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Types of Knives
Name / Link
Alexander Benchworks       A small site displaying some examples of work by Alexander Benchworks,       - Custom Fixed Blade Knives        KMG
There are no prices or order forms here, so you'll have to contact the maker.     - Interframe folding Knives & Daggers
A.B. offers some great "carry knives" as well as custom sheathes.                           - Hand Made Leather & Kydex Sheaths
Andre Andersson                 Andre is a graphic designer turned knifemaker hailing from Sweden. He has     - Hand Forged Knives
                                                                     taken classes with Roger Bergh and makes art knives. He basically sticks to       - Available Knives!
                                                                     one type of folding knife design and uses different materials and patterns.          - Damascus Art Knives
Abel Knives                           A young knifemaker in Devon, Alberta Canada.  Although having no partic-     - Custom Miniature Knives
        ular specialty at the time being, he thouroughly enjoys making miniature          - Current Knives
        knives and is willing to take custom orders providing he can make them.            - Custom Knives For Sale
Aaron Frederick                           Aaron Frederick learned to make knives from John W. Smith and has been         - Custom Folding Knives                KMG
doing so since 1994.   He started making custom folding knives in 1996.  He        - Tactical Knives
uses the stock removal method and damasus from other skilled bladesmiths.   - Custom Folding Knives
Allen Elishewitz                   Recon Marine, Martial Artisit and award winning knifemaker - has been           - Folding Knives                                  KMG
                                                                    making knives Since 1988 using the stock removal method with damasteel &    - Damascus Folding Knives
                                                                    RWL which are heat treated and double tempered. Great Investment Knives.   - Also Makes Pens and Watches! 
Anders Hedlund                   Absolutely brilliant art knife designs, especially fancy folding art knives.          - Damascus Folding Art Knives
                                                                     Commonly uses damascus by Mattias Styrefors, a fellow Swedish Knife             - Damasteel Presentation Fixed Knives
                                                                     Maker. Don't miss the prize winning "Tigerclaw!"             
Alton Lawrence                    Altom Lawrence is a Journeyman Smith and owns a machine shop called - Custom Knives                                   ABS
                                                                     Riverside Machine Shop. Here, he does work for other knifemakers and sells      - Forging & Knifemaking Equiptment
                                                                     supplies as well as knives. See the On-line Catalog for available knives.                - CNC Machine services
Alvin Kinsey                           Began making knives in 1994. Alvin makes hollow ground blades from bar       - Kerambits - Hook Point / Full blade
        stock.  Offers liner-lock folders, several straight knives, or will make a custom  - Liner Lock Folding Knives
                                                                     knife from your own design.  Makes a mean meat clever!  RENEW DOMAIN!     - Glass Beaded Hunters / Meat Clevers
Abur R. Mahomedy    A "Must-See" Website... Razor sharp stock removal knives made by hand.           - Custom Tactical knives          SAKMG  
       A father & son team work to create some extraordinary, modern knife                  - Production Knives
       designs.  They also carry a full range of Production Knives.                                         - Custom daggers, hunters
Al Polkowski                       If your looking for a great knife that will qualify as a perfect self-defense tool,     - Self Defense Knives, Fighters       KMG
       then you'll want to consider these excellent knives by Al Polkowski.  Durable,   - Neck Knives & Field / Utility Knives
       functionable and of course, affordable knives not to leave home without!
Alexandre Musso                      Alexandre Musso is a knifemaker from France who makes both folding knives  - All Damascus Folding Knives
                                                                    and fixed blade knives using mostly damascus.  A wide selection of examples    - Damascus Fixed Blade Knives
                                                                    of his work is available in the galleries section on his site. Page is in French.
Alain Miville-Deschenes   Alain Miville-Deschenes is a member of the Quebec Art Knifemakers Guild.       - Push Knives & Neck Knives
                                                                    His knives have a great aesthetic appeal and are highly functional.  He makes    - Utility & Hunting Knives
                                                                    fixed blade knives, mostly tactical in style, in many forms and sizes.                      - Bowie Knives & Tactical Knives
Andrew McLurkin              Specializes in collector grade and "user" folding knives as well as fixed blade     - Collector Grade Folders             NCKG
        knives of "intrest".  Uses mainly Damascus, ATS-34, BG-42 and CPM steels.       - Functional Folding & Fixed Knives
       Exhibits excelent fit and finish. His work is very appealing to the eye.                   - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Anders Nilsson                           Swedish knifemaker Anders Nilsson makes knives very different than what       - Damascus Fixed Blade Knives
       you would expect from a Swedish Knifemaker. Very interesting concept               - Axes, Push Knives, Daggers, Etc.
       knives and axes made from his own Damascus - really superb work here.            - Knives Avaiable for Sale
A.C. "Chuck" Richards       Chuck has been making knives since 1992 and went full-time in 2002.       - Damascus fixed blades  ABS - JS
He has taken classes from knifemakers Tai Goo, Wayne Goddard and J.D           - Damascus Fighting Knives
Smith. Chuck achieved the title of Journeyman Smith in 2004                                 - Knives Available for Sale
Aad Van Rijswijk              Mr. Van Ryswyk is from the Netherlands specializing in custom art knives.    - Damascus Folders                          KMG  
He uses mainly Damascus and Ats-34 steel to make his knives and uses              - Interframe folding Knives
precious stones for his handles which usually exhibit engravings and gold.      - Daggers & Integrals
Al Rudkin                              Al Rudkin has been making knives for over 25 years.   He uses 440c and O-1       - Hunting Knives & Utility Knives
       tool steel as well as files.  His son helps out by polishing antlers for handle          - Skinners & Bowie Knives
       material and has started making a few knives of his own! Good user knives!      - Daggers & Boot Knives
Andre Thorburn                    "Handmade knives are made with pride to be owned with pride." This is how   - Liner Lock Folding Knives     KMGSA
       Andre feels about the knives he makes and the people he makes them for. A       - Custom Knives
                                                                    member of the South African Knifemakers Guild with a variety of customs.       - Hunters, Skinners, Utility Knives
Andy Shinosky                       Specializes in art knives of impeccable quality using the finest materials and     - Custom Art Knives
        Judges Award 2006                    steels, and utilizing extrordinary gold inlay and engaving skills.  Started              - Collector Grade Folding Knives
  Chicago Custom Knife Show         making knives around 1991 ad has presented intriguing work ever since.             - Custom Knives Available for Sale        
Arthur Soppera                         Arthur is from Zurich Switzerland, worked as a jewler for 30 years before        - Buttonlock folders (pat-pen)      KMG
                 turning to custom knifemaking in 1985. He invented the double lock button       - Fixed Blade Custom Knives
       lock system. His work?  As he says "The Rolls-Royce" of pocket knives! I agree!  - Custom Folding Knives
Andy Roy                              Andy Roy of Fiddleback Forge started his operation in 2007 as a hobby, but        - Custom Knife Designs
       since then, quicly grew into a full-time operation. His favorite steel to use is        - Hunters, Skinners, Bowies
       O1 Tool Steel, but he also uses other carbon steels and CPM-154 for stainless.      - Machetes for Sale!
Aaron Wilburn                                Knifemaker and hunter, Aaron Wilburn knows what makes a great custom     - Damascus custom knives              ABS  
knife. Mr. Wilburn forges his own damascus from  1095, 203e, 15n20 and L6    - Custom Hunting Knives
and uses  52100,  5160 and 1095 steels to create high performance knives.          - Hand Forged Knives
Al Warren                    Located in Roseville, California, Al makes just about any type of knife you        - Bowie Knives, hunting knives
  Customer Designs Accepted!           can imagine.  We think his prices are lower than they should be regarding        - Folding knives, pocket knives
the quality of his custom knives. Check out the great steel info section!                - Kitchen Knives, swords
Andre Von Heerden            Gorgeous presentation grade custom knives, art knives and folding knives.        - Tactical Folding Knives           KMGSA
                                                                    You may choose from many models in the gallery and request that one be          - Damascus Folding Knives
                                                                    made for you. Does excellent work with pearl and engraving.                                   - Presentation Grade Folding Knives
Arlin Walker                             Arlin "SloJoe" Walker makes a MEAN stilleto! In fact, he pretty much                    - Custom Switchblades / Stilletos
      sticks to making only stilletos - the same clasic format - in any style you can     - Damascus Stilleto
                                                                    possibly imagine! Don't miss the new "Skull" Collection! I want 'em all!               - Kris stilleto, Skull Stilleto
Arthur Washburn               Arthur Washburn credits Devin Thomas, known around the world by knife      - Damascus Folding Knives & Minis
                                                                   enthusiasts for his ability to create extraordinary damascus, with getting him  - Damascus Fixed Blade Knives
                                                                   started as a knifemaker. Creates stock removal knives with Thomas' Damas.      - Damascus Liner Locking Knives
Atalje Duodji                            Atalje is from Switzerland and makes knives of the traditional nordic style.       - Nordic Style Custom Knives
                                                                    His knives are mostly short hunting knives of various styles and materials.       - Nordic Hunting Knives
                                                                    He also hand crafts traditional Nordic cookware!
Arthur Tycer                             A founding member of the AKA, Arthur has been making knives since 1991.      - Fixed Blade Custom Knives       KMG
        He uses the stock removal method using a variety of carbon and stainless          - Hunting Knives, Skinners
                                                                    steels. His knives have been awarded and featured in several publications.        - Custom Bowie Knives
Bailey Bradshaw                    Bailey Bradshaw is a Master Smith in the ABS and has been making knives        - Custom Presentation Knives       ABS
                                                                    since 1993 - full time since '97.  Mr. Bradshaw makes exceptional presentation   - Custom Folding Knives
                 fixed blade knives as well as folding/pocket knives. Super-solid workmanship.  - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Barry Davis                               Barry Davis is a member of the American Bladesmith Society.  His work as of    - Damascus Folding Knives   ABS
                                                                    now consists mostly of folding knives.  He does some excellent work at      - Custom Folding Knife
        forging his own damascus. (Page is currently unavailable!).                                      - Gentleman's Folding Knife
Barry Dawson                           Barry Dawson is all about making useful tool beautiful in their simplicity. We   - Daggers & Japanese Style Knives
       really admire this attitude.  He has plenty of bragging rights, but just won't       - Fighting Knives & Hunting Knives
       use them, so we'll do it for him!  Super quality, Grade A, Steel Goodness!              - Swords & Neck Knives & Bowies
Basko                    This is an interesting site.  Knives made in Russia by an artist known as    - Custom Engraved Knives
                                                                    Basko. All of these knives exhibit unique engravings and some have recieved      - Custom Hunting Knives
        awards. Most of the knives on the site are sold. Interesting work.        - Available Knives for Sale
Bill Campbell                          Bill Campbell, knifemaker and owner of Black Elk Outdoors, makes many - Custom Hunting Knives
        styles of knives for the collector and the outdoorsman alike.  Buy 3 custom         - Custom Pocket Knives
        knives, and you'll get a fourth of equal value - FREE! Can't beat that! - Bowie Knives & Damascus Knives
Bob Cumming                        Bob Cumming has been making knives since 1976 and makes Bowie Knives        - Custom Bowie Knives
*KMD Reccomended for                     that cause one to forget all others.  He also makes just about any other kind        - Custom Skinning & Hunting Knives
functional custom Bowie Knives    of fixed blade knife immaginable! Look no further for a BIG, Beautiful Knife        - Specialty KnivesDamascus knives  
Bob Doggett                      Bob Doggett makes knives he describes as "clean, elegant functional art." We      - Custom Tactical Knives               KMG
                                                                    believe him.  He has learned the art from some of the best and has exemplified   - Folding, Utility and Fighting Knives
                                                                    his knowledge in his work. His site looks as sharp as his knives are as well!        - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Bob Dozier                         An absolutely endless array of knife styles, types and designs! Bob Dozier          - Dozier Classic Design Hunters
*KMD "Best Value" Recognition       is one of the most well known and respected names in knifemaking and has      - Tactical Knives & Hunting Knives
                                                                    been making knives his entire life. If you wanna depend on it, get it here.             - Custom Folding Knives
Bobby Branton               A very well known name in knife making with nothing but success in front        - Custom Throwing Knives             ABS 
                                                                    of him.  He is a Journeyman Smith of the ABS & President of the American           - Custom Handmade Knives       AKTA
                                                                    Knife Throwers Alliance.  One of the few who crafts custom throwing knives.    - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Brad Duncan                       How do I put it? "JAW DROPPING TACTICAL KNIVES. END.  Seriously    - Custom Tactical Fixed Blade Knives
                                                                    though,  Brad Duncan is taking a more "modern" approach to the world of         - Custom Tactical Folding Knives
                                                                    custom knives. Unfortunately bit off more than he could chew...         - Autos, Dual Autos & Butterfly Knives  
Brett C. Bennett                    Began makin custom knives in 1999 using the stock removal method and   - Damascus Custom Knives            ABS
                                                                    moved up to forging his own blades and Damascus in 2001. This is another        - Hunting Knives & Fighting Knives
                                                                    guy thats definately going places.  Member of the ABS, PKA and MKA.       - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Breme & Sons                 Breme & Sons has been constructing hand made knives for over 20 years,   - Historical Reproductions
       specializing in custom made orders and historical reproductions, including       - Bowie Knives, Daggers, Matched Sets
       bowie knives, daggers, matched sets and more.  100% custom orders.                    - Custom Orders Accepted
Bruce Bennett                  These are knives made by a sportsman for hunters and collectors alike. These    - Custom Hunting Knives
                                                                   knives are mostly hunters made in the traditional style, obdviously by a man   - Custom Skinning and sport Knives
                                                                   who loves his work.  He only makes a few each year, so you'll have to be quick.  - Bowie knives and Fighting Knives
Bruce & Kaye Bump   Bruce Bump makes knives that show exactly what the title "Master Smith"        - CustomBowie Knives & Daggers  ABS
                                                                    means and how those who carry that title are at the highest pinacle in the          - Period Pieces, Rifles, Axes and more!
                                                                    world of making custom knives. Also makes axes and match-lock rifles.               - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Brent Breshara                Brent Breshara of Bresh Knives has been a member of the Canadian Armed        - Tactical Knives & Combat Knives
       Forces for 19 years.  He is currently an apprentice of MS Bladesmith, Wally        - Custom Cord Wrapped Knives
       Hayes.  Awesome, hand crafted carbon tool steel knives that will deliver.            - O1 Carbon Tool Steel Knives
Boyd Ashworth             Boyd Ashworth is a Journeyman Smith of the ABS and a Voting Member of        - The Ashworth Turtle!          ABS
                                                                    the Knifemakers Guild and has been making knives since 1993.  Check out - Custom Folding Knives     KMG
                                                                    his "Thomas C. Turtle" Miniature Folder (Best Mini Folder - 2002 Blade Show)    - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Barry Gallagher                       This may be one of the first names that comes to my mind when I hear the         - Art Folding Knife & Fixed Blades
                                                                    term "Art Knife".  Stunning, flawless work. Period. Especially when it comes      - Damascus & Steel Folding Knives
                                                                    to Damascus. Barry's attention to color, patterns and detail is truly unique.       - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Barry Gardener                       Handforged knives from Austalia.  Barry Gardener's knives are simple and        - Custom Hunting Knife
                                                                    very clean in design while they also exhibit a high level of functionality. Like     - Skinners, Bowie knives, Daggers
        myself, Barry believes every knife should be an extension of the hand.        - Tanto Knives,  Custom Fighting Kife
Bill Fiorini                           Bill Fiorini has 30+ years experiecne at working with Damascus Steel and - Custom Damascus Knives  KMG/ABS
*Teaches Knifemaking Classes!        has an acute knowledge of Japanese Sword Smithing techniques.  His styles       - Custom Folding Knives (Gentlemens)
  (See website for details!)                   exhibit those of  Japanese and European influence. Also makes chefs knives.       - Damascus Chefs Knives & Hunters
Bob Engnath                            This page is a collaborative effort to bring the legacy that was Bob Engnath.       - Knifemaking The Engnath Way
                There is TONS of information here concerning knifemaking techniques by           - Albums of knives dedicated to Bob
       Mr. Engnath, and albums of knives by those who were influenced by him          
Brett Gatlin                       Brett Gatlin has been making knives since 2002.  He has went from using the      - Custom Bowie Knives           ABS
                                                                   stock removal method to forging his own blades and is truly into his work.         - Custom Hunting Knives               AKA
                                                                   He's a member of the ABS, and personally, I see a Master Smith in the making.    - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Brian Fellhoelter            If your looking for something fresh - something new with a clean, crisp    - Tactical & Utility Folding Knives
         "KNIFE WERKS"                modern design, look no further.  Brian Fellhoelter won the "Best New Maker"     - Custom Autos (Check out the BC-1)
Best New Maker 2006 (BAKCA)     2006 award at the BAKCA show for a reason. We think it's because he is.   - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Bruce Evans                       Bruce Evans has been an ABS Journeyman Smith since 2003, and has been          - Custom Hunting Knives                ABS
                                                                    making knives longer than I've been alive... literally.  You see, Bruce is the           - Fighting Knives & Bowie Knives
                                                                    kind of person who was born to forge... and for that, we are greatful!                     - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Bruce A. Frye                   BAF Knifeworks evolved when Bruce Frye moved to Wyoming.  Since the age   - Hunting Knives & Sabers / Swords
       of 6, Bruce has been fascinated by "everything sharp" (sounds familiar!) These  - Neck Knives & Steak Knives
       are great knives!  Exceptional leatherwork, woodcarving and an eye for detail! - Combination Sets, Matched Sets
Bruce Gillespie                Bruce Gillespie makes a variety of fixed blade knives, available as seen on the    - Hunting Knives & Skinners
        site, or customized to your preference.  Hunting knives, skinners, daggers and  - Custom Leather Sheaths
        more great for hunting, camping and the great outdoors!   - Handle Materials Available for Sale
Buddy Gaines                  Buddy Gaines has been making fine custom knives since 1985.  He makes just    - Custom Folding Knives             GKMG
                                                                    about any kind of knife you can immagine.  The one thing they all have in           - Accepts Customer Design Requests!
                                                                    common: They're all worthy of the most particular collectors case.                         - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Bill Keller                 Bill Keller began knifemaking in 1993. He is one of the fewer and fewer who         - Fixed Blade Custom Knives
are true sole-authorship knifemakers. He forges his own Damascus and               - Tactical Folding Knives
Mokume, sheathes, performs heat treat in house... The results are terrific.            - Art Knives
Bob Leger                            "Knives made by hunters for hunters since 1978." If your looking for a great,       - Custom Folding Knives
                                                                    functional custom hunting knife at an extremely reasonable price, knifemaker   - Bowie knives, Skinners & Hunters
                                                                    Bob Leget is your man.  An array of hunting knives of all types and styles.          - Custom Kitchen Cutlery
Brian Lyttle                        Brian Lyttle is a true artist.  His custom knives are nothing less than a       - Custom Sgian Dubhs & Dirks  CKMG
                                                                    treasure.  The patterns and styles he presents is limitless, and he forges  some   - Folding Knives, Carving Knives
                                                                    of the finest dirks, daggers and Sgian Dubhs we've ever seen! Raw Talent!           - Bowie knives, Tantos, Dress Knives
Ben R. Ogletree, jr.                  Ben is a voting member of the KMG and the Mayor of Livingston, Texas.    - Fixed Blade Knives                         KMG
                                                                    Although this link is not a full site about Mr. Ogletree, it will provide you  
                                                                    with a few examples of his work as well as contact info, well worth having.
Benjamin Paul Piccola        Ben Piccola belongs to a bunch of well known organizations, including the         - Damascus Fixed Blade Knives    ABS
                                                                    ABS. There are quite a few knives available on his site and he offers a great         - Bowies, Skinners, Hunters, Fighters
        hunter or fighter of his own forged steel at a very reasonable price.   - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Bill Moran                           Bill Moran re-invented the technique of forging Damascus and is thus known    - The Father of Modern Damascus.
                                                                    as the "Father of Modern Damascus." Sadly, Bill is no longer with us. This link  - Re-invented Damascus Steel in 1973
                                                                    leads to a great interview with one of the greatest. God bless you Mr. Moran.    - Changed the world of custom knives!
Billy Potter                          Billy Potter started making knives when in 1995, his wife had bought him a       - Custom Hunting Knives & Folders
                 few blade blanks to put handles on. After that, he decided yo start making his  - Custom Tomahawks
       own blades - and never turned back. Great hunters, bowies & tomahawks!        - Custom Knives For Sale - 2 - 3
Bob Patrick                         Bob Patrick makes a variety of different knives including but not limited to       - Throwing Knives
        bowie knives, push daggers, neck knives, throwing knives, wood carving           - Neck Knives & Push Daggers
        knives and more.  Also supplies some tools, knifemakers vises and drill bits.     - Wood Carving Knives & Chisels
Bob Purvis                          Bob Purvis and his wife Ellen live in Tuscon, Arizona, and are retired.  Bob         - Art Knives & Folding Knives
       enjoys making knives in his spare time for who ever may want one.  I would     - Fixed Blade Knives
       personally love to have one made for myself!  Really beautiful folding knives!    - Collectible Pocket Knives
Bud Nealy                           Bud Nealy is presently one of the worlds top knifemakers. He is the inventor     - Custom Tactical Knives     ABS / KMG
* KMD Reccomended for                    of the revolutionary MCS (Multi-Concealment Sheath System.  He currently      - Collectors Custom Knives
  Knives for Law Enforcement!        focuses on designing and making knives for SWAT and law enforcement.            - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Bernard Sparks               Mr. Sparks says that his custom knives are "all about the edge..."  After you       - Custom Hunting Knives              KMG
                                                                    take a look at his "Sparks Knife Test Demo" on his site, you'll see why.  In two    - Folding Knives
                                                                    words that I love to say, "That's SHARP!" Custom knives made to last.                 - Customize your own knife
Bertie Rietveld                 Bertie Rietveld can make a knife that will make a grown man cry.  His folding  - Custom art knives                        KMG
*Teaches Damascus forging               knife design, "The Sahara Folder" won awards for most innovative design as    - Custom Art Folding knives
  (See website for details!)                   well as best art knife overall in 2005.  Don't miss his Damascus Course, 2007!    - Daggers and Presentation Pieces
Bill Siegle                              Oregon knifemaker Bill Siegel has been makin knives one way or another for      - Fixed Blade Knives
       most of his life. He studied for a time under ABS Master Smith, James Schmidt.  - Working Class / Utility Knives
       His preference is fixed blade working class knives using high carbon steels.         - Available Knives
Bob Robson                        Bob Robson has been making knives for over 14 years.  He offers 40 different      - Custom Hunting Knives
                                                                    custom knife patterns to choose from and can personalize and/or etch every      - Skinners and Filet Knives
                                                                    knife. Also offers knife making tools and products and knifemaking classes.        - Knifemaking tools and supplies
Bud Smith                          Bud Smith, owner of Out of "The Ashes Forge" has been making knives since      - 1700's - 1800's Reproduction Knives
       2000, and specializes in historically acurate knives from the 17-1800's. Knives   - Hunters, Tomahawks & Axes
       are 100% hand made and sole-authorship, made by a hunter for hunters.            - Hand Forged Knives For Sale
Bob & Marilyn Ridley        Here you will find custom, handcrafted knives from quality exotic materials       - Custom Knife Gallery          
      that have served as gifts, presentation items, hunting tools, kitchen tools,   - Contact Information
      general utility tools or commercial cutlery applications.
Bob Van Gelder             Bob Van Gelder is a founding member of the New England Custom Knife   - Fighting Knives & Bowie Knives
                                                                    Collectors Association as well as a professional modeler, which gives him a       - Tactical Knives and Boot Knives
                                                                   great eye for detail.  As of now, hes a bit tied up remoddeling his shop.                  - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Bob Warner                       Bob Warner has been making custom knives since 1993.  His fascination with   - Custom Hunting Knives
       knifemaking is evident in his work.  Mr. Warner also fabricates tools for knife    - Rail Road Spike Knives
       making and builds them for other knifemakers for use in their shops.                     - Training Videos and CD's
Bud Weston                       Bud Weston has been making knives since 1994 and excels at making some        - Custom Folding Knives             CKMG
                                                                    truly magnificent folding knives.  He uses a wide array of steels and materials - Tactical Folding Knives
                                                                    and as for his designs, hes always got something new on the bench!                      - Art Folders, Collectors Folders
Bill Ruple                             Bill Ruple has been making great custom knives since 1988 and specializes in    - Custom Folding knives    TKCA
                                                                    multi-blade folding knives.  Creates mainly knives in the form of original           - Multi Blade Folding Knives
                                                                    patterns using 440c, ATS-34 and Damascus steels or your preference as well.    - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Brion Tomberlin           Brion Tomberlin has been making knives for about 15 years and grew serious  - Custom Bowie KnivesABS / OKG
                                                                    about his craft about 5 years ago.  He is now an ABS Journeyman Smith and     - Japanese Period Pieces & Hunters
                                                                    spends his time forging his own blades and collecting Japanese swords.              - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Brian Tighe                        Brian Tighes knives are another, more enjoyable form, of modern art.  He  - Custom Art Folding Knives     CKMG
                                                                    specializes in folders and creates each one using space age materials and  - Tactical Folding Knives
                                                                    exotic steels.  Each design is more exhilerating than the last. Exceptional!   - Redefining the term "Modern Art"!
Burt Foster                          ABS Master Smith Burt Foster makes knives that remind me just why I be-         - Hand Forged Bowie Knives          ABS
                                                                    came so interested in knife collecting in the first place. His knives are truly          - Daggers, Integrals & Hunting Knives
                                                                    one of a kind masterpieces, hand forged and gaurenteed to last a lifetime.             - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Charlie Bennica             Charlie Bennica, a knifemaker from southern France believes that the two           - Custom Folding Art Knives
                                                                    most significant qualities that characterize a good knife are simplicity and         - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
                                                                    perfection.  His knives are just this - sculptured jewels of fluid lines.                       - Damascus Folding Knives
Chester L. Darcey                Chester Darcey is a Journeyman Smith of the ABS.  He creates a variety of          - Custom Folding Knives & Autos  ABS
                                                                    knife styles by both forging his own Damascus and using the Stock Removal     - Bowie Knives & Hunting Knives
                                                                    method.  Modern and traditonal knife designs at excellent prices.                            - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Chris Booysen                Chris Booysen is a wonderfully talented custom knifemaker from south Africa.  - Custom Art Folding Knives   KMGSA
"Best  Boot / Fighter Knife 2004"     His range of skill allows him to create a knife suitable for your gaming tasks        - Hunting Knives, Bowies & Skinners
KGSA knife show"Baby Dragon"   or a stunning presentation piece you'll treasure for a lifetime.                                     - Available Knives
Chris Crawford                    Chris Crawford started knifemaking as a hobby in 2001.  After his first knife,      - Hand Forged Fixed Blade Knives
       he was hooked.  He built a firebrick forge and went to see Bruce Evans who         - Automatic Knives
       taught him to forge a blade from 5160 bar stock.  A wide array of talent here!     - Knives Available for Sale
Chris Davis                       Chris Davis of ML Knives makes hand forged knives in the traditional way of     - Traditional Hand Forged Knives
       the early American bladesmiths.  These are highly functional knives made for   - Historically Acurate Reproductions
       both use and re-enactments of historical American events.  A+ quality!       - Available Hand Forged Knives - 2
Christoph Deringer     Although this page is only a profile of knifemaker Cristoph Deringer on the        - Custom Integral Knives                  CKG
                                                           Website, it does give you his contact info and examples of      - Daggers & Hunting Knives
                                                                    his work. Cristoph is a Master Smith and a member of the CKG since 1994.         - Presentation / Collectors Pieces
Chuck Burrows              Chuck Burrows is a Master Leathersmith who makes exquisite leather                 - Custom Leather Sheaths & Holsters
                                                                    sheaths and gun holsters as well as knives and tomahawks based on old             - Western Style Knives & Tomahawks
                                                                    western designs dating back to the 1740's up until the 1920's.                                   - "How-To" DVD's by Mr. Burrows!
Chuck Dotson                        Chuck Dotson of grey Bear Knives got started when he couldn't find a knife         - Hunting Knives & Skinners
       that felt right in his hand.  He read a book by David Boye and got started.  His   - Filet Knives & Utility Knives
       first knife was claimed before he could finish it and the rest is all history!  - Custom Knives For Sale
Clint Breshears               Clint Breshears is a part time knifemaker and has been a member of the KMG    - Fixed Blade Knives                         KMG
                                                                    since 1984. He  uses mostly ATS-34 steel to create knives in working, time-          - Hunting Knives, Bowies & Skinners
                                                                   tested patterns.  Great knives for hunters & collectors alike                                         - Tactical Knives & Folding Knives
Colin Cox                                    Colin Cox trained in the Marine Corps between 1962-1970.  He later began          - Custom Fighting Knives               KMG
                                                                    repairing knives for the world famous Randall and then began making his         - Custom Hunters & Tactical Knives
                                                                    own knives in 1981. Makes awesome combat fighting knives! KMG since 1984   - Custom Survival Knives & Bowies
Conrad Bondu               Conrad Bondu is a member of the Canadian Knifemakers Guild.  This is a page    - Custom Fantasy Knives            CKMG
       off the main CKMG site and gives contact information for Conrad as well as a    - Hunters, Skinners & Utlity Knives
       few examples of his work.  Beautifully carved handles and fantasy knives!          - Swords & Specialty Art Pieces
Cosmic Cutlery              How come no one ever believes me when I tell them that I have a knife made      - Custom Meteorite Damascus Knives
                                                                   out of meteorites? Well, at Cosmic Cutlery, you can buy a knife just like that       - Meteorite Jewelry & Accesories
                                                                   made by Alex Chase or Chuck Richards, or a raw meteorite all by itself!                - Raw Meteorites & Sculptures
Craig Camerer                Craig Camerer started making knives using the stock removal method in the     - Hand Forged Bowie Knives          ABS
                                                                    year 2000, but soon realized he loved to forge! So, in 2001, he joined the ABS,      - Hand Forged Hunting Knives      PKA
                                                                    and in 2004, qualified as a Journeyman Smith. Craig loves his Bowie Knives!      - Custom Tactical Knives
Chris Daigle                             Chris Daigle is a knifemaker who hails from Houston Texas.  He uses both the     - Hand Forged Damascus Knives
       stock removal method and hand forging to make his knives.  His style is one       - Push Daggers & Utility Knives
       that is elegant in its simplicity.  Designs with gorgeous, crisp, clean lines.             - Custom Chef's Knives
Forge CM                                    CM Forge is a family run operation that specializes in the crafting of working    - Working Class Knives
       class, fixed-blade knives.  No folding knives. High quality, working blades          - Utility Knives, Tactical Knives
       including chef's knives, utility knives and hunting knives.  - Fixed Blade Knives
Carlton R. Evans                  Carlton Evans makes exquisite custom knives that remind me of the old west.  - Custom Folding Knives                KMG
                                                                    His series - "The Cowboy," "The Cavalryman," and "The Gentleman," just to       - Damascus Folders & Fixed Blades
                                                                    name a few - are extraordinary! Evans has been making knives since 1967.         - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Chantal Gilbert             Before beggining her journey as a custom knifemaker in 1991, Chantal Gilbert   - Custom Art Knives
                                                                   was a jeweler.  Having developed quite an eye for detail from working this          - Sculptural Knives
                                                                   trade, Chantal makes award winning custom art and sculptural knives. 
Charles J. Gedraitis     Charles Gedratis is a probationary member of the KMG, but we all know he'll  - Liner Lock Folders      NCCA / NECKA
   "Best Custom Folding Knife"        be a voting member in no time! Just look at his work!  He began making knives  - Balisongs, Automatics & Slipjoints
Shenandoah Valley Show - 2004   at only 16.  At 30, his work is comprable to many who've been around longer!   - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Chuck Hallberg            Chuck Hallberg has been making custom knives since 1991, using mainly D-2     - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
       and ATS-34.  Blades are professionally heat treated off-site and subjected to a    - Hunting Knives & Skinners
       cryogenic, sub-zero treating process to increase edge retention and strength.     - Tantos, Fighters & Bowie Knives
Christof Harper                    Koyote Knives is a family run operation with knifemaker Christof Harper at      - Hand Forged Knives
       the helm. These are high-performance, hand forged knives, all of which are         - Hunting Knives, Field Knives
       made 100% on-site, right down to the sheath. Forging since 2006.         - Knives Available for Sale
Charles Kain                     Charles Kain, to me personally, is today's ultimate knifemaker as far as    - Fantasy Folding Knives & Art Knives
  "Jinn Trilogy - Best in Show!"        custom fantasy knives are concerned.  Since 1998, he has been making knives     - Damascus Art Knives & Swords
    Badger Knife Show - 2006             and forging his own damascus. His designs will seriously blow your mind.        - Custom Knives Available for Sale
C. Nichols                            Mr. Nichols began his quest for the "perfect knife" in 1991.  Recently, in 2006,     - Custom Art Knives                   NCKG
                                                                    he was awarded for the "Best HiArt Knife" at the  Shenendoah Valley Knife        - Fixed Blade Knives for Sale
                                                                    Collectors Show.  He also has heat treating ovens for sale.                                          - Folding Knives Available for Sale
C.H. Morris                        Charlie Moris became a full time custom knife maker in 1986.  By 1988, he          - Art Folding Knives                          KMG
                                                                    was admitted as a voting member of the knifemakers guild.  In 2002, his son      - Damascus Folding Knives
                                                                    Jason joined him in making knives, adding a whole new dimension to his art!   - Persian Style & Wharncliffe Folders
Charles F. Ochs III       Charles Ochs, who makes custom knives at his shop, "OX Forge," has been at     - Bowie Knives & Hunters   ABS / KMG
                                                                    it since 1973.  He is indeed a Master Bladesmith of the ABS and he proves this   - Forged Damascus Knives
                                                                   with every knife he makes! He's taught every year at the ABS school since '91.   - The ORIGINAL "Black Knife" (Auto)
Charles Marlowe          Charles Marlow is in the process of re-building his website, but you can still    - Tactical Folding Knives
                                                                    stop by to see what he can make for you and what's available. He makes a         - Tactical Balisongs / Butterfly Knives
                                                                    really mean Balisong and is currently working out some new designs!                 - Custom modern Folding Knives
Chris Marks                       Chris Marks is a "Damascus Master" having come from a long line of black -      - Hand Forged Damascus                 ABS
                                                                    smiths he was instinctually drawn to blacksmithing and became an ABS           - Mosiac Damascus by Julia Marks
                                                                    Mastersmith in 1992. He now forges and teaches Damascus classes.                       - Teaches Damascus Making Classes
Cliff Manley                     Cliff Manley of "Manley Blade Custom Knives" has been making great custom    - Custom Bowie Knives
       knives since 1975.  Mr. Manley does it all on his own including engraving and   - Custom Daggers & Fighting Knives
       scrimshaw, sheathes and cases.  Superb Bowie Knives, fighters and daggers!     - Hunting Knives & Folding Knives
Clifton & Rusty Polk   Father & son team, Clifton and Rusty Polk, are ABS members who make all      -  Folding Knives & Automatics      ABS
                                                                    100% sole authorship knives.  All their blades are hand forged and promised    - Custom Bowie Knives & Skinners
                                                                    to last a life time. Excellent craftsmanship and inovative designs.                           - The Knife Made for George W. Bush!
Colin Paterson                 Colin Paterson is a member of the Knifemaker's guild. the combination of           - Custom Folding Knives               KMG
                                                                    his love for the art of knifemaking and his making knives based on tried and     - Custom Hunting Knives & Skinners
                                                                    true, time tested designs is a real winner. Also does Scrimshaw.                              - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Conny Persson                Conny Persson is a knifemaker who hails from Sweden.  He specializes in and  - Mosiac Damascus Knives              ABS
                                                                    creates fantastic knives out of Mosiac Damascus.  He started in about '94 and    - Art Knives & Folding Knives
                                                                    has rightfully won a slew of awards since.  Stunning, hand-forged paterns!       - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Charles M. Roulin        Charles Roulin discovered American Art Cutlery at the age of 48 and went        - American Art Cutlery Knives      ABS
                                                                    full time at 52.  American Art Cutlery is where depictions of rustic scenes and   - Custom Engraved Fixed Blades
                                                                    animals are carved, 3-dimensionally,  into the knife, even into the blade.              - Engraved Damascus Knives
Charles Sauer                   Charles Sauer's philosophy is this, "Let me make you a knife you can use...          - Damascus Hunting Knives
                                                                    that will last generations.. and is one of a kind." And that he does! Forging          - Bowie Knives & Fighting Knives
                                                                    his own damascus and doing his own heat treating for a pure quality blade.      - Chefs Knives, Straight Edges & Axes
Charles Spresser            Although he does make custom knives, Charles Spresser is mostly occupied       - Custom Pistol Grips (Colt, Ruger, etc)
                                                                    creating custom pistol and handgun grips for various models.  These are sure   - Custom Folding Knives
                                                                    to add a lot of "flash" to your "bang"! Very reasonable prices on knives as well  - Custom Straight Knives & Hatchets
Charlie Smith                  Charlie Smith owns the Eagle Knife Company and makes beautiful rustic           - Carved Stag Antler Knives
                                                                    knives using mostly deer antler which is adorned with carvings at the crown  - Damascus Hunters & Bowie Knives
                                                                    end, brass and damascus or steel. Hand made display's are included!                   - Jewelry, Key Chains, Peace Pipes, etc.
Chris Reeve                        Absolutely one of the most well known and widely recognized names in   - Sebenza Folding Knives    KMG
                                                                    knifemaking today.  His world famous "Sebenza" comes in just about every       - Custom Knives
                                                                    style imaginable and his "one-piece" design fixed blades are awesome!                 - "One-Piece" Tactical Knives
Christine Simonich    After 9/11, the demand for the Raven Combat Knife, a cornorstone of Simonich   - Mid-Tech Combat Knives
       knives, was in more demand then could be handled.  And so was formed a          - Simonich Custom Knives
       Mid-Tech Semi-manufactured version, Simonich Knives, LLC.   - Hand Gun Grips
Chuck Stapel                    Chuck Stapel is known as the "Knifemaker to the Stars." His knives have been   - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
                                                                    featured in many movies, countless commercials, and bought by celebreties.    - Bowies, Hunters, Fighters, everything
                                                                    One of his custom knives even sold for over $12,000! Talk about demand!           - Repros of his original movie knives
Corey Smith                                   Dave Bolton and Corey Smith of S&B Knives are very clear concerning thier      - Custom Folders & Tacticals      CKMG
                                                                    mission - to couple every necessary aspect of functional knife-making in the       - Damascus Knives & Chefs Knives
                                                                    form of artful, unique, yet affordable hand-made pieces.  Flex Test Videos.           - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Craig Stevens                    Craig Stevens is the knifemaker behind "Craig Stevens Studios,"where knives     - Custom Folding Knives
       are among some of the other artwork he does. His makes both folders and            - Custom Art Knives
       fixed blade knives - all of which are very unique and highly artistic.
Channing Watson                Channing Watson is the knife maker behind "Havoc Works," and one look - Modern Combat Knives
       the knives he creates will tell you exactly why it's called that - a fitting name    - Carbon Steel Tactical Knives
       for an outfit that is making some of the most brutal looking blades around.         - Cleavers, Kerambits, Push Daggers
Dan Di Stefano              Hand forged blades born of fire... Dan Di Stefano has been forging knives since   - Bowies & Folding Knives & Hunters
                                                                    1989 at the Coyote Forge in Southeast Texas.  If you want a real good knife to     - Skinners & Hatchets
                                                                    take hunting, or a hatchet, then Dan is your man.  (See the videos for fun)             - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Dana Acker                       Dana Acker, owner and propieter of Acker Forge, is the kind of guy who    - Frontier Style Custom Knives    NTM
                                                                    forges for one purpose and one purpose only. Performance.  True fromtier           - Frontier Style Weapons
                                                                    style knives and weapons forged through traditional smithing techniques.         - Hand Made Jewelry
Daniel Certo                            Daniel M. Certo is the owner of Relentless Knives.  These are knives made for       - Combat Knives & Fighting Knives
       the sole reason of seeing combat.  They are fierce, they are tough, they are  - Utility Knives
       deadly sharp... In a single word, they are "relentless"   - Knives Available for Sale
Danny Britton                Danny Britton has been making custom knives since 1986 after meeting knife     - 440C Stainless Custom Knives
       maker, Corbin Newcomb at the KMG show in Dallas Texas.  Since then, he has  - Bowie Knives & Fighting Knives
       been making knives using 1/8" and 3/16" 440C Stainless Steel.  Great Bowies!      - Stainless Steel Hunting Knives
Daren Cutsforth                   Daren Cutsforth had been a machinist for 20 years before taking up knife            - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
                                                                    making full time.  He is now the owner of cutsforthknives where he sells tools   - Custom Knives Available for Sale
                                                                    such as axes and machetes and ocaisionally, his own custom made knives.
Darren Chard                   Darren Chard is a knifemaker of the Canadian Knifemakers Guild.  This link      - Custom Folding Knives            CKMG
                                                                    will take you to an off shoot of the guild site where you can see a few of his          - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
                                                                    available knives as well as get his contact information to buy his knives.              - Custom Damascus Knives
David Boye                        Don't be confused! The Url is correct, but the site is actually under the title          - Custom Knives by David Boye
David Boye's Knifemaking Book      Francine Etchings. Here, you can find fine knives by David Boye (known well    - Kitchen Knives & Outdoors Knives
                                                                    for his Dendritic Steel), and by J.P.Holmes - etched beautifully by Francine L.     - Custom Folding Knives for Sale
David Broadwell                 David Broadwell makes absolutely stunning knives as well as fully functional   - Sub-Hilt Fighting Knives & Bowies
       fountain pens. His work is some that falls in that high performance yet highly   - Folding Knives
       artistic category.  Truly unique, fully functional art knives - and pens!                   - Custom Knives Available for Sale
David Brodziak              David Brodziak is a full time knifemaker from Western Austalia and has been   - Hunters, Skinners & Game Knives
                                                                    making knives since 1989. He's won many awards and makes a wide variety     - Collectors, Fantasy & Utility Knives
                                                                   of designs. Since 1999, artist Carol Ann O'Conner has worked with David.            - Custom Knives Available for Sale
David Brukskniver      David makes Scandanavian style knives.  He mostly purchases blades from       - Scandanavian Style Knives
                                                                    other knifemakers and uses them to create his knives.  Brukskniver means
                                                                   "Every-day Knives." Davids prices are low and his knives are of solid quality.
Dawnavan Crawford         Dawnavan Crawford has been a bladesmith since 1996 and is a member of        - Custom Fixed Blade Knives          ABS
                                                                    the ABS.  Aside from making knives and swords, he also does decorative iron     - Custom Swords & Fantasy Pieces
                                                                    work and fantasy pieces.                                                                                                            - Blacksmithing / Iron Work
Dellana                                              I love pulling this gag - Showing someone a Dellana custom knife and getting     - Custom Art Folding Knives        KMG
                          them to ask, "How did he make it.?" Um... You mean, "How did SHE make it."       - Custom Presentation Daggers
                                                                    Dellana, a member of the KMG, forges blades that'll make a grown man cry.       - Exquisite Custom Art Knives
Dick Atkinson                           Dick Atkinson is a member of the Knifemakers Guild.  He Makes Custom               - Custom Micarta Pistol Grips     KMG
                                                                    Pistol Grips in various designs using Micarta. Currently, he is only making
                                                                    grips for the model 1911 handgun.
Doc Burgess                                  Robert O. Burgess, or "Doc" Burgess is a teacher, an author, practices medicine   - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
                                                                    and loves making knives.  His style is unmistakable.  He makes fixed blades of   - Engraved Knives
                                                                    all kinds and engraves beautiful patterns into the blades and bolsters.                  - Hunters, Fighters & Utility Knives
Don Cowles                                  Don Cowles made his first knife in 1963.  Many years later, after performing       - Custom Straight Knives                MKS
                                                                    various other jobs, he became a full time knifemaker in 1995.  His main focus     - Miniature Custom Knives            AKTI
                                                                   is designing and creating small straight knives as alternatives to folders.              - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Douglas / Diana Casteel    Douglas Casteel began knifemaking in 1981 - went full time in 1986.  His wife    - Custom Swords & Daggers         KMG
                                                                    Diana soon followed in 1988 and won best miniature at her first Blade Show!    - Bowies and Fighters & Push Daggers
                                                                    They are both members of the KMG and make one of a kind custom art knives.  - Folding Knives & Miniatures
Dwayne Bandy                         Dwayne Bandy is a skilled blacksmith and bladesmith.  His main focus is            - Custom Fixed Blade Knives      TKCA
                                                                    however a little peculiar to - jewelery! So why is        - Hand Made Chain Mail
                                                                    he here? Because, he does make custom knives - and I like jewelery!   .                     - Custom Smith Work
Dwayne Dushane                  Dwayne Dushane started persuing knifemaking in 1986.  Learning the trade      - Custom Damascus Knives           TKCA
       from makers such as Stout and Whitley, he makes custom knives using the        - Liner Lock Folding Knives
       stock removal method.  Beautiful one-of-a-kind damascus knives and folders!   - Available Knives
D'alton Holder                Words alone can do no justice here.  Making knives for over 37 years,  D;alton   - Custom Hunting Knives               KMG
   "Knifemakers Hall of Fame"           has been president of a slew of organizations including the knifemakers Guild  - Custom Bowie Knives    AKCA / AKTI
                     2003                                      In 2003, he was inducted into the Knifemakers Hall of Fame. Awe Inspiring.       - Knives For Sale
Dan Farr                               In 2001, Dan Farr took a knifemaking course under Master Bladesmiths,    - Hand Forged Custom Knives
                                                                    Roger Massey and Michael Conner.  Soon after, he won the "Best New Maker"    - Stock Removal Custom Knives
                                                                    award at the "Blade Show." Excellent hand forged & stock removal knives.          - Utility, Bowies, Hunters, Fighters
Dan Graves                       Dan Graves makes hand forged, quality knives.  He uses several different   - Custom Damascus Knives
                                                                    steals and damascus to create some exquisite designs as well as period pieces    - Presentation Bowie Knives
                                                                    As he says, "I do custom work, your design or mine, knives guarenteed."    - Period Pieces Knives
Dan Hockensmith        Dan Hockensmith has been making hi performance collectors knives for over   - Hand Forged Damascus Folders   ABS
                                                                    18 years.  He is a Journeyman Smith of the ABS and vows one day to qualify       - Hunting Knives
                                                                    for Master Smith. Exquisitely hand forged knives by, "one mans hands."               - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Daniel Fronefield          Daniel Fronefield's custom knives are from another planet... literally.  Daniel     - Hand Forged Meteorite Knives
             KMD Award                             specializes in incorporating some of the rarest and most interesting materials   - Meteorites Available for Sale
Best Meteorite Knife: "Midnight"    available into his knives - meteorites!  Knives fit for an extraterestial being!       - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Daniel Gray                       Daniel Gray made his first knife in 1974, in the Navy. He is now a member of    - Custom Fixed Blade Knives           ABS
                                                                    the ABS, and makes a wide variety of knives, mostly fixed blades.  Daniel is        - Custom Bowie Knives
                                                                    a hunter, fisher and taxidermist, so he knows what sharp really means!              - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Dave Ellis                             Dave Ellis began making knives in 1988 and is now an ABS Mater Smith,  He     - Custom Bowies & Fighters           ABS
                                                                    specializes in fighters and bowies mainly, but als turns out many other fine      - Custom Daggers & Boot Knives
                                                                    custom fixed blade knives.  His work is impecable - a true custom knifemaker.  - Hunting Knives & Persians
Dave Evans                        Dave Evans has been making knives since 1999 and plans on becoming a full     - Custom Damascus Straight Knives
                                                                    time knifemaker once he retires from his job as a computer tech.  He makes a     - Custom Knives Available for Sale
                                                                    variety of fixed blade knives and stamps his blades with "Win Dancer"
David Engel                      David Engel of the Engel Family Forge keeps knifemaking simple - and simp-      - File Knives & Plow Knives
                                                                    licity equals reliability.  We all know about "Swords to Plowshares," right?        - Rail Road Spike Knives
                                                                    David likes to turn plowshares into swords.  And I love a mean spike knife...      - Tomahawks
David Hesser                   David Hesser of Night Owl Studios has made metalsmithing his life's work.        - Forged Meteorite Dagger
       he has been at his craft for over ten years, making fine art swords, daggers         - Hand Forged Tantos
       and sculptures.  His talent for forging steel and his eye for detail are amazing.   - Bowie Knives & Skinning Knives
Dean Gates                                    Dean Gates began making knives because he always loved knives and there       - Knives by Dean Gates
                                                                    was no way he could own the knives he really wanted. Now he makes them      - Knives by Linda Gates
                                                                    himself, along with his wife Linda. Nice fighters and traditional tanto knives.    - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
Dean Harvey                                 Harvey Dean strives to use only the finest quality materials he can get in his    - Presentation Bowies                        ABS
         35 "Best" Awards for                 knifemaking.  He has been making knives since 1981 and forging since 1986. In - Folding Bowies, Dress Bowies
      Fourteen Years Straight!             1992 he became a Master Smith and was elected to the ABS Board in 2004.          - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Delbert Ealy                                  Delbert Ealy started out as a knifemaker in 1986.  Soon after he discovered          - Hand Forged Damascus Knives
                                                                    damascus steel and has been forging his own since. He offers 19 different             - Custom Damascus & Bolsters
                                                                    patterns using O1-L6, pure Nickel and at times, meteorites. High demand.          - Available Knives
Derek Fraley                                 D.B. Fraley has been making knives part time since 1990 and became a voting    - Tactical Folding Knives                KMG
                                                                    member of the Knifemakers Guild in 2002.  He makes fixed blade knives and       - Tactical Fixed Blade Knives
                                                                    tactical folders and has several variations of about 8 designs to choose from.      - Custom Made Fighting Knives
Don Ferdinand                           Don Ferdinand is a true renaissance style bladesmith.  He forges his own            - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
                                                                    steel and Damascus and makes custom knives as well as other medievil style    - Antiquity Arms / Hand Cannons
                                                                    weapons including hand cannons. Also sells informative "how-to" videos.          - Bladesmithing Videos by Don
Don Fogg                                         Don Fogg is one of thos names that, in the future if not already, will be known   - Samurai Swords & Daggers          ABS
   Excellent Bladesmithing Info!      throughout the world of custom knives as Loveless & Moran are known today. - Bowies, Shivs & Gentlemans Knives
  See Dons Collaboration Knives     He is a member of the ABS and for him, knifemaking is a way of life.                       - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Don Hanson                                 Don Hanson III began making knives as a hobby in 1980 and went full time in   - Custom Art Folding Knives         ABS
        25 "Best of" Awards                     1990.  Don, the "Sunfish Man" of Sunfish Forge is an ABS member who makes    - Custom Bowie Knives w/ Hamon
          in under 9 years!                        highly sought after custom art folders as well as large custom bowie knives.      - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Doug Finlayson                         Doug Finlayson started making custom knives in 1980.  Since then, customers   - Custom Hunting & Fishing Knives
                                                                    around the world have enjoyed his fine work. Quality fixed blade knives at        - Your own Design & Blade Engraving
                                                                    very reasonable prices. Blades are 440 and ATS-34 Steel.  Engraving as well.       - Quality Kitchen Knives
Dan Eastland                                Dan Eastland is the knife maker behind Dogwood Custom Knives.  His path        - Fixed Blade Custom Knives
       to knifemaking began around 2004. He apprenticed under Andy Roy of                 - Hunting Knives & Tactical Knives
       Fiddleback Forge. Great, high-performance, working-class blades.
David Johansen             David Johansen started making custom knives in December of 2003. Although   - Hunting Knives & Fighters           PKA
                                                                    relatively new in the field, it can be easily noticed that David has a very good    - Neck Knives & Kitchen Knives
                                                                    eye for detail. I myself will definately be keeping a close eye on his progress.       - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Don Long                                        Don Long is the owner and operator of Idaho Custom Knives, and he special-     - Elk Antler Custom Knives
                                                                    izes in hand made elk antler knives.  He offers apporoximately 75 different          - Custom Hunters, Skinners & Bowies
                                                                    blade and handle designs. All knives are heat and cryo tempered.
D. Gregg Metheny      After a kifelong interest in custom knives and knifemaking, D. Gregg  Metheny  - Hunting Knives, Bird & Trout      ABS
                                                                    took up forging in 2000. in 2003, he attended ABS school and was taught by       - Kitchen Cutlery, Carving Sets
                                                                    Master Bladesmith, Kevin Cashen.  Makes beautiful bird and trout knives!          - Knives for Sale
Daniel Prentice               Daniel Prentice is an Apprentice of the ABS and has been making knives since  - Custom Tactical Knives                 ABS
       Great Step-by-Step                       2002.  He is also an RN and an officer on active duty stationed at Fort Bragg.     - Damascus knives & Tomahawks
      Knifemaking Videos!                     His work is 100% sole authorship. Also makes whips and tomahawks!
Darrell Parent                  Darrell Parent has trained under knifemaker, Newt Livesay for the last seven  - Tactical Fixed Blade Knives
                                                                    years and is now producing cutlery for the sportsman and tactical user. His
                                                                    designs are simple and to the point and are selling at low prices - for now...
David Mosier                               David Mosier has been making custom tactical knives since 1996.  These are        - Custom Tactical Knives
                 fixed blade knives made for combat.  Made of 440C or ATS-34, each knife is          - Fixed Blade Combat Knives
       cryogenically and heat treated in house and Chisel ground or double ground.    - Knives Available for Sale
David Pittman               David Pittman owns and operates the Bowen Knife Company, which special-   - Belt Buckle Knives
                                                                    izes in belt buckle knives.  The design is original to legendary knifemaker,
                                                                    Blackie Collins. Excellent for self defense purposes and, well, its hard to forget!
Dennis Miles                               Dennis Miles is the bladesmith behind Double Edged Forge and makes great         - Traditional Hand Forged Knives
       hand forged knives in the traditional style of the mid-eigteenth century.  All      - Traditional Folding Knives
       work is done by hand - no modern machines, etc.  The result is super sharp!       - Tomahawks and Axes
Don McIntosh                             Don McIntosh's philosophy is, "If you can't improve on a traditional design,       - Custom Fixed Blade Knives           ABS
                                                                    don't change it." So most of his great knives are of traditional design as they       - Custom Bowies, Hunters & Fighters
                                                                    are made by traditional forging methods. Superb quality fixed custom knives.  - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Don Morrow                                 Don Morrow is a member of the Texas Knifemakers and Collectors Assoc.  As   - Custom Folding Knives                TKCA
                                                                    a knifemaker, he specializes in single, dual and multi-blade slipjoint folding      - Custom Slipjoint Folding Knives
                                                                    knives of many different designs and styles. Damascus blades also available.    - Custom Knives Available for Sale        
Don Polzien                                  Don Polzien has been a knifemaker since 1990.  He has an extensive backround - Custom Japanese Swords & Tantos
                                                                    in martial arts and therefore specializes in traditional Japanese style edged       - Custom Tactical / Combat Knives
                                                                    weaponry.  He also offers blade restoration services.  As real as they come!        - Persian Style Fighting Knives
Douglas Mondt                          Douglas Mondt has been making custom knives for over five years. His main    - Custom Fixed Blade Knives & Folders
                                                                    area of focus is large bowie knives but makes hunters, neck knives and folders  - Full Tang & Hidden Tang Knives
                                                                   as well.  Uses mainly crucible alloys (CPM3V, S60V, 154CM, etc.)                              - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Dusty Moulton                          Dusty Moulton is basically a living legend in todays custom knife world. His    - Custom Fixed Blade Art Knives  KMG
       30 Awards in 12 Years                knives are highly valued and when you see one, you'll know it. I'm not joking.  - Custom Damascus Art Knives
  Engraving by Dusty Moulton        He creates art knives using modern steels and no machines by stock removal.   - Knives Available if You're Lucky...
Dwayne Oliver                          Dwayne Oliver makes knives using the stock removal method and is working  - Custom Tactical Knives
                                                                    at forging his own steel.  He has come up with some very interesting designs    - Hunting Knives, Bowies, Fighters
                                                                    as far as tactical knives are concerned and makes great hunters & skinners.       - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Dale & Elaine Sandberg    This site is useful if you happen to be looking for a WWII or WWI replica of        - WWI & WWII Replica Knives
                                                                    many of the knives from those time periods. The prices are very low, but             - Trench Knives and Bolo Knives
                                                                    you may have to wait about 10 months to have your order filled.                            - Khukuri & Smatchet Knives
Dale Reif                                         Dale Reif began knifemaking in 1996.  All of his knives are made using the - Linerlock Folding Knives
       stock removal method.  Dale makes everything from EDC knives at very aford   - Everyday Carry Knives
       able prices up to exquite one-of-a-kind art knives.  Beautiful linerlock folders!    - Knives Currently Available for Sale
Darrel Ralph                     Darrel Ralph is one of THE BIGGEST names in custom knifemaking today. He    - Custom Folders & Automatics
                                                                    has designed some of the most recognized, sought after designs around such     - Balisongs / Butterfly Knives
                                                                    as the famous Madd Maxx, and is always striving to excel in his craft.                  - Custom Knives Available for Sale
David G. Semones       For me as a custom knife collector, the link between my instinctual love for        - Traditional Art Flint Knives
                                                                    knives and the history of the knife as one of mankinds earliest and greatest
                                                                    inventions is very important. Flint knives deepen that realization.
David M. Smith                       This site is called and features knives by David M. Smith and   - Custom Knives by David M. Smith
       James Luman, as well as some very uniques knife scale materials. Mr. Smith      - Custom Knives by James Luman
       makes fixed blade knives using 440C and Damascus made by Mr. Luman. - Other Fixed Blade Custom Knives
David R. Schlueter       David Schlueter is a professional bladesmith and swordmaker.  He has been     - Katana, Wakizashi & Aikuchi
                                                                    making swords since 1997 and specializes in Japanese style swords such as       - Samurai Swords
                                                                    Tantos and Wakizashi.  His work has been featured in "Blade" and "Knives".      - Custom Swords Available for Sale
Dennis Riley                                  Dennis Riley is a Journeyman Smith with the ABS as well as a member of the    - Hand Forged Damascus Knives   ABS
                                                                    Arkansas Knifemakers Association. Mr, Riley forges all of his own steel and       - Custom Bowie Knives & Fighters
                                                                    Damascus and makes high performance hunters, bowies and presentationals.  - Hunting Knives, Presentation Pieces
Don Robinson                             Don Robinson has been a knifemaker since 1988. He is a member of the Texas    - Framelock & Linerlock Folders
                                                                    knifemakers and collectors association, makes fixed blade knives and folding    - Fixed Blade Knives & Assist Openers
                                                                    knives.  He is also the author of two "how-to" knifemaking books.                           - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Danny Robinson                     Danny Robinson of "Ex-Files Knives" creates, "practical unique affordable            - Custom Utility Knives
        hand-made cutlery for a variety of daily applications." After collecting                - Fixed Blade Knives
        knives for 15 years, he has now started crafting his own.
Danny Sanchez                        Danny Sanchez had his first experiences with knife making during the late         - Fixed Blade Custom Knives
        '60's. After many years of working with various stainless and carbon steels,      - Hunting Knives
        he now uses 154CM exclusively.  Fixed blade knives and handmade sheathes.
Derrick Tappin                     Derrick Tappin is a Canadian knife maker behind "Triple X Knives." All                 - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
       XXX Knives are made with Carbon Steel Blades. In 2011, the company released - The "Highland Series"
       their first exclusive knife line, "The Highland Series."   - Custom Order
Daniel Valois                            Daniel Valois has been making knives since 1968 - full time since 1972.  He          - Tactical Folding Knives, Neck Knives
                                                                    specializes in tactical knives and makes some great self defense products. His   - Survival Knives & Diving Knives
                                                                   prices are also extremely reasonable and his craftsmanship is excellent.               - Belt Knives & Cane Swords
Daniel Winkler               Daniel Winkler made his first knife in 1975 and went full time in 1988. He          - Bowie Knives & Camp Knives
  Created Knives for the Movie:       makes knives that conform to traditional 18th century American designs.          - Folders, Hunters & Patch Knives
        "Last of the Mohicans"                Makes a great variety of items such as tomahawks, belt knives & displays.        - Custom Knives Available for Sale
David Wesner               David Wesner of Kelsey Creek Knifeworks has been in the mold making and      - Hand Forged Custom Camp Knives
       machine industry for over 25 years.  Using this experience, coupled with a          - Bowie Knives & Neck Knives
       passion for knifemaking, Mr. Wesner makes awesome hand forged knives!- Custom Knives for Sale
Doc Wacholz                                Doc Wacholz, owner of Rack Forge, has been making knives since 1999.  He is    - Custom Fighting Knives               ABS
                                                                    an ABS member and forges his own blades using 52100 ball bearing steel.  He   - Custom Combat Knives
                                                                    also occaisionally uses the Stock Removal Method. Makes a MEAN fighter!         - Custom Bowies & Hunting Knives
Derek Gartshore                        Derek Gartshore has been a part-time knifemaker for 20+ years, specializing      - Sgian Dubhs, Dirks
        in ancient type weaponry - spears, dirks, etc. but also makes an array of all       - Spears, Ancient Weapons
        kinds of fixed blade knives. Forges with 5160 and uses stainless as well.     - Hand Forged Knives
Bill Wolf                                   Bill Wolf spent years in the field of automotive body repair, gaining many of      - Investment Grade Custom Knives
       the skills needed to enter the realm of custom knifemaking.  He creates series      - Art Knives, Daggers
       of amazing art knives as well as series of modern combat / tactical knives.           - Combat Knives, Tactical Knives
Alex Jacques                       Alex Jacques makes outstanding, one-of-a-kind, custom straight razors.  He         - Custom Straight Razors
       started shaving with straight razors and became known for repairing them.      - Damascus Razors
       This led to an interest in the custom knife realm and began to make his own.      - High-End Straight Edge Razors