives and balisongs - Custom Tactical Folding Knives
      using high tech modern materials such as carbon fiber and titanium.  His de-     - Custom Balisongs
      signs are clean and tight with a "less is more" attitude and a special touch.           - Knives for Sale
Larry Davidson                     Larry Davidson Custom Knives - "Wicked Designs, Chilly Blades" makes              - Single Auto & Dual Auto Knives
       what he proudly calls "some of the baddest single auto / dual auto automatic     - Butterfly Knives /  Balisongs
       knives on the planet." Super hi-tech designs. Also makes 1911A1 pistol grips.     - Custom Knives For Sale
Larry Downing                    Larry Downing has been making fine custom knives for over 20 years and has    - Bowies, Folders, Fantasy            KMG
       been a member of the Knifemaker's Guild since 1982.  From working knives to   - Fighters, Camp Knives, Hunters
       fine collector's knives, from fighters to folders, his range in style is superb.          - Custom Knives For Sale
Lucas Burnley                      Lucas Burnley started making knives in 2003 and in 2004, he decided to take      - Custom Tactical Knives
       on knifemaking as a full-time career.  Knives are both stock removal and hand  - Fighting Knives & Bowie Knives
       forged.  Clean, modern tactical designs that clearly put function first. A+!            - Tomahawks & Axes
Luciano Dorneles                   SBC
               This makers site is currently unavailable. We will check back soon.
Lyle Brunkhorst                      Lyle Brunkhorst has been making custom knives since 1976. From simple             - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
       stock removal knives to one-of-a-kind hand forged daggers, he makes em all.      - Tomahawks & Rail Road Spikes
       Also started the Northwest School of Knifemaking and loves teaching the art.    - Custom Knives for Sale
Larry Fuegen                         Larry Fuegen made his first knife in 1963.  He started forging steel in 1975,         - High-End Art Knives & Daggers   ABS
       and in 1987, became a full-time bladesmith, receiving his Mastersmith Stamp   - Art Bowies Knives & Hunters     KMG
       2 years later. A true, sole-authorship bladesmith - Must-see stunning work.       - Custom Knives & Spurs for Sale
Larry Gotkin                          Larry Gotkin is a scrimshaw artist and scrims the handles of knives, many of   - Scrimshaw & Acid Etching
       them by other makers, and the grips of pistols and revovers. He also does acid   - Knives, Pistols, Revolvers & Guns
       etching on the blades of knives, daggers and cleavers. Blades by other makers.   - Tantos & Samurai Swords / Katanas
Larry Harley                               Larry Harley became a full time knifemaker in 1980 and started his shop,             - Fixed Damascus Art Knives        KMG
The ABS Cutting Championship   Lonesome Pine Knives." He makes one of a kind damascus art knives and stock   - Integrals. Fighters, Tomahawks
             "Battle Bowie"                         removal knives such as his infamous "Battle Bowie" Heat treating by Paul Bos.   
L.C. Hansen               L.C. Hansen specializes in the forging and crafting of tomahawks. These are no  - Hand Forged Tomahawks & Knives
                 ordinary hawks! Each head is hand forged from 52100 steel and heat treated to - Fighting Knives, Tantos
       achieve exceptional cutting ability and outstanding edge retention. Awesome.   - Tomahawks
Lee & Linda Ferguson       Lee Ferguson and his wife Linda are both knifemakers with their own unique    - Custom Knives by Lee                   KMG
       styles and handcraft knives from start to finish. Lee mad his first knife in '75.     - Custom Miniatures by Linda      KMG
       his art knives are in great demand. Linda started in '99 and makes miniatures.  - Woodcarving Knives
Lloyd Fairbairn                         Lloyd Fairbairn is a member of the Canadian Knifemaker's Guild since 2001        - Camp Knives & Neck Knives   CKMG
                and is a part-time knifemaker. He makes fixed-blade camp, utility, hunting          - Custom Hunting Knives
       and neck knives. Here you can see examples of his work and contact him.             - Custom Utility Knives
Lynn Griffith                                  Lynn Griffith makes EDC (every day carry) tactical knives in several different   - Multi Carry & Belt Carry Tacticals
       formats.  Micarta is used for the handles (several colors available) and ATS-34   - Neck Knives & Spec Ops Tacticals
       is used for the blades. Great to consider if you want a good carry knife.                 - Tactical Knives for Sale
Larry & Gail Lunn         Larry Lunn began making custom knives in the late 80's.  Gail Lunn started      - Folding Knives, Art Knives          KMG
                                                                   doing the same in 2000.  Gail makes mostly folders while Larry does folders,       - Straight Knives & Scrimshaw
                                                                   straight knives and katanas.  Both make super quality, one-of-a-kind knives.       - Knives For Sale
Larry Kemp                                     Larry Kemp started making knives in 1991 using the stock removal method.      - Hand Forged Hunting Knives     ABS
       In '97, he began to forge steel, attended the ABS school in 2002 and in '06, he        - Skinners, Guthooks & Damascus
                 became a Journeyman Smith. There is a six month waiting period for knives.      - Tomahawks
Len Landrum                         Len Landrum is a Journeyman Smith with the ABS and forges great blades          - Hand Forged Bowie Knives          ABS
                 from 52100 steel, Damascus and other steels. Unfortunately, his site is gone,
        so we've linked to this article for more info about him.
Loyd McConnell                        Loyd McConnell is the owner and operator of Cactus Custom Knives and is a    - Custom Art Knives                        KMG
                 member of the Knifemaker's Guild.  Loyd makes all kinds of knives, each is a       - Presentation Grade Daggers
       work of art. High art folding knives, presentation daggers and much more.          - Custom Knives for Sale
Lee Oates                                        Lee "Mr. Bearclaw" Oates began putting knife kits together in '85. In '89, after a   - Hand Forged Knives & Daggers
      course in bladesmithing, he began forging his own blades and in '94, went full   - Tomahawks, Bowies & Neck Knives
      time forging and doing his own heat treating. Great forged blades, great prices. - Blacksmithing Instruction / Class
Larry Newton                    Larry Newton makes incredible, high-end art foldintg knives. He is        - Art Knives                            KMG
      is a voting member of the KnifeMakers Guild. In 2008, he was               - Damascus Folding Knives
      awarded "Best Folding knife" at the Blade Show and of the year.             - Knives for Sale
Laurence Segal                 Laurence Segal of Rhino Knives makes collectors knives, kitchen knives and        - Stainless Steel Collector's Knives
                 carving sets using the stock removal method. Each knife is crafted by hande       - Hunting, Sport & Utility Knives
       using no templates. Knives are made of stainless steel. Cryogenically treated.     - Cullinary Knives & Carving Sets
Lee Reeves                             Lee Reeves has been a Blacksmith for his entire working life.  He hand forges       - Hand Forged Axes                          ABS
       all of his own steel using L6 and 52100 to make fine knives and axes. Presently   - Double Bit Axes & Trade Axes
       he is making mostly axes and there is a10-12 month waiting period on orders.   - Belt Axe
Lin Rhea                          Like many, Lin Rhea started out making knives as a hobby. This led him to         - Hand Forged Bowie Knives          ABS
       attend the bladesmith school in Arkansas where he learned to forge steel. He     - Fighting Knives & Hunting Knives
       is now a Journeyman Smith of the ABS and makes terrific hand forged knives.   - Custom Knives for Sale
Leon Treiber                          Leon Treiber began making knives as a hobby, but in 1991, it became a serious  - Custom Folding Knives               KMG
       passion for him. He has been a member of the KMG since '95, and he attends       - Collector Grade Hunting Knives
       shows cross country. He makes mostly exquisite art folders and art hunters.      - Exchangeable Blade Folders