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Lawrence, Alton                   Altom Lawrence is a Journeyman Smith and owns a machine shop called - Custom Knives                                   ABS
                                                                     Riverside Machine Shop. Here, he does work for other knifemakers and sells      - Forging & Knifemaking Equiptment
                                                                     supplies as well as knives. See the On-line Catalog for available knives.                - CNC Machine services
Kinsey, Alvin                          Began making knives in 1994. Alvin makes hollow ground blades from bar       - Kerambits - Hook Point / Full blade
        stock.  Offers liner-lock folders, several straight knives, or will make a custom  - Liner Lock Folding Knives
                                                                     knife from your own design.  Makes a mean meat clever!  RENEW DOMAIN!     - Glass Beaded Hunters / Meat Clevers
Keller, Bill                 Bill Keller began knifemaking in 1993. He is one of the fewer and fewer who         - Fixed Blade Custom Knives
are true sole-authorship knifemakers. He forges his own Damascus and               - Tactical Folding Knives
Mokume, sheathes, performs heat treat in house... The results are terrific.            - Art Knives
Leger, Bob                            "Knives made by hunters for hunters since 1978." If your looking for a great,       - Custom Folding Knives
                                                                    functional custom hunting knife at an extremely reasonable price, knifemaker   - Bowie knives, Skinners & Hunters
                                                                    Bob Leget is your man.  An array of hunting knives of all types and styles.          - Custom Kitchen Cutlery
Lyttle, Brian                       Brian Lyttle is a true artist.  His custom knives are nothing less than a       - Custom Sgian Dubhs & Dirks  CKMG
                                                                    treasure.  The patterns and styles he presents is limitless, and he forges  some   - Folding Knives, Carving Knives
                                                                    of the finest dirks, daggers and Sgian Dubhs we've ever seen! Raw Talent!           - Bowie knives, Tantos, Dress Knives
Kain, Charles                    Charles Kain, to me personally, is today's ultimate knifemaker as far as    - Fantasy Folding Knives & Art Knives
  "Jinn Trilogy - Best in Show!"        custom fantasy knives are concerned.  Since 1998, he has been making knives     - Damascus Art Knives & Swords
    Badger Knife Show - 2006             and forging his own damascus. His designs will seriously blow your mind.        - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Johansen, David            David Johansen started making custom knives in December of 2003. Although   - Hunting Knives & Fighters           PKA
                                                                    relatively new in the field, it can be easily noticed that David has a very good    - Neck Knives & Kitchen Knives
                                                                    eye for detail. I myself will definately be keeping a close eye on his progress.       - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Long, Don                                       Don Long is the owner and operator of Idaho Custom Knives, and he special-     - Elk Antler Custom Knives
                                                                    izes in hand made elk antler knives.  He offers apporoximately 75 different          - Custom Hunters, Skinners & Bowies
                                                                    blade and handle designs. All knives are heat and cryo tempered.
Lyle, Ernest                  A link to Ernest Lyle's profile on the Florida Knifemakers Assoc.
Jacobs, Frank                            Mr. Jacobs started out as a knifemaker and after becomming frustrated with      - Custom filet knives & capers
Quality Knife Making Materials    the quality of available handle material, he began processing his own woods      - Stabilized & Dyed Wood
                                                                   and mosiac pins - now his main business, making his knives hard to come by.   - Blade Blanks & Mosaic Pins
Lunn, Gail & Larry         Larry Lunn began making custom knives in the late 80's.  Gail Lunn started      - Folding Knives, Art Knives          KMG
                                                                   doing the same in 2000.  Gail makes mostly folders while Larry does folders,       - Straight Knives & Scrimshaw
                                                                   straight knives and katanas.  Both make super quality, one-of-a-kind knives.       - Knives For Sale
Lombard, Garry                  Garry Lombard is from South Africa and has been a voting member of the        - Custom Folding Knives            KMGSA
                                                                    KMG since 1983.  His knives exhibit lines that flow so gracefully, it can take        - Custom Presentation Daggers
                                                                    one much practice to be able to look away.  Exquisite presentation daggers.       
Keyes, Geoff                          Geoff Keyes, owner of the 5 Elements Forge, has a deep understanding of the      - Bowie Knives & Fighting Knives ABS
                                                                   "magic" of the elements. Having wanted to be a wizard since a young age, he      - Hunting Knives & Utility Knives
                                                                    now is one - a wizard of the forge. Awesome. 100% hand forged knives.                - Damascus Knives & Kitchen Knives
Lightfoot, Greg                      Greg Lightfoot of Lightfoot Knives & eXtreme Jewelery has been making awe-  - Tactical Knives          CKMG
       some tactical knives for over 18 years. His motto,"Innovation, not Imitation,"     - Tactical Fixed Blades & Folders
       has been key to his earning the respect as one of the top makers in the world.     - HOG Hunting Harness Carry System
King, Harvey jr.                    Harvey King has been making knives since 1988.  He is a member of the ABS,      - Custom Fixed Blade Knives           ABS
      the PKA and a voting member of the Knifemakers Guild.  He makes fixed blade  - Hunting Knives & Bowie Knives  PKA
       knives, hunters, skinners and fighters from D2 tool steel.  Great prices.       - Skinners, Field Knives                    KMG
Kerr, Hugh                                   Hugh Kerr has been making knives for over 10 years.  His focus is fixed blade      - Custom Hunting Knives              KMG
                                                                   knives, primarily small drop point hunters, but he does make a few folders.        - Custom Folding Knives
       He uses ATS-34 or 440C steels for his blades.  Quality knives at great prices.       - Custom Knives For Sale
Lipson, Ira                                        Being lefthanded, Ira Lipson was frustrated with the availability of knives for  - Custom Left Hand Knives
      left-handed people.  He started by converting production knives for left hand     - Tactical Folding Knives
      use.  Now, Southpaw Knives makes custom left-hand knives, as well as right.    - Echo Tech Series & DAC Series
Ibsen, Jonas                          J.I. Knives is ownerd and operated by Danish Knifemaker, Jonas Ibsen. Jonas       - Scandenavian Style Knives
       makes custom scandenavian stylr knives as well as Sgian Dubhs.  He will also   - Sgian Dubhs
       accept custom designs.  Sadly, there are no pictures of his work on the site.          - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
Laroche, J.M.                        Jean Marc laroche is a knifemaker and sculpture who makes extraordinary         - Art Fantasy Knives
       fantasy knives.  His sculptures - and knives - certainly bring us into the more
       "curious" part of the knife making realm.
Jobin, Jaques                     Custom art and fantasy knifemaker Jacques Jobin started making knives in         - Fantasy Knives - Deep Space Series
      1985 as a hobby - and couldn't stop!  Living in Canada, Jacques makes about       - Custom Art Knives & Folding Knives
      30 knives a year of his own design.  His Deep Space knives are awe inspiring!      - Custom Hunting Knives & Swords
Jagoda, Peter                      Peter David Jagoda received his Masters in Fine Arts in '72.  Since then, he has   - Utility Knives, Chef's Knives
       been a full time studio artist specializing in metalsmithing. Knives are made    
                                                                   with 440C & D2 using the stock removal method.  Blades tempered elsewhere. 
Luman, James                      This site is called and features knives by David M. Smith and   - Custom Knives by David M. Smith
       James Luman, as well as some very uniques knife scale materials. Mr. Smith      - Custom Knives by James Luman
       makes fixed blade knives using 440C and Damascus made by Mr. Luman. - Other Fixed Blade Custom Knives
Kilcup, Jason                      Jason Kilcup is a member of the Canadian Knifemakers Guild and has been         - Custom Hunting Knives             CKMG
       making custom hunting knives on a part-time basis for over 16 years.  He           - Hatchets & Tomahawks
       also makes excellent hatchets, tomahawks, pipe pieces and war clubs.                   - Native Americsn War Clubs
Lairson, Jerry                       ABS Master Smith Jerry Lairson has been making custom knives for over 45        - Custom Hand Forged Knives       ABS
       years.  Above all, he believes in quality.  All of his knives are hand-forged,           - Bowie Knives, Fighters & Hunters
      thouroughly tested and100% soul authorship.  MEGA-Performance knives!         - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Largent, Jim                          Jim Largent of the Profesional Knifemakers Association makes gorgeous hunt-   - Custom Hunting Knives                PKA
       ing knives - the kind that can be identified as his without looking twice. It's no  - Custom Damascus Knives
       wonder he's won award after award - 16 over 13 years to be exact - for them.    - Custom Knives for Sale
Kubasek, John                  John Kubasek has been making custom knives since 1988 and has been a mem-  - Linerlock Folding Knives            KMG
       ber of the Knifemakers Guild since 1999.  John specializes in linerlock folders      - Folding Tactical Knives
       with 64L4V Titanium frames.  Awesome custom folding knives & linerlocks.      - Knives for Sale
LeBlanc, John                         John LeBlanc makes several different types of knives as well as handmade            - Linerlock Folding Knives
       tools used in knifemaking and utility items used in cooking.  Examples of a          - Utility Knives & Paring Knives
       linerlock, a paring knife and miniatures are included on this makers page.           - Handmade Knifemaker's Tools
Jensen, John Lewis            John Jensen is an artist - a truly visionary metalsmith - whose knives are, in      - Sculptural Art Knives                   KMG
       the only way I can think to describe them, mind numbing.  He makes 8 -12          - Hand Forged Art Knives      ABS
       pieces a year which end up in the hands of the luckiest few. Awe Inspiring...      
Lundemo, John                   "And then there was steel.." This is John Lundemo's opening quip for his site,      - Custom Swords
       Looking for a Sword?                  Odin Blades.  John is a true bladesmith, forging each and every amazing blade   - Custom Knives & Forged Blades
       This is your last stop!                 by hand. Swords that any medival army would kill to possess. Awesome A+.     - Custom Knives / Swords For Sale
Loose, Jonathan A.             Bladesmith Jonathan Loose has a deep interest in history and archaeology and - Damascus Dirks & Daggers            ABS
                                                                   claims this has brought him to "the medium of metal." His works are 100%          - Hand Forged Damascus Jewelry
                                                                   hand made works of art. Historical dirks & daggers of hand forged damascus.    - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Jolley, Josh & Bob              Josh and Bob Jolley of R.J. Custom Knives are a father and son team who make   - Bowie Knives & Fighting Knives
       high performance fixed blade knives. Rob has been making knives for over 25     - Hunting Knives & Fishing Knives
      years and now makes knives with his son. Super bowies, fighters and hunters.  - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Khalsa, Jot Singh                Jot Singh Khalsa made his first knife in 1977. Since then he has been perfecting  - Hand Made Custom Swords       KMG
       his talents to make high quality art knives, both folding and fixed-blade. He       - Fixed Blade Art Knives & Folders
       also makes jewelry which can be found here. Indian Kirpans & Koftgaris.            - Kirpans & Koftgaris & Available
Largin, Ken                           Ken Largin & Paula Anzel are the team that make up Kelgin Knives.  Ken has      - Kelgin Custom Knives & Design
       been making knives for years and discovered Paulas natural talent at a grinder - Grinding Info & Meteorite Damascus
       in 1994.  You must read the history! Great custom knives at great prices!              - 3 Day Knifemaking Classes
Lambert, Kirby                     Kirby Kambert is one of the most well known Canadian Knifemakers today.       - Tactical / Art Folding Knives   CKMG
                          Constantly striving to make a superior knife, he uses today's most innovative    - Fixed Blade Tactical Knives
       steels such as CPM s30v / 154cm and BG-42. Also makes high carbon blades.      - High Carbon Japanese Style Blades
Knives, Kramer                         Mr. Kramer has been making high-performance custom kitchen knives and         - Custom Kitchen Knives
       cutlery for over 10 years.  Using 52100 as well as pattern welded steel, Mr.          - Damascus Kitchen Knives
       Kramer is one of the few that makes kitchen knives worthy of a fine collection. 
Krein, Tom                                   Tom Krein owner of Krein Knives makes knives by the motto, "Form follows        - Custom Tactical Knives
       function." While these knives look fantastic and would fit into many a custom   - Custom Combat Knives
       collection, they're meant for the field and designed to stand up to the toughest.  - Hatchets, Axes & Kerambits
Kris Cutlery                                 Kris Cutlery offers swords that are simple in design and functional.  Every           - Japanese Swords & Blade Blanks
       sword is made of hand forged 5160 carbon steel.  Blades are either diferentialy  - Chinese Martial Arts Weapons
       tempered or to one hardness depending on the size and style. Great weapons!   - Medieval Weapons & Phillippine
Kemp, Larry                                    Larry Kemp started making knives in 1991 using the stock removal method.      - Hand Forged Hunting Knives     ABS
       In '97, he began to forge steel, attended the ABS school in 2002 and in '06, he        - Skinners, Guthooks & Damascus
                 became a Journeyman Smith. There is a six month waiting period for knives.      - Tomahawks
Landrum, Len                        Len Landrum is a Journeyman Smith with the ABS and forges great blades          - Hand Forged Bowie Knives          ABS
                 from 52100 steel, Damascus and other steels. Unfortunately, his site is gone,
        so we've linked to this article for more info about him.
LaGrone, Mark                             Mark LaGrone of "Saint Mark Knives" has been making knives since 2003.  He   - Slipjoint Folding Knives
       makes mostly slipjoint folding knives of various styles.  He also makes fixed       - Fixed Blade Knives
       blade knives and reproductions of antique folding knives.  Good prices!                - Knives Available for Sale
James, Matt                           Matt James is the owner of "Damascus NZ" and has spent years perfecting the   - Custom Hunting Knives
       art of creating quality pattern welded steel.  You can buy bars of damascus        - Axes, Tomahawks & Carving Sets
       made by him as well as bolsters and his custom knives. Damascus info also.       - Damascus Bars & Bolster Material
Lamey, Matt                          Matt Lamey served in the United States Coast Guard from 1987 - 1994, after       - Hand Forged Cord Wrapped Knives
       which he decided to dedicate his time to a long time passion - Knifemaking.        - Fighting Knives & Bowie Knives
       Hand-forged, high-performance, function-first, no-nonsense knives. Awesome! - High Performance Knives for Sale
Long, Mel                                          Mel Long took up knife making in 1994.  Recently, he has begun to learn how     - Fixed Blade Custom Knives       CKMG
       to create his own damascus.  Various styles of fixed blades, bowie knives,           - Available Knives / Knife Designs
       fighting knives, hunting knives and daggers. Scrim & engraving by E. Dolbare.  - Knife Handle Materials for Sale
Lovett, Michael                     Michael Lovett Makes awesome, Bob Loveless Style sub-hilts, chute knives...
       This is not a personal site but is a page that gives an example of his work.
Karlsson, Mikael                         Mikael Karlsson of Tarandus Knives is a Swedish knifemaker and has been        - Swedish Style Straight Knives
       making knives part-time since 1980.  Tarandus is Latin for "reindeer," a name    - Hunting Knives & Skinners
       chosen by Mikael because he uses mainly reindeer antler in his handles.               - Antler Sheaths
Livesay, Newt                   Need I really go into a description?  Well, if you don't know, Newt Livesay is      - Combat Knives & Fighting Knives
       the man behind Livesay Combat Knives.  While he does make custom hunters, - Survival Knives & Machetes
                                                                   his combat knives are the point of intrest here.  Made for pure performance.        - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Kozy, P.J.                          P.J. Kozy makes fixed blade custom knives for immidiate delivery, or will             - Fixed Blade Custom Knives
       make a knife customized to your specifications.  Fixed blade knives made using - Hunting Knives & Skinners
       D-2 and ATS-34 for both the user and collector. Nice, functional designs.               - Custom Knives for Sale
Johnston, Paul                 Paul Johnston is a member of the Canadian Knifemakers Guild.  He makes - Stainless Damascus Folders      CKMG
       folding knives with all wood handles, ATS-34 or Stainless Damascus blades.      - Custom Folding Knives
       Nice "user-friendly" folding knives.
Jansson, Ulf                    Ulf Jansson is a Swedish knifemaker who makes knives in the traditional              - Fixed Blade Swedish Art Knives
                                        Scandenavian style with an artistic touch.  His main work is primarilly                - Miniature Knives
       handles.  He uses blade forged by other well-known Swedish bladesmiths.         - Damasteel Knives & Folding Knives  
Keeton, William                           This is the site of custom knife maker William Keeton. He makes fixed blade        - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
       knives - daggers, drop point Loveless style hunters, skinning knives and              - Custom Fighting Knives & Daggers
       fighters.  He also makes some folding knives.  Nice, clean functional designs.
Letcher, William                  
       This site is not currently available. We'll check back soon.
Johnson, William               
     This site is not currently working. We will check back soon.
Loerchner, Wolfgang        Wolfgang Loerchner started making knives back in 1984.  At the time, he used   - Fixed Blade Art Knives
       only hand tools - the same means by which he still creates his masterpieces       - Folding Art Knives
       today.  Stunning art knives - both fixed blades and folding knives.                          - Art Knives for Sale
Ledbetter, R.R.                     R.R. Ledbetter is a member of the American Bladesmith Society.       ABS
This site is not currently available. We will check back.
Kirk, Ray                                      Kirk is a full time knife maker and has passed the American Bladesmith     - Hand Forged Knives                ABS-MS
       Society's requirements for Master Smith.  He won the first cutting contest at       - Knifemaker Awards
       Mesquite with knives made from his custom Damascus Mix.        - Available Custom Knives
Lala, Ricardo & Roberto      
           Site not working.  We will check back.
Leuschen, Ron                         All Ron Leuschen's knives are forged and designed with the outdoorsman in       - Custom Damascus Knives           
       mind, he specializes in practical knives that are guaranteed to hold an edge,       - Custom Leather Work
       and be easy to sharpen. Each knife is tested before it leaves his shop.  - Knives Available for Sale
Johnson, Ronald              At this site you can find premium and specialty knifemaking supplies and          - Stainless Steel & Gold Screws
       guides for beginers. Currently there are no knives available at this site, but         - Pivot Pins & Titanium
       if your ready to give it a try yourself, you may find this useful!                                 - Drill Bits & Gems & Knife Anatomy
Johnson, Ryan                           Ryan Johnson primarily makes tactical tomahawks for military personnel and - Custom Tomahawks           
      historical pieces. He teaches prototyping skills at the University of Tennessee     - Tactical Tomahawks
     teaches tomahawk & damascus forging at  blacksmith conferences.   
Kelly, Steven                                Steven Kelly began making knives in 2000.  Quickly, he turned to the forge.          - Hand Forged Knives                       ABS
                                                                   He learned to make knives forging his own steel and Mosiac Damascus. He           - Damascus Knives, Folding Knives
                                                                   makes great tactical knives as well as amazing Mosiac Damascus blades.             
Licata, Steven                       Steven Licata is a master sculpter and steel is his medium.  Absolutely incred-  - Custom Fantasy Knives & Weaponry
       ible hand made fantasy knives, medieval weaponry and guitars! Guitars? YES  - Swords, Flails, Folders, Axes, Guitars
       GUITARS! You must see it to believe it. Compelling artistry and weaponry!       - Custom Art Kniives for Sale
Johnson, Steven R.             Steven R. johnson is a name that every learned custom knife collector knows    - Custom Drop Point Hunters         KMG
       as soon as they here it.  He has been making knives since 1966 and has worked  - Subhilt Fighting Knives & Folders
                 with the greats: Warenski, Loveless, and others.  The cleanest grinds around!    - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Knipschield, Terry               Terry Knipschield started making knives in 1985.  He is a member of the KMG   - Custom Folding Knives                 KMG
       and makes fixed blade and folding stock removal knives using ATS-34, 440C,      - Custom Bowie Knives
       O1 Tool Steel and 15N20. He also does all his own heat treating in house.              - Knives For Sale
Lively, Tim                        Tim Lively of Lively Knives made and sold his first knives in 1974 and became  - Hand Forged hunting knives
       a full-time knifemaker in 1992. Knives forged using natural charcoal lump. He   - Fixed Blade Fighting Knives, Bowies
       creates knives with the look of a relic that function like modern tacticals.             - Bowie Knives & Hunting Knives
Johanning, Tom                 Tom Johanning became interested in making knives in 1990.  By 1997, he was     - Super Strong Tactical Knives
       a voting member of the KMG.  Swamped by orders, he turned to his company   - Tac-10, Tact-11 & Outrage Models
       to produce blanks. Knives are then milled by CNC and vacuum heat treated.     - Able to Pierce A Diamond Steel Plate!
Lewis, Tom                                       
      This site is not currently available. We'll check back soon.
Karlsson, Tony                             Tony Karlsson is a Swedish knifemaker who makes knives in the traditional      - Scandenavian Style Folding Knives
       Scandenavian style.  His knives range from user-grade knives to art knives         - Damascus Swedish Knives
       using exotic materials and Damascus by the best Swedish bladesmiths.                - Scandenavian Knives for Sale
Lewis, T.R.                              T.R. Lewis sold his first knife in 1980.  In 2001, he became a Journeyman Smith  - Hand Forged Damascus Knives    ABS
       of the American Bladesmith Society. He makes pattern welded, wire, motor-      - Hand Forged Carbon Steel Knives
       cycle chain and chainsaw damascus and forged blades with 5168 and O1. A+!   - ATS-34 Stock Removal Knives
Independence Custom      In 1993, JD Philips began his quest to make the ultimate battle blade.  In '99 he    - Combat Knives
               Cutlery          teamed up with Hardy Arnold to form Independence Custom Cutlery (ICC) -      - Tactical Knives
                                                                   Custom Combat Knives and Tactical knives for when failure is not an option!     - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
King, Randall                                 We maintain the highest quality standards in the knife industry, by utilizing   - Custom Fixed & Folding Knives
      the most elevated technology available. Our knives are built for competitive      
      advantage in the marketplace, and we guarantee them to last in the field.  
Keller, Ryan           Ryan Keller started making knives at the age of 17 and shows the potential         - Hand Forged Knives
       move up quickly in the community. He makes tactical fixed blade knives              - Tactical Knives
       using primarily 1080 Carbon steels and aims to start using tool steel as well.
Knapp, Mark                         Mark Knapp is a knifemaker with 25 years of experience as a tool and die             - Fixed Blade Custom Knives
       maker. He has been featured in Blade Magazine numerous times, and its easy    - Investment Grade Knives
       to see why after ne look at some of his work. Stunning handle designs.        - Available Knives for Sale
Lambkin, Tim & Erica        Tim Lambkin is the knifemaker behind "Chops Knives," producing 100% hand   - Fixed Blade CustomKnives          PKA
       made knives - no CNC, no out-house heat treat - 100%. Seriously unique art/      - Custom Folding Knives
       performance hybrids using combos of traditional and modern materials.            -  Art Knives, tactical Knives
Laramie, MarkMark Laramie of "MAL Knives," creates some of the finest, investment grade       - Collector Grade Art Knives
       art knives available anywhere, using only the very finest materials. These          - Custom Art Folding Knives
       knives are each and every one a work of functional art. Outstanding. - Available Art Knives (Good Luck...)
Jacques, Alex                      Alex Jacques makes outstanding, one-of-a-kind, custom straight razors.  He         - Custom Straight Razors
       started shaving with straight razors and became known for repairing them.      - Damascus Razors
       This led to an interest in the custom knife realm and began to make his own.      - High-End Straight Edge Razors
Larson, Ronald                     Ronald Larson first took a knifemaking course from Elliot Wakefield in 2007.       - Fixed Blade Custom Knives
       Soon after, he put his own shop together and started RJL Knives.  Larson             - Custom Art Knives
       strives to make knives that are both art and fully functional.       - Custom Knives Available for Sale