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Here at, our mission is to provide you with the means to locate the finest quality custom knives , knifemakers and custom knife sites on the Internet.  Whether you have been a knife collector for many years or have just recently become interested in the world of custom knives, you've found the right place!  By using our site as a gateway for finding the knifemaker who can make the custom knife of your dreams, you're guaranteed to find the right knife for your collection.  The knifemakers listed in our directory make every kind of custom knife imaginable, including damascus knives, tactical knives, folding knives, daggers, swords, bowie knives,  pocket knives, hunting knives, custom skinners, art knives, - even samurai swords and medieval weaponry.  We will also be carrying select custom knives from some of the worlds greatest custom knife makers, bladesmiths and purveyors at their prices.  At KMD, our team works diligently with the most talented custom knife makers around in order to bring our customers the knives they seek at the prices that they desire.

At knifemakersdatabase, we aim to achieve the highest level of satisfaction, trust and friendship with each and every one of our clients, every time. 

We have made it a point to make our site all-comprehensive in nature, so that we can provide you, the collector, with every possible detail you need to know in order to make the right decision in choosing the next custom knife for your collection.  Here you will find information on custom knife collecting, investing in custom knives, featured custom knife makers, articles on knife making and knife collecting, dates and locations of upcoming knife shows and events, information concerning the materials and metals used in knifemaking and most importantly, a complete list of over 800 links to the sites of the greatest knife makers on the the web today.  This list of links is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to invest in custom knives.  Whether you're adding to your collection or starting a new one, everyone you need to know in order to make your collection one of the greatest in the world is listed right here!  Whether you buy custom knives from us, or from one of the hundreds of knifemakers listed in our database, is up to you.  At KMD, our goal is simply to provide you with the information you need to attain the knife that suits your personal tastes best by showing you the whole selection, not a limited inventory.

As the owner of, I would like to personally extend my thanks for your stopping by.  Please take a moment to join our mailing list. Whether you're here to buy custom knives, or just to learn a little more about the subject, we're glad you're here. 
After all, it's because of you that we're here.

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Hand Forged Knives at
Custom Knives Available at KMD
Is that a...? Yup - and that's why we've smartly dubbed it, the "Spider's Fang!" Our 3rd and final Phil Ernest custom knife from this batch is fantastic. The black Ebony wood and irridescent blues and purples of the heat-colored Damascus bolsters are a striking match. It's almost enough to make you forget all about the awesome, acid-etched Damascus blade. The whirl-pool pattern here contrasts wonderfully with the hard edges of the web pattern in the bolster.  I couldn't get over the little spider in the middle of the web... I've seen amazing work regarding mosaic Damascus before, where you lay out your metals in such a way during forging that you achieve the desired pattern, but this... How the hell did you get there! A seriously artistic yet fully functional custom knife. Purchase at our new store:!
KMD's Featured Custom Knife Maker:
A true once one in a million opportunity. This incredible bowie was hand forged by Karl Andersen, JS of the American Bladesmith Society.  The 10" blade is composed of a 1095 Carbon Steel core with a 420 Stainless jacket. San Mai is truly a magnificent steel, giving the user an unparalleled combination of hardness, toughness, cutting ability / edge holding and protection from the elements. The handle is Bog Oak - carbon dated to be over 5,000 years old (comes with a carbon dating readout) and the fittings are 420 stainless, all assembled in a take-down configuration. This is a "one time only" deal, available only at
Click HERE to go to the ordering page at our brand new store section! (now accepting all major credit cards).
Custom Knives - Damascus Knives
Camerer Bowie Knives
A Hand Forged Bowie Knife by American Bladesmith Society Journeyman Smith, Craig Camerer.  This blade is 12" of hand forged 1084 High Carbon Steel, Satin Finished, with an African Blackwood Handle and Nickle Silver Fittings. Only one available. The wait list for one of Craig Camerer's custom knives is currently over a year long. Offered at a unreal discout as our "back in business" gift to you! This is a super high performance blade. Available now at our new store!
Custom Hunting knives
A pristine upswept hunter made back in 2000 by Parrish. A great example of the style of fixed blade knives at the time - and a timeless design that is still produced by many custom knifemakers. Fantastic, flowing comtours in this design. Hollowground, 440C stainless, mirror polished, full tang construction - tapered and fileworked, stainless steel bolsters, burlwood handle with liners and mosaic pins... practically every "extra" that can be worked into a knife of this class. And all of these are applied flawlessly with percision fit and finish. A really great knife for use or collective display.
07/01/2013 - The "Production Knife Sites" section is up and running and there are a bunch of great links to visit. You can reach the page through our database section or by the "Factory Knife Sites" link on the Nav Bar.  Speaking of the Knifemakers Database, we have begun revamping the entire thing. This entails sifting through and cleaning out all the sites that don't exist, relocating the ones that have changed and adding new ones we find along the way.  Once we're done, we assure you that every link you click will work as it should - no more dead links! Heres one page we've finished - "Knifemakers Sites A-D". Refreshing, isn't it!?

You may have also noticed that we're taking this opportunity to give the entire site a "facelift" as well. So, while you "surf" over the next few weeks, some pages may be centered with all new cool graphics and stuff, others may still be the way they were. Just bare with us for a week or two and everything will be fine-tuned!

Finally, were in the process of talking to a "few good men," and some awesome new knives will be on the way shortly.  We would love it if you sent us an email and let us know who's custom knives you would like to see on our site! You know we don't bring in the most out there, but we always try and reach for something different and unique! Just drop us a line and tell us what you want to see from us. We would love to hear from you!
07/08/2013 - It's been a busy week here at KMD! The new layout for the site has been established and most of the major sections have been revamped as many of you may have noticed! The most painstaking, yet important part of this process is sifting through all the knifemaker links in our database as we make sure that all of them lead you where you want to go! You may notice that some knifemakers are present yet don't have working links. This is because these custom knife makers do not have a working site. Therefore, all of the active links will lead you to a knifemakers site - not a "Dead Zone"...

Last week we finished up A-D. Now we're all done touching up "Knifemakers Sites E-H" & "Knifemakers Sites I-L"! So enjoy going through those as we continue to sort out the rest. Rememer: Only the "LAST NAME FIRST" pages are updated so far!
Tactical Knives - Folding Knives
Here we have a fantastic example of what a tactical folding knife should be. First - indestructable. Every single part on this knife but the blade is pure titanium. In fact, while liners are often seen constructed of this material, it is rare to see a knife with scales a whole eigth of an inch thick made of 100% titanium! The measurements are in fact perfect: each scale is 1/8" titanium, the back spacer is 1/8" titanium and the two liners make another 1/8" which gives you a knife that is a perfect half inch thick of nothing but the strongest metal in the world! The blade is HAIR SPLITTING SHARP in a "tanto" format, swings open like butter and locks up like a vault... a rare "gotta-have-it" for the custom knife collector.
07/16/2013 - Finally! New custom knives are here! There aren't many yet, but the few we've got in are some real treasures. Take a good look at the great work of custom knifemaker, Phil Ernest. If you haven't already seen them above, take a look here in the "custom knives" section. They are available, but I doubt they'll be around for very long.

Phil Ernest is a full-time knifemaker and his knives have been featured in Blade Magazine, Knives Illustrated and Knives Annual. He studied under the great knifemaker Ralph Freer and in turn, now conducts workshops for aspiring knifemakers. His work is a testament to knives that are both highly functional and highly artistic. This is a difficult balancing act and usually, excelling in one aspect means compromizing the other. Ernest build's knives that are aesthetically amazing and rock-solid both.

I want to say more about Phil, but we plan on doing a "Featured Maker" article on him in the near future, so until then, enjoy the knives!

Oh - and for those using the database section of the site, "KnifeMakers Sites M-P" is now updated. The rest is on the way and we'll be sure to let you know once it is complete so that we may start adding the new names we've been getting!
07/26/2013 - We want to take a moment to reintroduce our "Featured Maker" profile of ABS Journeyman Smith, Karl Andersen. We've added a few updates that anyone who's interested in his work will deffinitely want to see. And if you haven't had a chance to visit his profile yet, now would be a good time! We will be getting in some new custom knives, hand forged just for us by Karl, and trust me - if you love hand forged blades like we do, you are gonna flip over these. Take a quick second to familiarize yourself with Karl Andersen of Andersen Forge at the link below. You won't regret it!

KMD Featured Maker Profile: Karl Andersen, JS

On one other quick note, ALL of the links in our Knifemakers Database have been repaired! No dead sites, no broken links - just hundreds upon hundreds of knifemakers sites. I must say, it's a phenomenal directory and we're proud to host it here at! Start searching using the link below:

THE Knifemaker's Database

(Please note: use the "Last Names First" sections only for now. The sections ordered by first name are still being repaired).

We will be posting a "Database User's Guide" very soon, which will give a few pointers on how to get the most out of our directory while searching for your next custom knife!
Andersen Forge Custom Knives
Click to read all about Andersen and his hand forged custom knives!
11/17/2013 - KMD is proud to announce to opening of our new online store, We wanted to revamp the way we sell our knives and designed a seperate site to be used in conjunction with KMD. We think our visitors will really enjoy the new layout - easy to navigate and full of all the latest Internet technologies, including social network linking, in-site search options, interactive blog where visitors can leave comments, customer accounts and finally, a secure online credit card payment system where you can use any major credit card to purchase knives including Visa, Mastercard, Discovery and Amex! No more checks and money orders - unless you want to use a check or MO. We'll still do that for you as well. We don't have much up yet, but there are a few great knives including our new Andersen San-Mai Bowie. Shipping is free for a limited time as a promotion for!
12/1/2013 - We hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and are looking forward to the rest of the Holidays! If you didn't get a chance to take advantage of our "Black Fiday" and "Cyber Monday" sales, remember, you can always shoot us an email and make an offer on the knife you're interested in. That doesn't mean we can always oblige - but we're always willing to take discounts into consideration.

More to come!