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Types of Knives
Name / Link
Benchworks, Alexander      A small site displaying some examples of work by Alexander Benchworks,       - Custom Fixed Blade Knives        KMG
There are no prices or order forms here, so you'll have to contact the maker.     - Interframe folding Knives & Daggers
A.B. offers some great "carry knives" as well as custom sheathes.                           - Hand Made Leather & Kydex Sheaths
Andersson, Andre                Andre is a graphic designer turned knifemaker hailing from Sweden. He has     - Hand Forged Knives
                                                                     taken classes with Roger Bergh and makes art knives. He basically sticks to       - Available Knives!
                                                                     one type of folding knife design and uses different materials and patterns.          - Damascus Art Knives
Duodji, Atalje                           Atalje is from Switzerland and makes knives of the traditional nordic style.       - Nordic Style Custom Knives
                                                                    His knives are mostly short hunting knives of various styles and materials.       - Nordic Hunting Knives
                                                                    He also hand crafts traditional Nordic cookware!
Bradshaw, Bailey                   Bailey Bradshaw is a Master Smith in the ABS and has been making knives        - Custom Presentation Knives       ABS
                                                                    since 1993 - full time since '97.  Mr. Bradshaw makes exceptional presentation   - Custom Folding Knives
                 fixed blade knives as well as folding/pocket knives. Super-solid workmanship.  - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Davis, Barry                              Barry Davis is a member of the American Bladesmith Society.  His work as of    - Damascus Folding Knives   ABS
                                                                    now consists mostly of folding knives.  He does some excellent work at      - Custom Folding Knife
        forging his own damascus. (Page is currently unavailable!).                                      - Gentleman's Folding Knife
Dawson, Barry                          Barry Dawson is all about making useful tool beautiful in their simplicity. We   - Daggers & Japanese Style Knives
       really admire this attitude.  He has plenty of bragging rights, but just won't       - Fighting Knives & Hunting Knives
       use them, so we'll do it for him!  Super quality, Grade A, Steel Goodness!              - Swords & Neck Knives & Bowies
Basko                    This is an interesting site.  Knives made in Russia by an artist known as    - Custom Engraved Knives
                                                                    Basko. All of these knives exhibit unique engravings and some have recieved      - Custom Hunting Knives
        awards. Most of the knives on the site are sold. Interesting work.        - Available Knives for Sale
Campbell, Bill                         Bill Campbell, knifemaker and owner of Black Elk Outdoors, makes many - Custom Hunting Knives
        styles of knives for the collector and the outdoorsman alike.  Buy 3 custom         - Custom Pocket Knives
        knives, and you'll get a fourth of equal value - FREE! Can't beat that! - Bowie Knives & Damascus Knives
Cumming, Bob                      Bob Cumming has been making knives since 1976 and makes Bowie Knives        - Custom Bowie Knives
*KMD Reccomended for                     that cause one to forget all others.  He also makes just about any other kind        - Custom Skinning & Hunting Knives
functional custom Bowie Knives    of fixed blade knife immaginable! Look no further for a BIG, Beautiful Knife        - Specialty KnivesDamascus knives  
Doggett, Bob                      Bob Doggett makes knives he describes as "clean, elegant functional art." We      - Custom Tactical Knives               KMG
                                                                    believe him.  He has learned the art from some of the best and has exemplified   - Folding, Utility and Fighting Knives
                                                                    his knowledge in his work. His site looks as sharp as his knives are as well!        - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Dozier, Bob                         An absolutely endless array of knife styles, types and designs! Bob Dozier          - Dozier Classic Design Hunters
*KMD "Best Value" Recognition       is one of the most well known and respected names in knifemaking and has      - Tactical Knives & Hunting Knives
                                                                    been making knives his entire life. If you wanna depend on it, get it here.             - Custom Folding Knives
Branton, Bobby              A very well known name in knife making with nothing but success in front        - Custom Throwing Knives             ABS 
                                                                    of him.  He is a Journeyman Smith of the ABS & President of the American           - Custom Handmade Knives       AKTA
                                                                    Knife Throwers Alliance.  One of the few who crafts custom throwing knives.    - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Duncan, Brad                   How do I put it? "JAW DROPPING TACTICAL KNIVES. END.  Seriously    - Custom Tactical Fixed Blade Knives
                                                                    though,  Brad Duncan is taking a more "modern" approach to the world of         - Custom Tactical Folding Knives
                                                                    custom knives and could very well be the next great. Must see website...             - Autos, Dual Autos & Butterfly Knives
Bennett, Brett C.                   Began makin custom knives in 1999 using the stock removal method and   - Damascus Custom Knives            ABS
                                                                    moved up to forging his own blades and Damascus in 2001. This is another        - Hunting Knives & Fighting Knives
                                                                    guy thats definately going places.  Member of the ABS, PKA and MKA.       - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Breme & Sons                 Breme & Sons has been constructing hand made knives for over 20 years,   - Historical Reproductions
       specializing in custom made orders and historical reproductions, including       - Bowie Knives, Daggers, Matched Sets
       bowie knives, daggers, matched sets and more.  100% custom orders.                    - Custom Orders Accepted
Bennett, Bruce                 These are knives made by a sportsman for hunters and collectors alike. These    - Custom Hunting Knives
                                                                   knives are mostly hunters made in the traditional style, obdviously by a man   - Custom Skinning and sport Knives
                                                                   who loves his work.  He only makes a few each year, so you'll have to be quick.  - Bowie knives and Fighting Knives
Bump, Bruce & Kaye  Bruce Bump makes knives that show exactly what the title "Master Smith"        - CustomBowie Knives & Daggers  ABS
                                                                    means and how those who carry that title are at the highest pinacle in the          - Period Pieces, Rifles, Axes and more!
                                                                    world of making custom knives. Also makes axes and match-lock rifles.               - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Bennica, Charlie            Charlie Bennica, a knifemaker from southern France believes that the two           - Custom Folding Art Knives
                                                                    most significant qualities that characterize a good knife are simplicity and         - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
                                                                    perfection.  His knives are just this - sculptured jewels of fluid lines.                       - Damascus Folding Knives
Darcey, Chester L.               Chester Darcey is a Journeyman Smith of the ABS.  He creates a variety of          - Custom Folding Knives & Autos  ABS
                                                                    knife styles by both forging his own Damascus and using the Stock Removal     - Bowie Knives & Hunting Knives
                                                                    method.  Modern and traditonal knife designs at excellent prices.                            - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Booysen, Chris               Chris Booysen is a wonderfully talented custom knifemaker from south Africa.  - Custom Art Folding Knives   KMGSA
"Best  Boot / Fighter Knife 2004"     His range of skill allows him to create a knife suitable for your gaming tasks        - Hunting Knives, Bowies & Skinners
KGSA knife show"Baby Dragon"   or a stunning presentation piece you'll treasure for a lifetime.                                     - Available Knives
Crawford, Chris                   Chris Crawford started knifemaking as a hobby in 2001.  After his first knife,      - Hand Forged Fixed Blade Knives
       he was hooked.  He built a firebrick forge and went to see Bruce Evans who         - Automatic Knives
       taught him to forge a blade from 5160 bar stock.  A wide array of talent here!     - Knives Available for Sale
Davis, Chris                      Chris Davis of ML Knives makes hand forged knives in the traditional way of     - Traditional Hand Forged Knives
       the early American bladesmiths.  These are highly functional knives made for   - Historically Acurate Reproductions
       both use and re-enactments of historical American events.  A+ quality!       - Available Hand Forged Knives - 2
Deringer, Christoph    Although this page is only a profile of knifemaker Cristoph Deringer on the        - Custom Integral Knives                  CKG
                                                           Website, it does give you his contact info and examples of      - Daggers & Hunting Knives
                                                                    his work. Cristoph is a Master Smith and a member of the CKG since 1994.         - Presentation / Collectors Pieces
Burrows, Chuck             Chuck Burrows is a Master Leathersmith who makes exquisite leather                 - Custom Leather Sheaths & Holsters
                                                                    sheaths and gun holsters as well as knives and tomahawks based on old             - Western Style Knives & Tomahawks
                                                                    western designs dating back to the 1740's up until the 1920's.                                   - "How-To" DVD's by Mr. Burrows!
Dotson, Chuck                       Chuck Dotson of grey Bear Knives got started when he couldn't find a knife         - Hunting Knives & Skinners
       that felt right in his hand.  He read a book by David Boye and got started.  His   - Filet Knives & Utility Knives
       first knife was claimed before he could finish it and the rest is all history!  - Custom Knives For Sale
Breshears, Clint              Clint Breshears is a part time knifemaker and has been a member of the KMG    - Fixed Blade Knives                         KMG
                                                                    since 1984. He  uses mostly ATS-34 steel to create knives in working, time-          - Hunting Knives, Bowies & Skinners
                                                                   tested patterns.  Great knives for hunters & collectors alike                                         - Tactical Knives & Folding Knives
Cox, Colin                                   Colin Cox trained in the Marine Corps between 1962-1970.  He later began          - Custom Fighting Knives               KMG
                                                                    repairing knives for the world famous Randall and then began making his         - Custom Hunters & Tactical Knives
                                                                    own knives in 1981. Makes awesome combat fighting knives! KMG since 1984   - Custom Survival Knives & Bowies
Bondu, Conrad              Conrad Bondu is a member of the Canadian Knifemakers Guild.  This is a page    - Custom Fantasy Knives            CKMG
       off the main CKMG site and gives contact information for Conrad as well as a    - Hunters, Skinners & Utlity Knives
       few examples of his work.  Beautifully carved handles and fantasy knives!          - Swords & Specialty Art Pieces
Cosmic Cutlery              How come no one ever believes me when I tell them that I have a knife made      - Custom Meteorite Damascus Knives
                                                                   out of meteorites? Well, at Cosmic Cutlery, you can buy a knife just like that       - Meteorite Jewelry & Accesories
                                                                   made by Alex Chase or Chuck Richards, or a raw meteorite all by itself!                - Raw Meteorites & Sculptures
Camerer, Craig               Craig Camerer started making knives using the stock removal method in the     - Hand Forged Bowie Knives          ABS
                                                                    year 2000, but soon realized he loved to forge! So, in 2001, he joined the ABS,      - Hand Forged Hunting Knives      PKA
                                                                    and in 2004, qualified as a Journeyman Smith. Craig loves his Bowie Knives!      - Custom Tactical Knives
Di Stefano, Dan             Hand forged blades born of fire... Dan Di Stefano has been forging knives since   - Bowies & Folding Knives & Hunters
                                                                    1989 at the Coyote Forge in Southeast Texas.  If you want a real good knife to     - Skinners & Hatchets
                                                                    take hunting, or a hatchet, then Dan is your man.  (See the videos for fun)             - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Acker, Dana                      Dana Acker, owner and propieter of Acker Forge, is the kind of guy who    - Frontier Style Custom Knives    NTM
                                                                    forges for one purpose and one purpose only. Performance.  True fromtier           - Frontier Style Weapons
                                                                    style knives and weapons forged through traditional smithing techniques.         - Hand Made Jewelry
Certo, Daniel                           Daniel M. Certo is the owner of Relentless Knives.  These are knives made for       - Combat Knives & Fighting Knives
       the sole reason of seeing combat.  They are fierce, they are tough, they are  - Utility Knives
       deadly sharp... In a single word, they are "relentless"   - Knives Available for Sale
Britton, Danny               Danny Britton has been making custom knives since 1986 after meeting knife     - 440C Stainless Custom Knives
       maker, Corbin Newcomb at the KMG show in Dallas Texas.  Since then, he has  - Bowie Knives & Fighting Knives
       been making knives using 1/8" and 3/16" 440C Stainless Steel.  Great Bowies!      - Stainless Steel Hunting Knives
Cutsforth, Daren                  Daren Cutsforth had been a machinist for 20 years before taking up knife            - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
                                                                    making full time.  He is now the owner of cutsforthknives where he sells tools   - Custom Knives Available for Sale
                                                                    such as axes and machetes and ocaisionally, his own custom made knives.
Chard, Darren                  Darren Chard is a knifemaker of the Canadian Knifemakers Guild.  This link      - Custom Folding Knives            CKMG
                                                                    will take you to an off shoot of the guild site where you can see a few of his          - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
                                                                    available knives as well as get his contact information to buy his knives.              - Custom Damascus Knives
Boye, David                        Don't be confused! The Url is correct, but the site is actually under the title         - Custom Knives by David Boye
David Boye's Knifemaking Book      Francine Etchings. Here, you can find fine knives by David Boye (known well    - Folding Knives & Outdoors Knives
                                                                    for his Dendritic Steel), and by J.P.Holmes - etched beautifully by Francine L.     - Knives for Sale
Boye, David                       Don't be confused! The Url is correct, but the site is actually under the title          - Custom Knives by David Boye
David Boye's Knifemaking Book      Francine Etchings. Here, you can find fine knives by David Boye (known well    - Kitchen Knives & Outdoors Knives
                                                                    for his Dendritic Steel), and by J.P.Holmes - etched beautifully by Francine L.     - Custom Folding Knives for Sale
Broadwell, David                David Broadwell makes absolutely stunning knives as well as fully functional   - Sub-Hilt Fighting Knives & Bowies
       fountain pens. His work is some that falls in that high performance yet highly   - Folding Knives
       artistic category.  Truly unique, fully functional art knives - and pens!                   - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Brodziak, David             David Brodziak is a full time knifemaker from Western Austalia and has been   - Hunters, Skinners & Game Knives
                                                                    making knives since 1989. He's won many awards and makes a wide variety     - Collectors, Fantasy & Utility Knives
                                                                   of designs. Since 1999, artist Carol Ann O'Conner has worked with David.            - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Brukskniver, David     David makes Scandanavian style knives.  He mostly purchases blades from       - Scandanavian Style Knives
                                                                    other knifemakers and uses them to create his knives.  Brukskniver means
                                                                   "Every-day Knives." Davids prices are low and his knives are of solid quality.
Crawford, Dawnavan        Dawnavan Crawford has been a bladesmith since 1996 and is a member of        - Custom Fixed Blade Knives          ABS
                                                                    the ABS.  Aside from making knives and swords, he also does decorative iron     - Custom Swords & Fantasy Pieces
                                                                    work and fantasy pieces.                                                                                                            - Blacksmithing / Iron Work
Dellana                                              I love pulling this gag - Showing someone a Dellana custom knife and getting     - Custom Art Folding Knives        KMG
                          them to ask, "How did he make it.?" Um... You mean, "How did SHE make it."       - Custom Presentation Daggers
                                                                    Dellana, a member of the KMG, forges blades that'll make a grown man cry.       - Exquisite Custom Art Knives
Atkinson, Dick                          Dick Atkinson is a member of the Knifemakers Guild.  He Makes Custom               - Custom Micarta Pistol Grips     KMG
                                                                    Pistol Grips in various designs using Micarta. Currently, he is only making
                                                                    grips for the model 1911 handgun.
Burgess, Doc                                 Robert O. Burgess, or "Doc" Burgess is a teacher, an author, practices medicine   - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
                                                                    and loves making knives.  His style is unmistakable.  He makes fixed blades of   - Engraved Knives
                                                                    all kinds and engraves beautiful patterns into the blades and bolsters.                  - Hunters, Fighters & Utility Knives
Cowles, Don                                 Don Cowles made his first knife in 1963.  Many years later, after performing       - Custom Straight Knives                MKS
                                                                    various other jobs, he became a full time knifemaker in 1995.  His main focus     - Miniature Custom Knives            AKTI
                                                                   is designing and creating small straight knives as alternatives to folders.              - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Casteel, Douglas / Diana   Douglas Casteel began knifemaking in 1981 - went full time in 1986.  His wife    - Custom Swords & Daggers         KMG
                                                                    Diana soon followed in 1988 and won best miniature at her first Blade Show!    - Bowies and Fighters & Push Daggers
                                                                    They are both members of the KMG and make one of a kind custom art knives.  - Folding Knives & Miniatures
Bandy, Dwayne                        Dwayne Bandy is a skilled blacksmith and bladesmith.  His main focus is            - Custom Fixed Blade Knives      TKCA
                                                                    however a little peculiar to - jewelery! So why is        - Hand Made Chain Mail
                                                                    he here? Because, he does make custom knives - and I like jewelery!   .                     - Custom Smith Work
Dushane, Dwayne                 Dwayne Dushane started persuing knifemaking in 1986.  Learning the trade      - Custom Damascus Knives           TKCA
       from makers such as Stout and Whitley, he makes custom knives using the        - Liner Lock Folding Knives
       stock removal method.  Beautiful one-of-a-kind damascus knives and folders!   - Available Knives
Caffrey, Ed                              ABS Master Smith Ed Caffrey "The Montana Bladesmith" is one of the best. He  - Collectors Knives & Folders           ABS
   Visit Ed's Forum Here!                    produces exquisite collectors pieces as well as working knives that will last        - Working Knives & Barstock
       Bladesmith Classes                      longer than forever for over 20 years. Hand forged 52100, 5160 & Damascus.       - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Bacca, Eddie J.                 Custom Knifemaker Eddie Bacca is a member of the Professional Knifemakers    - Custom Folding Knives                  PKA
       Association.  He makes various types of folding knives as well and fixed-blade   - Tactical Folding Knives
        knives as well.  Offers various materials to customize your knife of choice.          - Hunting Knives & Bowie Knives
Davidson, Edmund        Since 1986, Edmund Davidson has been producing some of the finest custom      - Custom Integral Knives      KMG
                 integral knives that I've seen up to date. He has come up with over 90 unique     - Integral Hunters, Fighters & Daggers
       and innovative designs, some from the shop of R.W. Loveless. Flawless work.    - Integral Presentation Pieces
Beraro, Eduard                     Eduard Beraro began making knives in 2005 and is a member of the Brazilian    - Hand Forged Hunting Knives       SBC
       Bladesmiths Society.  He forges his own steel and makes damascus hunters,        - Custom Forged Damascus Knives
       integrals and fighting knives as well as kitchen, carving and chefs knives.  - Integrals, Bowies & Chefs Knives
Bucharsky, Emil                   Emil Bucharsky typically uses ATS-34, RWL34, BG42, and UHB ELMAX for       - Hunting Knives and Fixed Blades
                                                                   stainless steel knives or 1095, O1, L6, I5N20 and Nickel when forging pattern      - Hand Forged Damascus Knives
                                                                    welded damascus.  He will also work with you to create the knife you need.        - Custom Folding Knife
Bradley, Frank                         Frank Bradley, owner of Bradley Knives in Northern California, makes bowie   - Custom Bowie Knives
                                                                    knives and hunters worthy of any collection.  Blades are made from carbon &   - Custom Folding Knives
                                                                    stainless steels via stock removal, flat ground, heat treated & oven tempered.    - Available Knives
Bruner, Fred jr.                        Fred Bruner makes knives, swords and tomahawks using mostly carbon             - Available Knives                          KMG
                                                                   steels depending on the intended use of the piece.  All blades are hand forged       - Fishing, Filet & Small Game Knives
                                                                    by Mr. Bruner.  Fred is a member of the Knifemaker's Guild.                                       - Tomahawks & Period Pieces
Burger, Fred                               Fred Burger's speciality is sword canes, which in my opinion make excellent     - Sword Canes                               SAKMG
                                                                    conversation pieces, collector pieces and of course, self defense weapons.  A+      - Custom Folding Knives
                                                                    super quality.  Also makes folding knives.  Fred is a member of the SAKMG.        - Cane Models & Pricing
Afshar, Freidon                       Freidon Afshar is from the city of Zanjan, located in Iran, hence the name of        - Custom Folding Knives
                                                                    his operation - ZanJan Knives.  These are both folding and straight knives in      - Fixed Blade Hunting Knives
                                                                    various models and styles at relatively low prices.                                                         - Buck Style Folding Knives
Beauchamp, Gaetan            Gaetan Beauchamp began as a scrimshander and due to a lack of knifemakers    - Scrimshaw Knives          KMG/CKMG
                                                                    who would allow a new artist to work on their handles, Gaetan started to          - Bowie Knives & Daggers
                                                                    make his own knives which are now HIGHLY sought after.  Stunning work.       - Fantasy Knives & Damascus Knives
Bradley, Gayle                       Gayle Bradley started knifemaking in '98 and became a full time maker in '02.   - Liner Lock Folding Knives           KMG
                                                                    His preference of steel is BG-42 and damascus and mokume made by other         - Custom Art Knives
                                                                    makers. Member of the Texas Knifemakers & Collectors Assoc., KMG & ABS..      - Damascus Folding Knives
Anderson, Gene                    Gene Anderson has been a full-time custom knifemaker for over 15 years.  He   - Custom Fixed Blade Knives     
   Custom Made Sheaths Also!         uses ATS-34. A2 tool steel and 1095 high carbon for his blades.  All blades are    - Custom Folding Lockback Knives
                                                                    hand ground, heat treated and sub-zero quenched.  Great fixed blade knives.     - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Baskett, Gene                      Gene Baskett has been making knives since 1980 and has been a voting mem-    - Tactical Folding Knives                 KMG
                                                                   ber of the KMG since '83.  Gene is well known for his file-work and the disply     - Linerlock Folders & Lock Backs
                                                                   stands he creates for his knives.  Great liner locks and tactical folders.                    - Fixed Blade Tactical Knives
Dailey, George E.              KMG
                     This link is currently not working. We will check back soon.
Corbitt, Gerald                      Gerald Corbitt is a part-time knifemaker from Kentuky who began making        - Art Knives  - 2 - 3                            KMG
       knives in 1991.  His focus now lies entirely with folding knives.  His art knives   - Custom Folding Knives
      are 100% hand made, and each is truly a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind work of art       - Linerlock Folders / Art Folders
Covington, Greg                   Greg Covington had started making knives via stock removal in '91 and then     - Hand Forged Combat Knives      ABS
                                                                   began forging his own steel. Ever since, he has been producing top quality            - Hand Forged Bowie Knives
       knives, focusing mainly on Bowie Knives and Combat Knives.   - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Cote, Guillaume J.             Guillaume J. Cote had a passion for custom knives throughout his life.  Upon     - Bowie Knives & Fighting Knives CKG
       retiring, he has realized his dream of becoming a full-time knifemaker. These     - Filet Knives & Utility Knives
      are fully functional knives coupled with some really beautiful design concepts.  - Custom Knives for Sale
Boehlke, Gunter                  Gunter Boehlke is a German knifemaker and has been making knives since '85.   - Custom Hunting Knives
       He makes all of his knives through the stock removal method using mostly         - Integrals & Damascus Knives
       hand tools. He makes fixed blade knives using various steels and damascus.       - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Carson, Harold "Kit"      Harold "Kit" Carson makes great tactical style folding knives and dive knives,  - Tactical Folding Knives       KMG
Visit Kit Carson's Web Album!     as well as some superb, one-of-a-kind art knives. Whether you desire a knife       - Tactical Diving Utility Knives
                                                                   for daily use, or a super, collector's grade knife, you can find it here.    - Custom Art Knives
Dean, Harvey J.                    Harvey Dean has been making knives since '81, forging his own steel and            - Folding Bowies & Dress Bowies   ABS
35 awards sinc 1992!                damascus since '86 and received his Mastersmith rating in '92.  He is a board     - Folding Knives & Hunting Knives
       member of the ABS and VP of the TKCA.  I would trust my life to a Dean knife.   - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Armeor, Heimrick                Heimrick Armeor is a maker of swords, rapiers and daggers.  These are pieces    - Swords, Rapiers and Daggers
       fashioned after the styles of the medieval and reniscance eras. The site is up,       - Medieval Weaponry
       unfortunately, no other pages are working.  Watch out for Pop-Ups!
Clark, Howard                       Howard Clark, aka "Omimi" (Japanese for "Big Ear") has been a member of the   - L6 & 1086 Japanese Sword Blades
                 ABS since '88 and a Mastersmith since '92.  His purpose is to provide the finest  - Available Blades by Howard       ABS
       knives and sword blades available.  Well known for his L6/1086 sword blades. - Currently not taking orders        KMG
Dewitt, J.                                 J. Dewitt, member of the Knifemakers Guild, has been making knives since          - Custom Fixed Blade Knives         KMG
          "Super-Clean Work!"               1980, and has been making them full-time since 1997.  Knives are 100% made      - Custom Folding Knives & Damascus
                                                                   by him.  Sheaths are hand made by his daughter, Jennifer. Custom orders OK.    - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Davenport, Jack                      Jack Davenport has been making one-of-a-kind custom folding knives for over   - Multibladed Slipjoint Folders    KMG
                 20 years.  In 2006, he won "Best Custom Folder" at both the KMG show and        - Automatic Knives & Linerlocks
                 the Blade Show! Specializes in multibladed slipjoints. Autos & linerlocks too.    - Fixed Blade Knives
Cook, James                          James Cook is a member of the American Bladesmith Society and has been a      - Hand Forged Custom Knives        ABS
                                                                   Mastersmith since 1991.  He is also an instructor as a blade smithing school.       - Bowie Knives & Fighters               AKA
                His knives are hand forged, top quality and come at great prices.                              - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Boley, Jamie                          Bladesmith Jamie Boley of Polar Bear Forge began knifemaking using stock re-  - Hand Forged Fixed Blade Knives
      moval.  After he managed to set up a shop, he began  hand forging blades. He.     - Bowie Knives & Hunting Knives
                                                                   makes great damascus & hand forged fixed blade knives.      - Hand Forged Damascus Knives
Anso, Jens                  Jens Anso is a knifemaker from Denmark who has been making knives since       - Linerlocks & Frame Lock Folders
       1988, full-time since 2001. He has a masters in Industrial Design and his work   - Balisongs / Butterfly Knives
                is clean and efficient exhibiting sleek lines and modern designs.                                 - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Anders, Jerome                    Jerome Anders started making knives under the instruction of his father in '99  - Hand Forged Fixed Blade Knives ABS
       In 2004, he earned his Master Smith rating making him and his father, David     - Knives by David Anders
       Anders the first father / son mastersmith team in the history of the ABS.              - Knives by Jerome Anders
Corbit, Jerry                           Jerry Corbit started making knives in 1991.  For the first 6 years or so he made   - Liner Lock Folding Knives           KMG
       fixed-blade hunting knives, but now focuses entirely on folding knives, liner      - Folding Art Knives
       locks being his primary specialty. Seven awards listed from '91 - '99. - Presentation Grade Folders
Barth, Jim                                  J.D. Barth is a member of the Montana Knifemakers Assoc. and the Oregon           - Custom Hunting Knives              MKA
       Knife Collectors Assoc.  He makes fixed blade knives, mostly hunters & utility   - Custom Utility Knives
                                                                   knives for which he has taken 5 awards at the MKA show2000 - 2006.                    - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Burke, Jim                                   Jim Burke, owner of Burke Knives, makes tactical knives, both folding and            - Tactical Folding Knives 
                          fixed-blade.  Previously a SWAT officer, Jim knows what a tactical knife needs   - Tactical Fixed-Blade Knives
                                                        to be.  His Motto: "Burke Knives - When edged tools are mission essential!"           - Law Enforcement Grade Knives
Corrado, Jim                              Jim Corrado has been a member of the Knifemakers Guild since 1976.  Since         - Knives Made Using CNC/EDM   KMG
       2001, he's been experimenting with and utilizing CNC (Computer Numerical    - Pocket Knives & Folding Knives
       Control) and EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) robots to build knives.              - Miniatures & Scissors / Shears
Downie, Jim                          Jim Downie has been makin knives for over 30 years and is the founding Vice    - Custom Hunting Knives           CKMG
      President of the Canadian Knifemakers Guild.  He makes fixed-blade knives         - Custom Utility Knives
       using the stock removal method.  Knives featured are available through order.  - Bowie Knives & Damascus Knives
Buckner, Jimmie                 Jimmie Buckner is a member of the Knifemakers Guild.    KMG
     This site is not currently open.  We will check back often.
Caswell, Joe                          Joe Caswell has been pattern welding steel since 1995 and specializes in his-       - Pattern Welded Steel knives
       torical configurations such as multi-bar, seperate edge composite blade struc-  - Pattern Welded Steel Swords
       ture.  Caswell Studios now produces a line of "in-line pocket clip knives."             - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Cordova, Joe                             Joe Cordova is a member of the American Bladesmith Society. He Forges     - Hand Forged Fixed Blades           ABS
        knives by hand that excell as both field ready and aesthetically captivating.
Becker, Joel                                French knifemaker Joel Becker specializes in hand forged blades - specifically       - Hand Forged One-Piece Knives
                 one piece knives where the handle and blade are one piece of forged steel.  He     - Cord Wrapped Knives & Kerambits
                                                                   does also make knives with wood handles and great cord wrapped knives.          - Fighting Knives & Hunting Knives
Chamblin, Joel                  Joel Chamblin, member of the Knifemakers Guild, specializes mainly in hand     - Multiblade Folding Knives         KMG
  Handmade Knife Carry Cases      made, multiblade folding knives and slipjoint folding knives.  He also makes        - Slipjoints, lockbacks, trappers
by Wayne Robbins                   lockbacks and art knives.  Gold pins, filework, ivory - all the fixin's...   - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Bailey, John                          John Bailey, two-time world champion of the throwing knife quick draw, is        - Throwing Knives & Axes
      the designer of a number of throwing knives now made by several production   - Throwing Knife Video Instruction
      companies.  This site is all about knife throwing and has some great material!    - Demonstrations & Lessons
Benoit, John                         Canadian Knifemaker John Benoit is truly versatile in his craft.  From 6 inch       - Katanas and Tantos                    CKMG
       hunting knives, to 29" katanas, Benoit's work is stunning.  All of his knives         - Fantasy Knives & Art Knives
       & swords come with either sheathes, stands or wooden display cases.        - Hunting Knives & Utility Knives
Dennehy, John D.              John Dennehy, owner of the Wild Irish Rose, makes great fixed blade knives        - Custom Fixed Blade Knives         PKA
     KMD "Best Leather work"           but his specialty is actually AMAZING leather work.  From sheathes and             - Leatherwork & Knife Repair
      Recognition                           gunbelts to book covers -even mirrors, he does everything & anything leather.  - Knives Available for Sale
Dorrell, John                        John Dorrell has been a member of the Canadian Knifemakers Guild since 1994.
      He makes hunting knives, camp knives, neck knives, desk & ladies knives. This
       is a profile at the CKG site with contact information only.
Christensen, Jon P.            Jon Christensen started making knives full-time in 1999. In 2003, he aquired      - Hand Forged Damascus Knives    ABS
                                    the title of Journeyman Smith. He is now a Mastersmith of the ABS.  Jon is            - Fixed Blade Knives & Folding Knives
                 going places very quickly, and so are his knives! Investment grade knives.          - Custom Knives Available for Sale
De Braga, Jose                     Jose De Braga, simply put, is an extraordinary maker of extremely collectible      - Fixed Blade Fantasy / Art Knives
Creator of the Sword in the film    art knives and fantasy knives, both fixed and folding.  Many of his knives are      - Exquisite Folding Knives & Swords
                Highlander III                       based on a high-tech interstellar theme.  Beautiful pens as well. Awesome A++   - Collaboration Knives & Miniatures
Camacho, Jose Marcio      Brazillian Knifemaker Jose Camacho started making knives full-time in 2001.     - Bowie Knives & Hunting Knives
       He makes many styles of fixed-blade knives, sorted by four main catagories       - Fighting Knives & Boot Knives
                on his site.  He uses carbon steels, high chromium steels and damascus.                 - Push Daggers, Tantos & Damascus
Bailey, Joseph D.                    Joseph Bailey has been making knives since 1988 and is at present a part-time   - Tactical Fixed Blade Knives
                knifemaker. He uses the stock removal method and hand forges damascus on      - Neck Knives & Miniatures
                occaision. He does his own heat treating and makes his own sheathes.                    - Custom Orders Welcome for Review
Blount, Josh                          Josh Blount is a 22 year old college student who got off to an early start.  He       - Hand Forged Bowie Knives           ABS
                has taken blacksmithing courses and has trained with Larry Harley and Dan     - Boot Knives, Hunters & Daggers
       Wrinkler. He is an ABS member and does all his own forging & heat treating.     - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Andersen, Karl B.                Mr. Andersen has been making high performance knives since '96. He studied   - Currently Available Knives           ABS
       at the Bill Moran School of Blade Smithing, took courses from Ed Fowler and      - Take Down Fighting Knives
       forged Damascus with Jerry Rados. Awesome, hand forged take down knives!   - San Mai Steel Blades
Coleman, Keith                    Keith Coleman is a spare-time knifemaker who resigned in 2005 after spending - Custom Folding Knives                 KMG
       19 years as a voting member of the Knifemaker's Guild and 24 years making      - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
                 knives in all.  He is not currently taking orders. Great hand-made art folders.     - New Custom Knife Designs
Carlson, Kelly                          Kelly Carlson is a knifemaker from New Hampshire who makes wonderfully     - Folding Art Knife Series
       detailed fixed blade and folding knives.  Carlson uses D2, ATS-34, 440C and        - Fixed Blade Knife Series
       CPM-S30V steels and exotic or modern handle materials to form great knives!  - One-of-a-kind Presentation Pieces
Beatty, Ken                                  Ken Beatty is a member of the Texas Knife Collectors Association.           TKCA
        Site is not currently up. We will check back soon.
Durham, Kenneth          Kenneth Durham is a part-time knifemaker. He became a Journeyman Smith     - Hand Forged Bowie Knives            ABS
       with the ABS in 1999 and a Master Smith in 2004. All knives are hand forged     - Fighting Knives & Hunting Knives
       using 5160, 1095, L6. Awesome forged fixed blades! One of my favorite bowies  - Hand Forged Knives For Sale
Cashen, Kevin R.                 Kevin Cashen, owner of the Matherhorn Forge, made his first knife in 1985.        - Hand Forged Bowies & Hunters   ABS
       After only 4 years with the American Bladesmith Society, he became a Master  - Swords, Daggers
                 Smith in 1995.  Hand-forged knives, swords & daggers with a medieval touch.  - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Chew, Larry                          Larry Chew makes some really nice tactical style folding knives and balisongs - Custom Tactical Folding Knives
      using high tech modern materials such as carbon fiber and titanium.  His de-     - Custom Balisongs
      signs are clean and tight with a "less is more" attitude and a special touch.           - Knives for Sale
Davidson, Larry                    Larry Davidson Custom Knives - "Wicked Designs, Chilly Blades" makes              - Single Auto & Dual Auto Knives
       what he proudly calls "some of the baddest single auto / dual auto automatic     - Butterfly Knives /  Balisongs
       knives on the planet." Super hi-tech designs. Also makes 1911A1 pistol grips.     - Custom Knives For Sale
Downing, Larry                   Larry Downing has been making fine custom knives for over 20 years and has    - Bowies, Folders, Fantasy            KMG
       been a member of the Knifemaker's Guild since 1982.  From working knives to   - Fighters, Camp Knives, Hunters
       fine collector's knives, from fighters to folders, his range in style is superb.          - Custom Knives For Sale
Burnley, Lucas                     Lucas Burnley started making knives in 2003 and in 2004, he decided to take      - Custom Tactical Knives
       on knifemaking as a full-time career.  Knives are both stock removal and hand  - Fighting Knives & Bowie Knives
       forged.  Clean, modern tactical designs that clearly put function first. A+!            - Tomahawks & Axes
Dorneles, Luciano                  SBC
               This makers site is currently unavailable. We will check back soon.
Brunkhorst, Lyle                     Lyle Brunkhorst has been making custom knives since 1976. From simple             - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
       stock removal knives to one-of-a-kind hand forged daggers, he makes em all.      - Tomahawks & Rail Road Spikes
       Also started the Northwest School of Knifemaking and loves teaching the art.    - Custom Knives for Sale
Cook & Lynn                               Lynn has always had a passion for the edge, has studied under Barry Dawson   - EDC Knives, Swords & Tantos
      and learned engraving from Rachel Wells.  Dennis Cook never found himself       - Fighting Knives, Daggers & Hunters
      without a knife and now makes them full-time. A+ art and performance knives  - Neck Knives, Bowies & Damascus
Banfield, Mark                              Mark Banfield of Banfield Blades has been making knives for over 9 years. He    - Custom Hand Forged Knives        ABS
       specializes in daggers, Bowie Knives and fighters. All blades are hand forged      -  Bowie Knives, Fighters & Hunters
                           and heat treated from start to finish by the maker. Awesome forged blades.        - Hand Forged Daggers
Condron, Mark                             Mark Condron has taken his love of art, rocks, gems, flint knapping and prim-  - Custom Flint Knap Knives
       itive man and has turned it into a unique art form.  He makes flint knap knives  - Flint Blades & Obsidian Blades
       using various stones such as agate & obsidian and true fossilized materials.        - Flint Knives Available for Sale
Cook, Matt                                    Matt Cook of Pinoy Knife steps away from the norm and through his line of       - Balisongs & Buterfly knives
       custom knives, makes an excellent addition to the range of "knife type" in the     - Custom Damascus knives
       world of knife collecting.  Awesome weapons fit for the masters of the arts.         - Knives & Weapons For Sale
Andersson, Michael            Michael Andersson - the rider, the hunter, the maker lives in the North of   - Bowie Knives & Hunting Knives
       Sweden, in Moose Country.  He claims he makes typical Scandevavian Knives.  - Daggers, Swords & Fighting Knives
                We say there's nothing "typical" about them.  Stunning Damascus Work!   - Folding Knives & Watches
Burch, Michael                            Michael Burch makes both hand forged and stock removal knives, using 1095,  - Tactical Knives & Fighting Knives
      1080, W1 & W2.  The design of his knives are of Japanese influence and include   - Hand Forged Knives & Damascus
                 Bowie Knives, fighters and tactical blades.  Hand made, from sheath to blade.    - Knives Available for Sale
Beathe, Mike                                 Mike Beathe is a machinist turned blacksmith and bladesmith.  He has been        - Period Pieces & Reproductions
       making knives since the '70's, forging since 1990, and specializes accurate re-      - Forged Bowie Knives & Fighters
       productions of knives from the 1700's - 1840.  Also takes custom orders.      - French Trade Knives & Skinners
Allan, Mike "Whiskers"     Mike "Whiskers" Allan has been making high quality folding knives since '84.    - Sole Authorship Folding Knives  PKA
       He had been a master welder after the war and turned to a career in what he     - Scale Release Automatic Knives KMG
       loved - making knives.  He is currently the VP of the PKA.  Fantastic Folders!      - Folding Knives For Sale
Dilluvio, Mike                      Mike Dilluvio has been making custom knives since 1990.  He started out with  - Folding Knives & Pocket Knives  KMG
       fixed blade knives, but has been making folders since 1997.  He is making             - Liner Lock Folding Knives
       knives on a part-time basis, but plans to go full-time after retirement.                   - Folding Knives For Sale
Butler, Tim                                       For years Tim Butler has been shaping, grinding, heat treating and finishing      - Fixed Blade Knives
       raw stainless and tool steels with beautiful, exotic and ultra durable material    - Folding Knives
       Awesome cross between "old-school" and "hi-tech"      - Sharpening Services!
Amour, Murray St.           Murray of St. Amour Knives began knifemaking in 1992.  In 1994, he became       - Custom Fixed Blade Knives      CKMG
       a founding member of the Canadian Knifemaker's Guild.  Knives are made          - Hunting Knives & Skinners
       using the stock removal method and are flat or hollow ground.                                - Custom Knives For Sale
Blackwood, Neil               Neil Blackwood is a fellow native New Yorker whose knives really have that    - Fighting Knives & Hunting Knives
                "New York" style and feel to them.  Those of you from around here know what  - Folding Knives Series - "The Curr"
                                                                   I mean.  Classy, sophisticated, elegant work with clean deco lines. Superb!           - No Custom Orders As of Now
Charity, Neil                                   A maker of folding knives from Australia.  We regret to say that Mr. Charity
       has passed on after long illness.  Neil's presence will be truly missed by both
       collectors and colleagues alike.  KMD Thanks you for your contribution, Neil.
Bardsley, Norman                     Norm Bardsley of Bardsley Distinctive Weaponry, is a voting member of the     - Custom Bowie Knives                   KMG
       Knifemakers Guild, and makes fixed-blade knives including fantasy knives,        - Fantasy Knives & Native Knives
       Bowie Knives, push daggers, hand grinding damascus, steel and even files.          - Dirks / Daggers & Tactical Knives
Crawford, Pat & Wes        Pat Crawford and Wes Crawford are both members of the Knifemakers Guild,   - Crawford Custom Knives            KMG
       and make custom knives under the business, "Crawford Knives, LLC." Over       - Survival Staff
       30 years of knifemaking excellence.  Awesome folders and Tactical Knives!           - Custom Knives For Sale
Booth, Philip                    Philip Booth is a fine artist who has won awards for his work and is now a        - Double Bladed Automatic Knives
                 full-time knifemaker and a voting member of the Knifemakers Guild. He sold     - DA Automatic Switchblades
       his first knife in 1991, and now makes double-blade autos and switchblades.     - Lock Back Folding Knives
Boos, Ralph                          "I personally am intrigued by detail and accuracy in miniature. Some of my       - Miniature Japanese Weapons
       pieces have taken me a year or more to create, I even created a 1/19th scale- Miniature Medieval Weapons
       WW II German Mauser K98 rifle which took me two years to make."  - Miniature WWII Weapons
Doucette, Randy                      Doucette is self-taught knife maker with a background in machining and Tool    - Custom Tactical Knives
       Die. The knives he maks are crafted one at a time. His specialties are designing  - Custom Folding Knives
       functional, original knives, file work blade tangs and grinding blade bevels.       - Damascus Knives
Coon, Raymond                    Raymond Coon has been making knives using his own Damascus since 1984.    - Damascus Tactical Knives
       Styles include fancy folding knives, daggers and other fixed blade knives as        - Custom Folding Knives
        well as axes.  Very nice work.                                                                                                 - Damascus Daggers
Barker, Reggie                  Reggie Barker is a journeyman smith in the American Bladesmith Society and   - Fixed Blade Custom Knives           ABS
       is also a member of the Arkansas Knife Makers Association. He is winner of        - Hand Forged Fighting Knives
       the 2004 & 2005 ABS World Championship Cutting Competition.                  - Knives Available for Sale
Barrett, Rick                           One of my specialties involves crafting authentic period style knives for    - Available Blades & Knives        
       Cowboy Action Shooters, Old West collectors and 1800 reenactment groups      - Japanese Swords / Katanas
       I make knives from the materials that were available during those eras.     - Custom Hand Forged Knives
Dunkerley, Rick                         Rick attained the American Bladesmith Society Mastersmith rating in 1997,        - Damascus Fixed & Folders             ABS
      and in 2002 was selected to the Board of Directors of that organization. He has   - Custom Damascus Patterns
      been a full-time knifemaker since 1996  - Knives Available for Sale
Brown, Rob                            Rob Brown works from his shop in South Africa building knives to order, one    - Utility & Hunting Knives            
       at a time. His aim is to produce a wide variety of investor class, quality fixed      - Boot  & Fighting Knives
       blade knives for the collector and discerning user.         - Historical Knives
Charlton, Rob                        We supply more custom DAMASCUS than anyone, anywhere! More of our          - Custom Knife Gallery       
       handmade DAMASCUS knives are in use world wide than any other makers.    - Specialty Knives
       Become aware of the beauty, quality and functionality of custom Damascus.      - Contact Information
Davidson, Rob                           Every handmade knife is made as they were 20+ years ago. Each piece is sawn    - Handmade Fixed Knives          
       by hand, ground by hand, fitted by hand, and finished by hand. Handle scales   - Handmade Folders
       are sawn from logs, boards and tusks instead of purchasing pre-sawn scales.     - Knives Available for Sale
Duncan, Robert A.                   Robert A. Duncan Custom Made Knives & Swords. Duncan specializes in   - Custom Historical Knives            
       creating historical knives and swords. Materials range from copper to high        - Custom Swords
       carbon steel.  Quality custom knives and swords.                                                           - Blademaking Lore
Barber, Robert E.                      Custom Knives made by Robert E. Barber of Charlottesville, Virginia.         - Custom Knives             
       Specializing in custom crafted fixed blade knives ranging from large fighting      - Elegante
       knives to the 4" Ambassador  blade.                - Warlock
Capdepon, Robert               
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Bergh, Roger                        Roger Bergh has developed his own style and way of making knives. Some of      - Custom Knife Gallery           
      his inspiration comes from the materials he uses, some fossil materials can be    - Custom Fixed Blade Knives
      up to 50000 years old. Bergh's shop is in Bygdeå, Sweden.    - Folding Knives , Daggers & Swords
Damlovak, Sava                           Sava Damlovak is a Master Smith of the ABS and belongs to the Profesional        - Hand Forged Custom Knives       ABS
       Knifemakers Assoc. and the National Knife Collectors Assoc. He makes awe-      - Damascus Daggers & Bowies       PKA
       some forged daggers, Bowies & Fighters and forges his own Damascus! A+          - Hand Forged Fighting Knives  NKCA
Davidson, Scott                 Scott Davidson is the knifemaker behind Solid Rock Knives and is a member      - Hunting Knives & Skinners     GKMG
       of the Georgia Knifemakers Guild.  These are nice custom made hunting knives - Guthooks & Utility Knives
       skinners and guthooks for the hunter, fisher and outdoor enyhusiast.                    - Hoof Knives / Horse Shoeing Tools
Burton, Seth Cosmo          Seth Cosmo Burton is a member of the Canadian Knifemakers Guild and spec-    - Custom Chefs Knives                 CKMG
       ializes in hand made chefs knives.  He also makes awesome swords, folders,        - Swords, Daggers & Outdoor Knives
       daggers - just about anything really! Quality customs by a talented maker!        - Buttonlock Damascus Folding Knives
Culver, Steve                         Steve Culver is a Master Bladesmith of the American Bladesmith Society as          - Hand Forged Carbon Knives        ABS
       well as a Master Gunsmith and a member of the American Gunsmithing Soc-    - High Performance Knives             AKA
       iety.  Absolutely superb high performance Bowies and stunning art daggers!     - Hand Forged Knives for Sale        KGA
Dunn, Steve                                    Steve Dunn began making custom knives in 1988 and in 1990, enrolled in the     - Hand Forged Custom Knives        ABS
       ABS school in Arkansas.  He became a Master Smith in 1994 and in 2003, he        - Damascus Patterns
       was elected to the ABS Board of Directors.  Awesome Damascus & Engraving!    - Hand Forged Knives for Sale
Busch, Steven                  Steven Busch has been making knives since 1999 and has traine at his craft         - Custom Automatic Knives
       with the well known automatic knifemaker, Rainy Vallotton and his family,      - Custom Folding Knives & Art Knives
       Butch and Thomas.  He makes but folders and automatics by hand. No CNC!     - Automatic Knives for Sale
Davison, T.A.                                   T.A. (Todd) Davison is a knifemaker from Kansas and sold his first knife in         - Custom Pocket Knives & Damascus
       1981.  From grinding to heat treating to polishing and assembly, he makes          - Folding Knives & Art Knives
       every knife 100% by hand. "One of a kind, one at a time," is his makers motto!    - Custom Pocket Knives for Sale - 2
Britton, Tim                           Tim Britton has been making knives since 1971 and has been a member of the    - Custom Tactical Knives                 KMG
       KnifeMakers Guild since 1973.  Tim specializes in tactical knives and in utiliy    - Custom Utility Knives
       knives but also makes multiblade folders and art collaborations.                             - Britton Art Collaborations
Coxon, Tim                            
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Anderson, Tom                    Tom Anderson is a member of the Knifemakers Guild.  He has many models,       - Hi-Tech Knife Designs                    KMG
       each available in an array of hi-tech materias such as G-10, Titanium, and          - Fantasy Knives & Art Knives
       Carbon Fiber.  All work done in-house except heat treating done by Paul Bos.    - Custom Folding Knives
Bullard, Tom                          Tom Bullard has been making knives since 1964, sold his first in 1966 and            - Custom Bowie Knives & Fixed Blades
       in 1992, became a full-time knifemaker.  Bullard builds bowies, lockbacks,           - Custom Lockback Folding Knives
       single and dual blade trappers, all built in tried and true methods one by one.   - Single and Dual Blade Trappers
Dotson, Tracy                   Tracy Dotson is a member of the Knifemakers Guild.
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Brown, Troy                      Troy Brown started making knives in 1994.  In 1998, he attended the Bill              - Hand Forged Bowie Knives
       Moran School of Bladesmithing.   In 1999, he received his Journeyman Smith       - Camp Knives, Integrals & Hunters
       rating.  He has placed 2nd and 3rd in cutting competitions using 52100.                - Custom Tomahawks
Brandt, Ulf                       Ulf Brandt is a Swedish knifemaker who started in 1984.  His knives are made    - Swedish Fixed Blade Knives
       by hand using RWL 34 or Sandvik 12C27.  In the future, he plans to forge his      - Art Knives & Scandenavian Knives
                                          steel.  His knives are award winning and his scrimshaw is amazing.                     - Scrimshaw     
Barnett, Van                     Van Barnett is an artist first - a knifemaker second. For over 21 years, he has    - Investment Grade Art Knives
                                         been making art knives that will make your heart stop. He has won 50 awards  - The "Time Machine"!
       in the last 12 years and is a member of the prestigious AKI - the highest honor.  
Campbell, Walt                      Walt and Connie's Knife Shop features quality hand made knives at affordable   - Hand Made Custom Knives
       prices.  Hunting knives are made of 5160 high carbon and kitchen knives are      - Alaskan Ulu Knives
       made of 1074/75 high carbon steel. Custom orders are welcome!           - Hand Made Knives for Sale
Cody, William                         William Cody is the owner of "Paraormal Objects, inc." and has been making      - Custom Fighting Knives
       knives and leather goods for over 10 years - full-time for six.  Fixed blade             - Custom Daggers
       stock removal knives using mammoth ivory, exotic woods and gemstones!         - Custom Knives for Sale
Aida, Yoshito                    Yosihito Aida is a Japanese knifemaker and is the owner of "Riverside Land."      - Custom Hunting Knives
       Yosihito makes a full line of Loveless Style hunting Knives made with various   - Skinners, Semi-Skinners, Utility
       materials.  very nice hunting knives, utility knives and skinners.         - Diving Knives & Axes
Daigle, Chris                            Chris Daigle is a knifemaker who hails from Houston Texas.  He uses both the     - Hand Forged Damascus Knives
       stock removal method and hand forging to make his knives.  His style is one       - Push Daggers & Utility Knives
       that is elegant in its simplicity.  Designs with gorgeous, crisp, clean lines.             - Custom Chef's Knives
Breshara, Brent               Brent Breshara of Bresh Knives has been a member of the Canadian Armed        - Tactical Knives & Combat Knives
       Forces for 19 years.  He is currently an apprentice of MS Bladesmith, Wally        - Custom Cord Wrapped Knives
       Hayes.  Awesome, hand crafted carbon tool steel knives that will deliver.            - O1 Carbon Tool Steel Knives
Bagley, Robert Keith         Bagley worked with silver and other metals designing and making jewelry.        - Custom Fixed Blade Knives           ABS
       During that time he became quite intrigued with Damascus and the forge            - Custom Bowie Knives
       welding of metals. A member of the American Bladesmith Society.      - Custom Damascus Knives
Busfield, John                      John Busfield specializes in making folding art knives.  He started in 1979 and    - Custom Art Knives
       in 1982 he joined the Knifemakers Guild. Ever since he's been a defining artist    - Custom Folding Knives
       in the art knife field.  All work is done by John except the engraving.   - Multiblade Folding Knives
Abel Knives                           A young knifemaker in Devon, Alberta Canada.  Although having no partic-     - Custom Miniature Knives
        ular specialty at the time being, he thouroughly enjoys making miniature          - Current Knives
        knives and is willing to take custom orders providing he can make them.            - Custom Knives For Sale
Aberg, Stefan                            Stefan Aberg is a Swedish knifemaker who makes survival knives for the Sur-    - Bowie Knives & Hunting Knives
      vival Center of the Swedish Army.  Mr. Aberg has made knives since the 80's      - Custom Hand Axes & Utility Knives
      and as an avid hunter of small game, he knows what makes a great knife!             - Custom Knives for Sale
Ashworth, Boyd            Boyd Ashworth is a Journeyman Smith of the ABS and a Voting Member of        - The Ashworth Turtle!          ABS
                                                                    the Knifemakers Guild and has been making knives since 1993.  Check out - Custom Folding Knives     KMG
                                                                    his "Thomas C. Turtle" Miniature Folder (Best Mini Folder - 2002 Blade Show)    - Custom Knives Available for Sale
Black Wolf Armory                 Frank Hunter of Black Wolf Armory makes "straight-to-business"  combat           - Combat Knives
       knives that still manage to convey a style that's all his own. He plans to join       - Military Knives / Tactical Knives
       the ABS and start forging blades as well. The signs of a great new knifemaker.    - Combat Knives for Sale!
Clarke, Tommy                      Tommy Clarke has been around the world in situations that require you             - Fighting Knives / Survival Knives
       know how to survive - or you don't. He now passes his experience on to you,     - Tactical Knives
       TC knives are produced and hand finished by knifemaker Duane Dwyer.              - Tom Clarke Knives for Sale!
CM Forge                                    CM Forge is a family run operation that specializes in the crafting of working    - Working Class Knives
       class, fixed-blade knives.  No folding knives. High quality, working blades          - Utility Knives, Tactical Knives
       including chef's knives, utility knives and hunting knives.  - Fixed Blade Knives
Culhane, Sean                    Sean Culhane is a South African Knifemaker who makes all kinds of knives         - Fixed Blade Custom Knives
       Hunting knives, folders, tacticals, straight razors, even belt buckle knives.          - Folding Knives, Belt Buckle Knives
       A true custom knifemaker. Uses primarily Sandvik 12C27 & Bohler N690.           - Accepts Custom Orders
Dashevsky, Greg                      Greg Dashevsky, or Greg "Dash" as he's come to be known, is a full time knife     - Fixed Blade Custom Knives
        maker out of New York who studied under the great knifemaker, Bob Dozier.    - Damascus Knives, Hunters, Utility
        His knives, while aesthetically beautiul, are made to perform for a lifetime.        - Custom Knives Available for Sale