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Tactical Titanium Folding Knife
Frank Dilluvio
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Tactical Titanium Folding Knife
by: Frank Dilluvio
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Another custom folding knife by Knifemakers Guild member, Frank J. Dilluvio.
Here we have a very unique, custom tactical folding knife as a rare example
of Mr. Dilluvios few tactical knives that he has made over the years.
Models like this by Frank are far and few between his usual work.
As of now, Mr. Dilluvio is no linger producing knives such as these which is
a shame, yes, but also what makes this knife a very special and collectible piece.
The knife is made with all the percision of any of Frank's other great
custom knives, but in the style of a tactical folder.  Percision in fact is what
makes this knife open like a whisper and lock into place rock-solid with nothing
more than a faint click.  The knifes 100% all titanium construction makes this
folder so light you wouldn't believe it.  This makes for a very quick, stealthy
and super strong tactical knife.
And what better to go along with strength and stealth than a ATS-34 blade
equivelant in nature to a straight edge razor?  Yes... this knife is
mercilessly sharp.  The tanto style blade is truly a hair-spliter.
A custom tactical knife should always be strong, stealthy & sharp. This one is.
  • Blade Length:  2 3/4"
  • O.A.L. : 6 3/4"
  • Blade Steel: ATS-34, Hardened & Tempered
  • Blade Style:  Tanto, Hand Rubbed Satin Finish
  • Handle: Titanium Slabs & Machine Screws
  • Liners:  Blue Anodized Titanium
  • File Worked Titanium Thumb Stud
  • Liner-Lock Construction
  • Padded Zipper Case

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Click to Magnify - Tactical Folder by F.J. Dilluvio
Click to Magnify - Custom Tactical Folder by Frank Dilluvio
Click to Magnify - Custom Tactical Knife by Frank Dilluvio
Custom Tactical Folding Knife by F.J. Dilluvio
Custom Tactical Folding Knife by Frank Dilluvio